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ASF Committers by id

This page lists all known committers by login id. For each entry, it shows the full name and any LDAP groups / SVN groups to which they belong. This information is derived from the SVN authorization file and the corresponding LDAP groups.

Entries in italics do NOT have a signed Contributor License Agreement on file (this knowledge is keyed by SVN id).
Entries in bold are ASF members.
Committers may provide homepage URLs in LDAP.
Login to and populate the "Homepage URL:" field. Remember to provide your password (near the bottom of the page) before pressing submit. Any such entries are shown as links in the Name column.

The page also lists all Persons with signed CLAs but who are not (yet) committers.
This is useful for checking if a CLA has been received and recorded in the iclas.txt file which is maintained by the secretary.

PGP keys of committers are available. Most fingerprints are also listed on the individual listing entries.



SVN idNameSVN Projects
a_horuzhenko Artyom Horuzhenko openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
aadamchik Andrus Adamchik apsite, cayenne, cayenne-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, wave
aadomowski Aleksander Adamowski directory
aadrian Adrian Antal
aaf Alexei Fedotov incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
aajisaka Akira Ajisaka hadoop
aalmiray Andres Almiray incubator, tamaya
aanderson Aaron Anderson ode
aaron Aaron Bannert apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member
aasanaliev Askhat Asanaliev incubator
aavenoso Andrew Avenoso incubator
ab Andrzej Bialecki apsite, gora, gora-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, lucene, lucene-orp, lucene-pmc, member
ababiichuk Babiichuk Andriy ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
abaranchuk Artem Stepanovich Baranchuk ambari
abayer Andrew Bayer bigtop, bigtop-pmc, flume, flume-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-interest, infrastructure-root, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, sqoop, sqoop-pmc, whirr, whirr-pmc
abe Abraham Elmahrek hadoop, htrace, incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
abellucci Alessandro Bellucci devicemap, incubator
abenedetti Alessandro Benedetti manifoldcf
abey Abey M. Mullassery
abhijeet Abhijeet Gaikwad sqoop
abifet Albert Bifet incubator, samoa
ablack Andrew Black
abroekhuis Alexander Broekhuis celix, celix-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs
abrookes Allen Brookes
abrown Army db, db-pmc, derby
abub Abu Obeida Bakhach cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
aburgess Ann Bryant Burgess tika, tika-pmc
aching Avery Ching giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
achou Albert Davidson Chou
aclute Andrew Clute
acmurthy Arun Murthy ambari, ambari-pmc, apsite, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, s4, samza, slider, tez, tez-pmc, twill
aco Adrian T. Co activemq, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
acoburn Aaron Coburn incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
acoliver Andrew C. Oliver apsite, cocoon, incubator, portals
aconway Alan Conway qpid, qpid-pmc
acordova Aaron Michael Cordova accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator
acs Alvaro del Castillo allura, allura-pmc, incubator
acube123 Amitanand Swaminathan Aiyer hbase
acumiskey Adrian Cumiskey xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
acutright Andrew Scott Cutright ws
acymbalak Angela Cymbalak incubator
adam Adam Nichols pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
adamb Adam Berry hdt, incubator
adav Aaron Davidson incubator, spark, spark-pmc
adc Alan Cabrera activemq, apsite, aries, chukwa, chukwa-pmc, directory, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, james, kafka, member, mina, mrql, ode, olingo, pmc-chairs, servicemix, shiro, steve, steve-pmc, tomee, tomee-pmc
adelbene Andrea Del Bene member, wicket, wicket-pmc
adelmelle Andreas L. Delmelle xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop
adeneche Abdel Hakim Deneche mahout
adi Aditya Kishore drill, drill-pmc, incubator
adisakala Adinarayana Sakala
aditya Aditya Agarwal incubator, thrift
aditzel Allan Ditzel incubator
adperezmorales Antonio David Pérez Morales stanbol
adrian Adrian Sutton
adrianc Adrian Crum commons, ofbiz
adriancole Adrian Cole incubator, whirr, whirr-pmc
adriannistor Adrian Nistor commons
adrianocrestani Adriano Crestani Campos apsite, lucene, member, tuscany, tuscany-pmc
aeberbac Andrew Eberbach ws
aestrada Adam Estrada incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, sis, sis-pmc
aevers Thomas Andrew Evers ws
af Andre Fischer incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
afathalla Ahmed Fathalla chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator
afeng Andy Feng incubator, storm, storm-pmc
afester Andreas Fester logging
aford Andrew William John Ford httpd
afuchs Adam Fuchs accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator, member
agariboldi Andrea Amerigo Aristodemo Gariboldi directory
agazzarini Andrea Gazzarini qpid
agektmr Eiji Kitamura shindig
agibson Andy Gibson incubator
agilliland Allen T. Gilliland IV
agoncharuk Alexey Goncharuk ignite, incubator
agrieve Andrew Grieve cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
agrove Andrew Grove
agruber Andreas Gruber incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
agudian Andreas Gudian maven
ahart Andrew Hart climate, climate-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, oodt, oodt-pmc, sis, sis-pmc, streams
aharui Alex Harui flex, flex-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs
aheimoz Alison Heimoz sling
ahenrick Alvin Derek Henrick tajo
aheritier Arnaud Heritier apsite, archiva, maven, maven-pmc, member
ahj Anders Hessellund Jensen
ahmad Ahmad Emneina cloudstack, incubator
ahmed Ahmed Radwan flume, flume-pmc, incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
ahochsteger Andreas Hochsteger cocoon, cocoon-pmc
ahorincar Antonia Horincar bloodhound
ahuang Alex Huang cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
ahuegen Achim Huegen
aidan Aidan Skinner qpid, qpid-pmc
aivanov Alexey Ivanov
ajack Adam R. B. Jack gump, gump-pmc, member
ajaquith Andrew R. Jaquith incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
ajaypaibir Ajay Paibir
ajborley Andrew Borley tuscany, ws
ajindal Amit Jindal
ajith Ajith Ranabahu apsite, axis, axis-pmc, member, synapse, ws
ak Amandeep Khurana incubator
akamud Mahmoud Ali Neto flex
akaplanov Andrew Kaplanov incubator, wave
akara Akara Sucharitakul incubator
akarasulu Alex Karasulu apsite, cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, directory, directory-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, hcatalog, incubator, incubator-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, mina, mina-pmc, mrql, tajo, tajo-pmc, wicket, wicket-pmc, zest-pmc
akarpe Ashwin J. Karpe camel, camel-pmc
ake Allan K. Edwards apr, httpd
akerbeltz Michael Bauer openoffice
akm Andrew Musselman mahout, mahout-pmc
akornev Andrew Kornev zookeeper
akosut Alexei Kosut apsite, member
akovalenko Aleksandr Kovalenko ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
akpetteroe Anne Kathrine Petteroe incubator, incubator-pmc
aku Andreas Kuckartz incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
akulshreshtha Anita Kulshreshtha geronimo, geronimo-pmc
akundu Aniban Kundu incubator
akuznetsov Alexey Kuznetsov ignite, incubator
al Ali Lown incubator, wave
alakshman Avinash Lakshman cassandra, incubator
alally Adam P. Lally incubator, uima, uima-pmc
alanbur Alan Burlison ws
alaninmcr Alan Robert Williams incubator, taverna
albus Alvaro Bustos Ruiz incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
aldrin Aldrin Piri incubator, nifi
alecharp Adrien Lecharpentier archiva
aledsage Aled Sage incubator
alejandro Alejandro Fernandez ambari, ambari-pmc
aleksey Aleksey Yeschenko cassandra, cassandra-pmc
alena1108 Alena Prokharchyk cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
alex Alex Chaffee
alex_gaynor Alex Gaynor libcloud
alexanderbell Alexander Bell myfaces
alexantonenko Antonenko Aleksandr Igorevich ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
alexd Alex Dean activemq
alexdma Alessandro Adamou incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
alexeys Alexey N. Solofnenko ant
alexis Alexis de Tréglodé incubator
alexkli Alexander Klimetschek jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
alexlevenson Alex Levenson incubator, parquet
alexluberg Alexander Luberg allura, allura-pmc
alexmc Alexander Lachlan Mclintock
alexoree Alex O'Ree juddi, juddi-pmc, pmc-chairs
alexparvulescu Alexandru Parvulescu jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
alexz Alex Zbarcea incubator, log4cxx
alf Alf Hoegemark
alfonsonishikawa Alfonso Nishikawa Muñumer gora, gora-pmc
alg Armin Le Grand incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
ali Ali Abbas Rizvi incubator, sentry
alig Ali Ghodsi incubator, mesos, mesos-pmc
aliok Ali Ok myfaces
aljoscha Aljoscha Krettek flink, flink-pmc, incubator
allard Allard Hoeve libcloud
allee8285 Albert Lee bval, bval-pmc, incubator, openjpa, openjpa-pmc
almaw Alastair Maw wicket, wicket-pmc
alparslanavci Alparslan Avcı gora, gora-pmc
altheim Murray Altheim incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
alvaro Alvaro Carrasco incubator, logging
amamment Arun Thomas
amaniatis Aristedes Maniatis apsite, cayenne, cayenne-pmc, infrastructure-interest, member
amansinha Aman Sinha drill, drill-pmc, incubator
amantaut Alex Mantaut axis, axis-pmc
amareshwari Amareshwari Sriramadasu falcon, falcon-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, hive, incubator, lens, member
amarrk Amar Kamat hadoop
amassari Alberto Massari xerces, xerces-pmc
amattheu Axl Mattheus incubator, santuario, ws
ambreeshkhanna Ambreesh Khanna incubator
amc Alan M. Carroll member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
amccurry Aaron McCurry blur, incubator
amichai Amichai Rothman cxf
amichalec Andrzej Michalec cxf
amila Amila Nilanatha ws
amilaj Amila Jayasekara airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, incubator
amilas Amila Chinthaka Suriarachchi apsite, axis, axis-pmc, member, ws, ws-pmc
amiro Tom Amiro xalan
amita Amita Vadhavkar tuscany
amitgupt Amit Gupta sling
amitj Amit Jain jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
ammulder Aaron Mulder activemq, camel, geronimo, tomee
amoghvk Amogh Vasekar cloudstack
amol Amol S. Deshmukh poi, poi-pmc
amorton Aaron Morton cassandra
amoudi Abdullah Alamoudi incubator
amuramoto Alex Muramoto incubator
amylka Antoni Mylka tika, tika-pmc
amyroh Amy Roh tomcat
an-selm Vladimir Kotikov cordova, cordova-pmc
anash Aaron Nash flex
anathaniel Alfred Nathaniel cocoon, cocoon-pmc
anatole Anatole Tresch incubator, tamaya
andham Anders Hammar maven
andi Andi Gutmans apsite, member
andreapatricelli Andrea Patricelli syncope
andreas Andreas Hartmann apsite, cocoon, cocoon-pmc, lenya, lenya-pmc, member
andreask Andreas Korneliussen derby
andreaturli Andrea Turli incubator, jclouds
andrej Andrej Golcov bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
andrew Andy Konwinski incubator, mesos, mesos-pmc, spark, spark-pmc
andrewhsu Andrew Hsu incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
andrewor14 Andrew Or spark, spark-pmc
andrewp Andrew Phillips incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, pmc-chairs
andrey Andrey Razumovsky cayenne
andronat Anastasis Andronidis hama, hama-pmc
andrzej Andrzej Rusin james
andy Andrew Franklin Seaborne any23, any23-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, jena, jena-pmc, marmotta, member, pmc-chairs, taverna
andya Andy Armstrong
andyc Andy Clark apsite, member, xalan, xerces-j, xerces-pmc
andydoerr Andy Doerr tcl
andyetitmoves Ramkumar Aiyengar lucene
andygumbrecht Andrew Gumbrecht tomee
andyh Andy Heninger xalan
andyhot Andreas Andreou tapestry, tapestry-pmc
andyj Andy Jefferson db, db-jdo, db-pmc
andymc Andrew J McMurry ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
andypiper Andrew James Piper
andys Andy Schwartz incubator, myfaces
andytaylor Andy Taylor activemq
andywenk Andy Wenk couchdb, couchdb-pmc, member
anenadic Aleksandra Nenadic incubator, taverna
anew Andreas Neumann incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc, twill
angela Angela Schreiber apsite, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, member
angela_wang Angela Wang oodt, oodt-pmc
angeloh Angelo K. Huang incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc
angelos Angelo van der Sijpt ace, ace-pmc, incubator
anierbeck Achim Nierbeck karaf, karaf-pmc, member
aniket486 Aniket Namadeo Mokashi incubator, parquet, pig, pig-pmc
anil Anil Saldhana juddi, juddi-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
animesh Animesh cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
anirbanroy Anirban Roy incubator, olingo
anis Anis Kadri cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
ankitkumar2711 Ankit Kumar incubator, metamodel, metamodel-pmc
ankitp Ankit Pasricha xerces-j
ankon Andreas Kohn shindig, shindig-pmc
ankur Ankur Bansal incubator, kylin
ankurdave Ankur Dave incubator, spark, spark-pmc
anoopknayak Anoop Nayak bloodhound
anoopsamjohn Anoop Sam John hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
anorth Alexander North incubator, wave
anou_mana Anoubhama Manavalan ws
anovarini Alessandro Novarini incubator
anovikov Andrey Novikov ignite, incubator
ansell Peter Ansell any23, any23-pmc, incubator, marmotta, marmotta-pmc
anshum Anshum Gupta lucene, lucene-pmc
antelder Anthony Elder abdera, abdera-pmc, apsite, cassandra-pmc, chukwa-pmc, commons, directmemory, directmemory-pmc, easyant, httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mrql, nuvem, pmc-chairs, stratos, stratos-pmc, synapse, synapse-pmc, tuscany, tuscany-pmc, vxquery-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
anthonycorbacho Anthony Corbacho incubator
anthonyxu Anthony Xu cloudstack, incubator
antoine Antoine Levy-Lambert ant, ant-pmc, commons, directory, easyant, gump, incubator, member
antoinesd Antoine Sabot-Durand deltaspike, incubator
antollinim Mario Antollini tuscany
antonio Antonio Gallardo Rivera cocoon, cocoon-pmc, forrest, forrest-pmc, lenya, lenya-pmc, member
antonp Anton Pevtsov
anurag Anurag Aggarwal ode
anuzzolese Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
anzelld Dino Anzellotti incubator, syncope
aonishuk Andrew Onischuk ambari
apadilla Adelita L. Padilla incubator
apaliwal Ashish Paliwal mina, mina-pmc
apalumbo Andrew Palumbo mahout, mahout-pmc
apanday Arjun Panday felix
apatel Anil Patel ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
apatry Alexandre Patry uima
apavlenko Andrey Pavlenko
apetrelli Antonio Petrelli incubator, struts, tiles, velocity, velocity-pmc
apetrenko Alexey Petrenko geronimo
apgiannakidis Apostolis Giannakidis gora, gora-pmc
apien Atsuko Pien
apl Andrew Ponsonby Lindesay cayenne
apopescu Alexandru Popescu sling, sling-pmc, struts, struts-pmc
aprateek Abhinandan Prateek cloudstack, incubator
apresta Alessandro Presta giraph
aprime Adam Prime perl, perl-pmc
apulsifer Allen Pulsifer incubator, openoffice
apurtell Andrew Kyle Purtell bigtop, bigtop-pmc, hbase, hbase-pmc, htrace, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nifi, phoenix, phoenix-pmc, pmc-chairs, whirr, whirr-pmc
apurv Apurv Verma hama
aramirez Allan Q. Ramirez
archie Archie Cobbs
archit Archit Kulshrestha incubator
arcilla Andre Arcilla bigtop, bigtop-pmc, incubator
ard Ard Schrijvers cocoon, incubator, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, rave, rave-pmc
ardlema Alberto Rodriguez incubator, metamodel, metamodel-pmc
areek Areek Zillur lucene
arfrever Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis subversion, subversion-pmc
arielch Ariel Constenla-Haile incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
arinto Arinto Murdopo incubator, samoa
arist Andrew Rist incubator, member, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
arje Arje Cahn apsite, cocoon, infrastructure-interest, member
arkurth Andrew Kurth incubator, pmc-chairs, vcl, vcl-pmc
arminw Armin Waibel db, db-ddlutils, db-pmc
arnaudsimon Arnaud Simon qpid, qpid-pmc
arne Arne Limburg deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc
arno Arno Töll trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
arnout Arnout J. Kuiper
arobinson74 Andrew Robinson myfaces
aroush George Aroush incubator, lucene-connectors
arp Arpit Agarwal hadoop, hadoop-pmc
arpit Arpit Gupta falcon, falcon-pmc, hadoop, incubator
arreyder Christopher R. Rhodes apsite, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member
arron Arron Claude Bates struts
artagnon Ramkumar Ramachandra subversion
artietee Arthur Buijs incubator, openoffice
artnaseef Arthur Naseef activemq, activemq-pmc
artw Art Welch
aruny Arun Yadav xalan
arvind Arvind Prabhakar flume, flume-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, metamodel, metamodel-pmc, nifi, pmc-chairs, sentry, sqoop, sqoop-pmc, storm, storm-pmc
arwin Arwin Arni subversion
asanka Asanka Abeysinghe synapse, synapse-pmc
asankha Asankha Chamath Perera httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, ws
asanso Antonio Sanso incubator, member, oltu, oltu-pmc, pmc-chairs, sling, sling-pmc
asavory Andrew Savory apsite, cocoon, cocoon-pmc, devicemap, incubator, incubator-pmc, jackrabbit-emeritus, member, ripple, wookie
asavu Andrei Savu bigtop, incubator, incubator-pmc, twill, whirr, whirr-pmc
asemonella Antony bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc
asfgriff Neil Griffin portals
asgoyal Ankur Goyal incubator, rave, rave-pmc
ash2k Mikhail Mazursky incubator, onami, onami-pmc
ashah Archit Pradip Shah
ashakirin Andrei Shakirin cxf, cxf-pmc, syncope
ashapochka Andriy Shapochka cayenne
ashau Albert Shau incubator
ashish Ashish Vijaywargiya ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
ashishjain Ashish Jain geronimo
ashod Ashod Nakashian subversion
ashutosh Ashutosh Shahi ws
ask Ask Bjorn Hansen apsite, httpd, infrastructure, member, perl, perl-pmc
aslom Alek Slominski airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, ws, ws-pmc
asmuts Aaron Smuts commons
asoldano Alessio Soldano cxf, cxf-pmc, ws
asrabkin Ariel Shemaiah Rabkin chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator
assaf Assaf Arkin apsite, buildr, buildr-pmc, member, ode, ode-pmc
astaric Anže Starič bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc
asteinmetz Andreas Steinmetz httpd
astepukonis Aivaras Stepukonis openoffice
astieger Andreas Stieger subversion
astitcher Andrew Stitcher qpid, qpid-pmc
asuresh Arun Suresh hadoop, incubator
atagunov Anton Tagunov
ate Ate Douma airavata, airavata-pmc, apsite, commons, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, portals, portals-pmc, rave, rave-pmc, streams, wicket, wicket-pmc, wookie-pmc
athusoo Ashish Thusoo hive, hive-pmc
atjensen Drew Jensen incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
atk Alan T Keane aries, incubator
atkach Andrii Tkach ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
atm Aaron Twining Myers hadoop, hadoop-pmc, member
autarch David Rolsky perl-docs, perl-sizelimit
autayeu Aliaksandr Autayeu incubator, opennlp
avandana Vandana Ayyalasomayajula hcatalog, hive-hcatalog, incubator
avar Andras Avar ws
avd Avdhesh Yadav incubator
avik Avik Sengupta poi, poi-pmc
avk Arthur Klepchukov incubator
aw Allen Wittenauer hadoop
awatkins Anthony LaMarr Watkins incubator, wave
awhite A. Abram White openjpa, openjpa-pmc
awiner Adam Winer incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc, shindig
awm Aram Mirzadeh apsite, infrastructure, member
awojtuniak Adam Wojtuniak aries, felix, incubator
axb Alex Broens spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
axemclion Parashuram Narasimhan cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator, ripple
ay Akitoshi Yoshida camel, cxf, cxf-pmc, member
ayza Alexei Zakharov
azeez Mohamed Afkham Azeez apsite, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, stratos, stratos-pmc, synapse, ws, ws-pmc
azoppello Andrea Zoppello servicemix
baedke Manfred Baedke jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
baerrach Barrie Treloar maven, maven-pmc
bago Stefano Bagnara james, james-pmc
bahalloc Barbara Hallock incubator
bakerkj Kenneth Baker incubator, lucene-connectors
bakksjo Oyvind Bakksjo derby
balajd Balakrishna JD incubator
bandaram Satheesh E. Bandaram db, db-pmc, derby
baranda Bruno Aranda Delgado incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
barrettj Jeffrey Lee Barrett axis, axis-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
barries Robert Barrie Slaymaker xml-axkit
bas Bas Zoetekouw incubator, rave, rave-pmc
baserose Leandro Rodrigo Saad Cruz
batkinson Brent Atkinson continuum, continuum-pmc, pmc-chairs
baudyjy Jean-Yves Baudy ws
bayard Henri Yandell apsite, attic, attic-pmc, commons, incubator, infrastructure, labs, member, pmc-chairs, tomcat
bayer Thomas Bayer ws
bbastian Benjamin Bastian couchdb
bblfish Henry Story clerezza, incubator
bbrouwer Bruce Brouwer logging
bbuffone Robert Buffone
bcall Bryan Call incubator, member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
bch Brad C. Harder incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc
bchang Binglin Chang hadoop
bchapuis Bertil Chapuis droids, incubator
bchevallereau Benjamin Chevallereau chemistry, chemistry-pmc
bckfnn Finn Bock
bcm Brian Moseley abdera, jackrabbit-emeritus
bcurtis Bryce Curtis cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
bdaniel Brent Daniel tuscany
bdaw Bolesław Dawidowicz incubator
bdelacretaz Bertrand Delacretaz apsite, aries, aries-pmc, clerezza, clerezza-pmc, cocoon, comdev, comdev-pmc, devicemap, devicemap-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, labs, member, sling, sling-pmc, stanbol, stanbol-pmc, xalan
bdemers Brian Demers apsite, infrastructure-interest, maven, shiro, shiro-pmc
bdotte Benjamin Dotte tapestry
bdruth Brice D. Ruth
bdube Brian Dube apsite, forrest, forrest-pmc, member
bdudney Bill Dudney cayenne, cayenne-pmc, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
beaton Brian Eaton incubator, shindig
beberlei Benjamin Eberlei incubator
becka11y Becky Gibson cordova, incubator
beckerdo Daniel O. Becker tuscany, tuscany-pmc
behl Stefan Behl incubator, portals
bella Bella Robinson
bellingard Fabrice Bellingard archiva, infrastructure-interest, maven
ben Ben Laurie apr, apsite, cocoon, concom, httpd, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, security, security-pmc, wave, xalan
benbois Benjamin Bois incubator, openoffice
bencraig Ben Craig thrift, thrift-pmc
bendewey Benjamin Dewey incubator
benedict Benedict Elliott Smith cassandra
benh Benjamin Hindman aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mesos, mesos-pmc, pmc-chairs, storm
benkeen Ben Keen couchdb
benniven Benjamin Venditti empire-db, empire-db-pmc, incubator
bennmapes Benn cordova, cordova-pmc
benoitc Benoit Chesneau couchdb
benoy Benoy Antony hadoop
bentmann Benjamin Bentmann maven
bergie Henri Bergius incubator
bergmark Joseph E Bergmark openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc
berkes Jem Berkes httpd
berlog Evgeniy Berlog poi
berndf Bernd Fondermann ambari, ambari-pmc, apsite, chukwa, incubator, incubator-pmc, james, labs, member, mina, mina-pmc
bernt Bernt Johnsen db, db-pmc, derby
bert Bert Van Kets forrest
bfederle Brian Federle cloudstack, incubator
bfoster Brian Foster member, oodt, oodt-pmc
bgalitsky Boris Galitsky incubator, opennlp
bganesan Balaji Ganesan incubator
bgchun Byung-Gon Chun incubator, reef
bhaisaab Rohit Yadav cloudstack, incubator
bhakti Bhakti Mehta xalan
bharath Bharath Ganesh cxf
bhargav Bhargav Golla incubator
bhavani Bhavani Iyer uima, uima-pmc
bhavanki Bill Havanki accumulo, accumulo-pmc
bhdec Brice B. Hamon tcl, tcl-pmc
bhiggins Bryan Higgins cordova, cordova-pmc
bhofmann Bastian Hofmann shindig, shindig-pmc
bhuemer Bernhard Huemer myfaces
bhupendrab Bhupendra Bhusman Bhardwaj
bhusted Brian A. Husted ws
bhuvan Bhuvaneswaran A subversion
bhyde Ben Hyde apsite, member
bibryam Bilgin Ismet Ibryam camel, camel-pmc, ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
bidouille Cyril Beaussier incubator, openoffice
bigbluehat Benjamin Young couchdb
bigdog Dale E. Christ lenya, lenya-pmc
bigosmallm Om flex, flex-pmc, incubator, member
bikas Bikas Saha hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
billa William Au lucene
billbarker William Barker apsite, commons, commons-pmc, gump, gump-pmc, member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
billgraham William W. Graham Jr chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator, pig, pig-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
billie Billie Rinaldi accumulo, accumulo-pmc, ambari, ambari-pmc, htrace, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nifi, pmc-chairs, slider
billsch Bill Schindler
bimargulies Benson Margulies accumulo, accumulo-pmc, cxf, empire-db-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, jena, lucene, mahout, mahout-pmc, maven, maven-pmc, member, nifi, opennlp-pmc, ws
bingl Bing Li incubator, olingo
binguo Bin Guo incubator
bino28 Albino Neto incubator, openoffice
binujohn Binu John incubator
bip Bip Thelin
bitdiddle Robert Dionne couchdb
bjh Brian Havard apr-pmc, httpd-pmc, member
bjohnson Brady Allen Johnson tuscany, tuscany-pmc, ws
bjorn Bjorn Townsend ws
bjreed Barrett Jay Reed geronimo
bkowal Bartosz Kowalewski aries, incubator
blair Blair Zajac apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
blanco Jesus Blanco Izquierdo httpd
blautenb Berin Lautenbach apsite, incubator, infrastructure, member, santuario, santuario-pmc, xalan, xerces-pmc
bleathem Brian Leathem deltaspike, incubator
blee Bilung Lee incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
bleeker Troy Bleeker ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
blin Bozhong Lin
blitchfield Ben Litchfield incubator, pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
bloritsch Berin Loritsch apsite, cocoon, directory, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, ws
blrunner JaeHwa Jung incubator, tajo, tajo-pmc
blue Ryan Blue avro, incubator, parquet
bluesvm Suh ChangHee
bluk Bryant Luk incubator, wink, wink-pmc
blumm Michael Blum portals
bmahe Bruno Jacques Mahe bigtop, bigtop-pmc, incubator
bmahler Benjamin Mahler incubator, mesos, mesos-pmc
bmbouter Brian Bouterse incubator
bmclaugh Brett McLaughlin cocoon
bmcs Dave Barton incubator, openoffice
bmesser Bernhard Messer lucene
bmitchell William Mitchell ws
bmyers Brandon Myers incubator, reef
bnagel Benjamin Nagel incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
bnicholes Bradley Nicholes apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
bnoll Bryan Noll openjpa
bob Bob Paulin felix
bobby Robert Joseph Evans hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, spark, spark-pmc, storm, storm-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
bobh Bob Herrmann
bobharner Bob Harner lenya, tapestry
boday Benjamin P. O'Day camel
bodewig Stefan Bodewig ant, ant-pmc, apsite, commons, commons-pmc, creadur, easyant, gump, gump-pmc, incubator, logging, logging-pmc, lucenenet, lucenenet-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
bogdan Bogdan Ciprian Pistol mina
boisvert Alex Boisvert apsite, buildr, buildr-pmc, member, ode, ode-pmc, pmc-chairs, servicemix
bojan Bojan Smojver apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
bolbic Florian Pinel tuscany
bommel Bernd Bohmann apsite, incubator, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
bond David Matthew Bond incubator
borisk Boris Kolpackov xerces, xerces-pmc
boryas Boris Shkolnik hadoop
bosco Bosco incubator, ranger
bourock Burak Yavuz openoffice
boustani Maziyar Boustani climate, climate-pmc, incubator
bowserj Joey Robert Bowser cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
bozzo Božo Dragojevič qpid
bp Charles Brian Pinkerton incubator, lucene-connectors
bpendleton Bryan Pendleton db, db-pmc, derby
bperroud Benoit Perroud directmemory, directmemory-pmc, incubator
bpetri Bjoern Petri celix, celix-pmc, incubator
bphillips Bruce Allen Phillips struts
bpontarelli Brian Pontarelli struts
bpowers Robert Powers mina
brad Bradley A. Morrison tcl
braden Braden Shepherdson cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
bramk Bram de Kruijff ace, ace-pmc
brandonli Brandon Li hadoop, hadoop-pmc
brandonwilliams Brandon Williams cassandra, cassandra-pmc, infrastructure
brane Branko Cibej apr, apr-pmc, apsite, bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, ignite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
bravi Balaji Masur Ravi
brazil Michael Watzek db-jdo
brbarkstrom Bruce Barkstrom oodt, oodt-pmc
breed Benjamin Reed bookkeeper, pig, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
brekke Jeffrey Brekke db-torque, turbine, turbine-pmc
brenden Brenden Matthews incubator, mesos, mesos-pmc
brenninc Christian Y. Brenninkmeijer incubator, taverna
brentlintner Brent Lintner incubator, ripple
brentworden Brent Worden commons, commons-pmc
breser Ben Reser httpd, httpd-pmc, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
brett Brett Porter apsite, archiva, archiva-pmc, attic, attic-pmc, cloudstack, commons, continuum, continuum-pmc, gump, gump-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, labs, maven, maven-pmc, member
brianb Brian Behlendorf apsite, infrastructure, member
briancurtin Brian Curtin libcloud
brianf Brian E Fox apsite, creadur, creadur-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, maven, maven-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
briang Brian Geffon member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
briangoetz Brian Goetz
brianleroux Brian James LeRoux cordova, cordova-pmc, devicemap, incubator, member
brianloss Brian Frank Loss accumulo, accumulo-pmc
brianm Brian McCallister activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, db, db-ddlutils, db-jdo, db-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, jclouds, member, mesos, mesos-pmc, openjpa, shindig
brianp Brian Pane apr, apsite, member
bridgetb Bridget Bevens drill
brindy Christopher Brind incubator, pivot
britter Benedikt Ritter commons, commons-pmc, member
brittfitch Britt Fitch ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
brj Jakob Braeuchi db-ddlutils
brock Brock Noland crunch, crunch-pmc, flume, flume-pmc, hive, hive-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mrunit, mrunit-pmc, nifi, parquet, pmc-chairs, sentry
brondsem David Philip Brondsema allura, allura-pmc, forrest, forrest-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
brookwc Chao Wang incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc
bruce Bruce Atherton ant, ant-pmc
brucem Bruce Mitchener Jr avro, avro-pmc, flume, flume-pmc, incubator
brudav Bruno D'Avonzo
bruno Bruno Dumon cocoon, cocoon-pmc, member
brunopacola Bruno Pacola flex
brushed Dirk Frederickx incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
bryanche Bryan Che
bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, thrift, thrift-pmc
bs Bogdan Stefanescu chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
bsmin Byungseok Min hama
bsnyder Bruce Snyder activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, camel, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
bspeakmon Benjamin Speakmon commons, commons-pmc
bstansberry Brian Edward Stansberry
bstoler Brian Stoler incubator, shindig
bsullivan Blake Sullivan incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
btmurphy Brian Murphy incubator, river, river-pmc
btopping Brian Topping ace, ace-pmc, db-jdo, incubator, karaf
burn Burn L. Lewis uima, uima-pmc
burton Kevin A. Burton
busbey Sean Busbey accumulo, accumulo-pmc, hbase, hbase-pmc, member
buschmi Michael Busch apsite, lucene, lucene-pmc, member
buscob Bruno Busco ofbiz
butek Russell Butek ws
butlermh Mark Butler cocoon
buyingyi Yingyi Bu incubator
bvahdat Babak Vahdat camel, camel-pmc
bvenners Howard Venners incubator
bwalding Ben Walding
bwallace Brian Keith Wallace
byersa Alfred Maxwell Byers ofbiz
byrne Todd M. Byrne
byron Byron Foster velocity
bzhang Bowen Zhang oozie
bzz Alexander Bezzubov incubator
cadel Andy Cadel incubator
cagatay Cagatay Civici incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
caijunj Jun Jie Cai apsite, geronimo, member
calavera David Calavera abdera, abdera-pmc
cam Cameron McCormack xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-batik
camille Camille Fournier zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
cammckenzie Cam McKenzie curator, curator-pmc
candeira Javier Candeira couchdb
caniszczyk Chris Aniszczyk incubator, parquet
cargilld David Abram Cargill xerces, xerces-pmc
carl Carl Yeksigian thrift
carlos Carlos Sanchez Gonzalez archiva, archiva-pmc, continuum, continuum-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, jclouds, maven, maven-pmc, member
carlosrovira Carlos Rovira flex, flex-pmc, incubator
carlosvara Carlos Vara Callau bval, bval-pmc, incubator
carlucci Anthony Carlucci incubator, rave, rave-pmc
carnold Curtis William Arnold apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, logging, member
carrier Brian Carrier incubator, pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
castagna Paolo Castagna incubator, jena, jena-pmc
cawaring Chris Waring accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator
cbartlett Christopher James Bartlett pivot, pivot-pmc
cbegin Clinton Begin member
cblecken Carsten Blecken ws
cbowditch Chris Bowditch member, pmc-chairs, xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
cbrisson Claude Brisson velocity, velocity-pmc
cburroughs Chris Burroughs incubator, kafka
ccardona Christopher Mansilungan Cardona geronimo
cchampeau Cédric Champeau incubator
cchew Chris Chew
ccolanicchia Cosma Colanicchia flex
ccordenier Christophe Cordenier tapestry
ccristal Carmine Cristallo incubator
cctrieloff Carl C. Trieloff apsite, deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, incubator, member, qpid, qpid-pmc
ccurrens Christopher Calvin Currens incubator, lucenenet, lucenenet-pmc
ccustine Chris Custine apsite, directory, directory-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
cdamioli Cédric Damioli cocoon, cocoon-pmc, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
cdaniluk Cris Daniluk cayenne
cdevienne Christophe de Vienne logging
cdinapala Chinthana Dinapala ws
cdoremus Craig Doremus portals, portals-pmc
cdouglas Christopher Douglas ambari, ambari-pmc, apsite, chukwa, climate, climate-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, knox, lens, member, pmc-chairs, reef, samza, tez, tez-pmc
cduffy Charles Duffy ant
cdupoirieux Cyriaque Dupoirieux forrest, forrest-pmc
cdutz Christofer Dutz flex, flex-pmc, incubator, member
cedric Cedric Dumoulin struts
cedricwalter Cédric Walter poi, poi-pmc
ceki Ceki Gulcu apsite, infrastructure-interest, logging
celestin Sebastien Brisard commons
centic Dominik Stadler member, poi, poi-pmc
ceposta Christian Posta activemq, activemq-pmc, camel
cestella Casey Stella datafu, incubator
cezar Cezar Cristian Andrei incubator, member, vxquery, vxquery-pmc
cfieber Cameron Fieber
cframpton Carol Frampton flex, flex-pmc, incubator
cgeer Chris Geer rave, rave-pmc
cgreenlee Christopher Greenlee
cguiraud Christophe Guiraud cordova, cordova-pmc
chaase3 Camilla Haase db, db-pmc, derby
chabotc Chris Chabot incubator, shindig
challenh Challen He incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
challngr Jim Challenger uima
chambej John Chambers bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
chamikara Chamikara Madhusanka Jayalath ws
chamil Chamil Baghya Thanthrimudalige ws
chamila Chamila De Alwis stratos, stratos-pmc
chamindra Chamindra de Silva ws
chammers Christian Hammers
chanaka Chanaka Jayasena incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
chand Chand Priyaukara Gamage incubator, log4cxx
chandanva V. A. Chandan incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
chandec Corinne Chandel pig
chansen Carol B. Hansen incubator, streams
chanwit Chanwit Kaewkasi incubator
chaoshi Chao Shi crunch, crunch-pmc
chaosun Chao Sun incubator, openoffice
chaowang Jacky Wang shindig, shindig-pmc
charith Charith Wickramarachchi synapse, synapse-pmc
charitha Charitha Kankanambe ws
charithcc Charitha incubator, sis, sis-pmc
charlesb Charles R. Benett james
charper Cory Harper ode, ode-pmc
chas Chas Honton commons
chathura Chathura Herath airavata, airavata-pmc, incubator, member, ws
chathura_ce Chathura Ekanayake synapse, ws
chathuri Chathuri Wimalasena airavata, airavata-pmc
chatra Chatra Udeni Nakkawita ws
chatrees Chatree Srichart ofbiz
cheche Juan Jose Pablos forrest, forrest-pmc
cheddar Eric Tschetter curator, curator-pmc, incubator
chenbin Chen Bin trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
chengjh Jian Hong Cheng incubator, openoffice
chengxiang ChengXiang Li hive
chenjinh Jin Hua Chen incubator, openoffice
chenli Chen Li incubator
chenpei Pei Chen ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs
cheolsoo Cheolsoo Park pig, pig-pmc, pmc-chairs, sqoop
cherreman Christophe Herreman flex, flex-pmc, incubator
chestnut Doug Chestnut lenya, lenya-pmc
chetanm Chetan Mehrotra felix, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, sling, sling-pmc
chewbranca Russell Branca couchdb
chico Chico Charlesworth incubator, shindig, shindig-pmc
chintana Chintana Wilamuna incubator, nuvem
chinthaka Eran Chinthaka airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, synapse, synapse-pmc, ws
chipchilders Chip Childers cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, stratos
chiradeep Chiradeep Vittal cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
chirag Chirag Shah shindig, shindig-pmc
chirino Hiram R. Chirino activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, camel, camel-pmc, felix, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, karaf, member, pmc-chairs, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
chirunhua Runhua Chi geronimo
chitresh Chitresh Chauhan incubator, olingo
chkal Christian Kaltepoth deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator
chl501 Chia-Hung Lin hama, hama-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
chobrian Brian Cho incubator, reef
cholet Eric Cholet apsite, member, perl
chope Dr Catherine Victoria Hope
chowells Carl Howells
chregu Christian Stocker devicemap, incubator, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
chris Chris oodt, oodt-pmc
chrisam Christian Amend incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc, pmc-chairs
chrisd Chris Darroch httpd, httpd-pmc, ws
chrisdolan Chris Dolan river, river-pmc
chrisdollin Christopher James Dollin incubator, jena, jena-pmc
chrise Christopher Elkins
chrisg Christian Geisert apsite, member, ofbiz
chrish Christian Holzer olingo
chrisjdavis Christopher J. Davis apsite, infrastructure
chrisjs Chris Stevenson
chrism Christopher John Male lucene
christef Christos Stefanidis openoffice
christian Christian van Spaandonk felix, incubator
christophg Christoph Gritschenberger karaf
chrisw Christoph Wilhelms ant, ant-pmc
chrsmrtn Chris Martin flex, flex-pmc
chsnow Chris Snow incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
chtyim Terence Yim helix, helix-pmc, incubator, twill
chuck Chuck Murcko apr, apsite, httpd, member
chuckw James "Chuck" Williams ws
chug Charles E. Rolke qpid, qpid-pmc
chunrong Chunrong Lai
cihan Cihan Cimen incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
cimi Alex Ciminian incubator
cjack Chris Jack climate, climate-pmc, incubator
cjaube Curtis J. Aube flex
cjblythe Christopher James Blythe geronimo, incubator, wink, wink-pmc
cjhoward Curtiss James Howard myfaces
cjnolet Corey J. Nolet accumulo, accumulo-pmc
cjodea Conrad O'Dea
cjolif Christophe Jolif
cjopp Christoph Jopp incubator, openoffice
cjudson Chris Judson
ckiehl Christoph Kiehl jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
ckoell Claus Koell jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
ckoppelt Christine Koppelt abdera, abdera-pmc, directory, directory-pmc, member
ckormos Catalin Kormos myfaces
cks Christopher K. St. John
clalance Christopher Lalancette deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, incubator
clamb Charles Lamb hadoop
clar Jean-Jacques Clar apr, httpd
clarence_guo Clarence Guo openoffice
claude Claude Warren jena, jena-pmc
claudio Claudio Martella giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator
clavoie Christian Lavoie thrift, thrift-pmc
clay Clay Leeds apsite, xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
claytonweise Clayton Weise cloudstack
clebertsuconic Clebert Suconic activemq
cleclerc Cyrille Le Clerc cxf
clemens Clemens Wyss sling
clement Clement Escoffier ace, ace-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, incubator
clerum Cody Lerum deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator
clhubert Cory L. Hubert
cliff Cliff Skolnick apsite, concom, infrastructure, member
cliffjansen Clifford Allan Jansen qpid, qpid-pmc
cliffs Cliff Schmidt apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member
clim Christopher Giles A. Lim
clin Chen Lin ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
clippka Christian Lippka incubator, openoffice
clloyd Chris Lloyd incubator
clombart Christophe Lombart jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, sling, sling-pmc
clr Craig L Russell apsite, attic, attic-pmc, db, db-jdo, db-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc, member, openjpa, qpid-pmc, roller, roller-pmc, shiro, shiro-pmc
clraychen Lei Chen
clucas Casey Lucas
cm Christian Moen lucene
cmacnaug Colin W Macnaughton activemq
cmanohar Manohar Kumar Chintala ws
cmarcum Carl B. Marcum incubator, openoffice
cmastrandrea Chuck Mastrandrea flex, flex-pmc, incubator
cmccabe Colin McCabe hadoop, hadoop-pmc, htrace, incubator
cmchen Charles Chen commons
cmenzel Carl-Eric Menzel wicket, wicket-pmc
cml Chris Lambertus infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, svnadmins
cmlenz Christopher Lenz couchdb
cmoulliard Moulliard Charles camel, camel-pmc, deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator, karaf, karaf-pmc, servicemix
cmpilato C. Michael Pilato apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
cmueller Christian Mueller camel, camel-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
cnauroth Chris Nauroth hadoop, hadoop-pmc, member
cnenning Christoph Nenning struts
coar Ken Coar apr, apsite, concom, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, httpd, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, uima, uima-pmc, xalan
codyaray Cody Ray incubator, onami
coheigea Colm O Heigeartaigh apsite, camel, cxf, cxf-pmc, directory, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, santuario, santuario-pmc, syncope, syncope-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
colen William Daniel Colen de Moura Silva incubator, opennlp, opennlp-pmc
colin Colin incubator
coliver Christopher Oliver cocoon
colm Colm MacCarthaigh apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
concelvio Bonafede Concetto Elvio incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
conny Conny Lundgren incubator
conor Conor MacNeill ant, ant-pmc, apsite, member, pmc-chairs
coreyg Geoffrey Corey infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, svnadmins
corneadoug Corneau Damien incubator
cos Konstantin I Boudnik bigtop, bigtop-pmc, celix-pmc, hadoop, ignite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mrunit, mrunit-pmc, pmc-chairs
costin Costin Manolache member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, ws, xalan
covener Eric Covener apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, pmc-chairs
cpiro Christopher Piro incubator, thrift
cpsoman Chinmay Soman incubator, samza, samza-pmc
crafterm Marcus Crafter cocoon
craig Craig Bachelor incubator
craigc Craig Crutcher
craigmcc Craig R. McClanahan apsite, commons, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, myfaces, streams, struts, tiles, tiles-pmc
crazybob Bob Lee struts
criccomini Chris Riccomini incubator, pmc-chairs, samza, samza-pmc
crichton Dan Crichton apsite, climate, climate-pmc, member, oodt, oodt-pmc
croberts Chad Roberts ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
crogers Howard Carlin Rogers
crohr Christopher Rohr blur, incubator
crossley David Crossley apsite, cocoon, cocoon-pmc, creadur, creadur-pmc, forrest, forrest-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, labs, member, pmc-chairs
cs Claudio Squarcella commons
csamak Cameron Samak incubator
csantanapr Carlos Santana cordova, cordova-pmc
csauer Christoph Sauer incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
cschneider Christian Schneider aries, camel, camel-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, karaf, member, syncope
cschoett Chad Schoettger
cstamas Tamás Cservenák maven
cstephenson Colin Stephenson chemistry, chemistry-pmc
csuich2 Chris Suich cloudstack
ctan Maria Catherine R. Tan continuum, continuum-pmc
ctang Chaoyu Tang incubator, sentry
ctargett Cassandra Targett lucene
cthings Niels van Dijk incubator, rave, rave-pmc
ctoth Cristian Toth myfaces
ctrezzo Chris Trezzo hadoop
ctubbsii Christopher Tubbs accumulo, accumulo-pmc, member
ctwiner Chris Twiner ws
cumminsh Holly Cummins aries, aries-pmc, incubator
curcuru Shane Curcuru apsite, comdev, comdev-pmc, concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, xalan
curino Carlo Curino hadoop
curtisr7 Richard G. Curtis openjpa, openjpa-pmc
cutting Doug Cutting apsite, avro, avro-pmc, blur, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, lucene, member, storm, thrift
cvillegas Carlos Alberto Villegas Fonseca
cwei Coach Wei
cwensel Chris Wensel calcite, drill, incubator
cwiklik Jaroslaw Cwiklik incubator, uima, uima-pmc
cwilkin Chris Wilkinson aries, incubator
cws Carl Steinbach hive, hive-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
cygnus Jonathan Daugherty
czadra Cyrill flex, flex-pmc, incubator
cziegeler Carsten Ziegeler ace, ace-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, cocoon, commons, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, portals, portals-pmc, sling, sling-pmc
dadams Daniel Adams tapestry
daehn Peter Dahn openmeetings
dag Dag H. Wanvik db, db-pmc, derby
dagit Derek Dagit incubator, storm, storm-pmc
dahn Daan cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
daijy Jianyong Dai hcatalog, hive, hive-hcatalog, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pig, pig-pmc, samoa
dain Dain Sundstrom activemq, activemq-pmc, commons, db-jdo, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, member, servicemix, tomee, tomee-pmc
daisy Daisy Zhou incubator, sentry
daisyguo Ying Chung Guo incubator
dakshika Dakshika Jayathilaka stratos, stratos-pmc
dale Dale Harvey couchdb
daly Patrick Nolan Daly incubator
damian Damian Mark Steer incubator, jena, jena-pmc
damien Damien F. Katz couchdb, member
damitha Damitha N.M. Kumarage apsite, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, member, stratos, stratos-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
damjan Damjan Jovanovic commons, commons-pmc, incubator, openoffice
dammina Dammina bloodhound
damonc Damon Courtney apsite, member, tcl, tcl-pmc
damrhei Dustin Amrhein incubator, wink, wink-pmc, ws
dan Dan Di Spaltro
dancres Dan Creswell incubator, river-pmc
dandiep Daniel Diephouse abdera, abdera-pmc, servicemix, ws
dane0101 Shan Jiang
danese Danese Cooper apsite, concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, member
danhaywood Daniel Keir Haywood incubator, isis, isis-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
danield Daniel Danilatos incubator, wave
danielf Par Daniel Fagerstrohm cocoon, cocoon-pmc, member
danielmanzke Daniel Manzke incubator, onami, onami-pmc
danielsh Daniel Shahaf apsite, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, subversion, subversion-pmc, svnadmins
danielwilson Daniel Wilson incubator, pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
danj Daniel Everett Jemiolo ws
dannas Daniel Näslund subversion, subversion-pmc
danny Danny Angus apsite, james, james-pmc, labs, labs-pmc, member
danpa Daniel Ascher openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
dansilivestru Dan Silivestru incubator, ripple
dantran Dan Tran maven
danushka Danushka Menikkumbura airavata, axis, axis-pmc, ws
darkstone DarkStone flex
darobin Robin Berjon xml-axkit
darrell Darrell DeBoer james
darren Darren Shepherd cloudstack
daryn Daryn Sharp hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
dasarath Dasarath Weeratunge ws
dashorst Martijn Dashorst apsite, empire-db, empire-db-pmc, etch-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, wicket, wicket-pmc
davekale David C. Kale incubator, oodt, oodt-pmc
davenewton David Newton struts, struts-pmc
daveread David Read
daveremy David Remy
davi Davi Arnaut apr, apr-pmc
david David Robson sqoop
davidarthur David Arthur kafka
davidb A. J. David Bosschaert aries, aries-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, karaf
davidbau David Bau II
davide Davide Giannella jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
davidillsley David Illsley axis, axis-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
davidvc David Van Couvering db, db-pmc, derby
davidw David Welton apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, ofbiz-pmc, tcl, tcl-pmc
davisp Paul Joseph Davis apsite, couchdb, couchdb-pmc, infrastructure, member
davsclaus Claus Ibsen activemq, activemq-pmc, camel, camel-pmc
dawood David Wood incubator
dbalmain David Balmain lucene-lucy
dbaum Derek Baum felix
dbeaulieu Daniel Beaulieu abdera
dbeech Dave Beech crunch, incubator, mrunit, mrunit-pmc
dbentley Daniel Bentley incubator, shindig
dbertoni David N Bertoni member, xalan, xalan-pmc, xerces
dbhole Deepak Bhole ws
dblevins David Blevins apsite, batchee, creadur, creadur-pmc, deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, johnzon, member, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, pmc-chairs, servicemix, tamaya, tomee, tomee-pmc, ws
dboudnik Dasha Boudnik bigtop
dbradicich Damian Bradicich maven
dbrosius David Brosius cassandra, commons, commons-pmc, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
dcahill Dave Cahill cloudstack
dcarlin David Carlin trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
dcaruana David Caruana chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
dcarver David A Carver ode
dch Dave Cottlehuber couchdb, couchdb-pmc, member
dchappell Dave Chappell ws, ws-pmc
dchauhan Dhaval Chauhan K. tuscany
dcoker Doug Coker incubator, shindig
dcreager Douglas Adam Creager avro, avro-pmc
ddam Dennis Dam portals
ddas Devaraj Das ambari, ambari-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, hbase, hcatalog, incubator, incubator-pmc, knox, knox-pmc, member, oozie, oozie-pmc, phoenix, phoenix-pmc, ranger, slider, storm, storm-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
ddeeter Derek Robert Deeter flume, flume-pmc, incubator
ddevienne Dominique Devienne ant, ant-pmc
ddewolf David H. DeWolf portals, portals-pmc, struts, tiles, tiles-pmc
ddhill David Hill
ddp David Dixon-Peugh
ddumont Dan Dumont shindig, shindig-pmc
ddutta Debo incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
deathbear Sue Lockwood couchdb
dechouxb Bertrand Dechoux mrunit, mrunit-pmc
deedubbu Drew Walters cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
deepa Deepa incubator, olingo
deepak Deepak Dixit ofbiz
deepal Deepal Jayasinghe apsite, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, stratos, stratos-pmc, synapse, synapse-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
degenaro Lou DeGenaro uima
dejanb Bosanac Dejan activemq, activemq-pmc
delafran Mark DeLaFranier geronimo
delos Xuan Dai geronimo, geronimo-pmc
delostilos Juan José van der Linden incubator, metamodel, metamodel-pmc
demetriust Demetrius Tsitrelis cloudstack
demuru Matteo Demuru felix, felix-pmc
dennisbyrne Dennis Christopher Byrne myfaces, myfaces-pmc
dennisl Dennis Lundberg apsite, archiva, commons, commons-pmc, continuum, creadur, creadur-pmc, incubator, maven, maven-pmc, member
der David Everett Reynolds incubator, jena, jena-pmc
derick Fredericus G. Rethans incubator
desruisseaux Martin Desruisseaux incubator, member, sis, sis-pmc
dettborn Torsten Dettborn portals
devaraj Devarajulu K hadoop
devdeep Devdeep Singh cloudstack
devgeeks Tommy-Carlos Williams cordova, cordova-pmc
devinhan Biao Han incubator
devriesb Brandon Rhys DeVries incubator, nifi
deweese Thomas E. DeWeese xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-batik, xmlgraphics-pmc
dezzio David Ezzio openjpa, openjpa-pmc
dfabulich Daniel Fabulich commons, maven, maven-pmc
dferro Daniel Gómez Ferro incubator, s4
dfilimon Dan Filimon mahout
dflores Darwin G. Flores activemq, servicemix
dflorey Daniel Florey commons
dfreeborn Dana J Freeborn oodt, oodt-pmc
dfs Daniel Savarese commons
dgeary David Mark Geary struts
dglachs Dietmar Glachs incubator, marmotta, marmotta-pmc
dglazer David Glazer incubator, shindig
dgornstein Daniel Gornstein rave, rave-pmc
dgraham David Graham struts
dhague Darren Hague incubator
dhaney David Haney
dharkness David Harkness incubator, shindig
dharris David Harris httpd, perl
dhirajsb Dhiraj Sureshkumar Bokde activemq, camel
dhirup Dhiru Pandey
dhoersch Dennis Hörsch myfaces
dhruba Dhruba Borthakur bookkeeper, hadoop, hadoop-pmc
dianes Diane Smith incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
dianner Dianne E. Richards openjpa
dicka Adrian Dick ws
digro Dick Groskamp incubator, openoffice
digy Isik Yigit incubator, lucenenet, lucenenet-pmc
dileepa Dileepa Jayakody stanbol
dillidorai Dilli Dorai ambari, incubator, knox, knox-pmc, ranger
dima Dima Ruban incubator
dimach Dmitri Chebotarov incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
dimpbx Dimitri Pourbaix commons
dims Davanum Srinivas apsite, aries, aries-pmc, attic, attic-pmc, commons, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, gump, gump-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, member, portals, portals-pmc, santuario, wink, wink-pmc
dimuthu Dimuthu Gannage axis, axis-pmc, ws
dinesh Weerapurage Dinesh Premalal axis, axis-pmc, ws
dineshb Dinesh Methsiri Bandara stratos, stratos-pmc
dino Dean Jackson
dion Dion Gillard apsite
dirkv Dirk Verbeeck
dirkx Dirk-Willem van Gulik apr, apr-pmc, apsite, cocoon, forrest, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, poi, santuario, security, security-pmc, tcl, tcl-pmc, ws, xalan, xml-axkit, xml-commons
dirving Dave Irving
dishara Dishara Wijewardana velocity
diwaker Diwaker Gupta forrest, forrest-pmc
dixson James S. Dixson III etch, incubator
djc Dirkjan couchdb
djcook Dennis Cook activemq
djd Daniel John Debrunner db, db-pmc, derby, member
djencks David Jencks activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, bval, bval-pmc, camel, directory, felix, felix-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, juddi, juddi-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, oltu, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, portals, portals-pmc, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, tomee, tomee-pmc
djones Duncan Jones commons
djpolito David Polito
djspiewak Daniel Spiewak buildr
djue Daniel Jue tapestry
dkandrov dkandrov openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
dkazimirchyk Dzmitry Kazimirchyk cayenne
dkf Donal Fellows incubator, taverna
dklco Dan Klco sling, sling-pmc
dkoper Dies Koper deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc
dkormalev Denis Kormalev cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
dkulp Daniel Kulp activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, camel, camel-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, johnzon, maven, maven-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, tuscany, ws, ws-pmc
dkuppitz Daniel Kuppitz incubator
dlaha Dipanjan Laha commons
dlao David Lao incubator, storm-pmc
dlat David Latorre Gallego mina
dlegg David John Legg cocoon, cocoon-pmc
dlemke Daniel Lemke spamassassin
dleslie Donald Leslie xalan
dlester Dave Lester aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator, member, mesos, mesos-pmc
dlestrat David LeStrat portals
dligach Dmitriy Dligach ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
dlmarion Dave Marion accumulo, accumulo-pmc
dlouzan Diego Louzan Martinez incubator, portals
dloverin Darrell John Loverin flex
dlr Daniel Rall apsite, commons, db, db-pmc, db-torque, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, subversion, subversion-pmc, velocity, velocity-pmc, ws
dls Donald Lawrence Sizemore incubator
dlutz Daniel Lutz incubator
dlwh David Leo Wright Hall
dlydick Daniel Lydick
dlyubimov Dmitriy Lyubimov mahout
dma Dominic Hamon mesos, mesos-pmc
dmamolina Daniel Molina Aranda incubator
dmarkham Dan Markham incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc
dmarston David Marston xalan
dmclaughlin David McLaughlin aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator
dmeikle David Meikle member, pmc-chairs, tika, tika-pmc
dmeil Doug Meil hbase, hbase-pmc
dmiddlem Darren Middleman geronimo
dmitri Dmitri Plotnikov commons
dmitriusan Dmitry Lysnichenko ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
dmitryh Dmitry Hayes xalan
dmkarr David M. Karr struts
dmreagan David Michael Reagan airavata
dmui Danny Muid poi, poi-pmc
dnaber Daniel Naber
dnadeau Denis Nadeau climate, climate-pmc, incubator
dnhutchins David Nelson Hutchins Jr. incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
dnorris Daniel Norris infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member
dnwe Dominic Evans qpid, qpid-pmc
dobbs Eric Dobbs db-torque
dobri Dobri Emilov Kitipov axis, axis-pmc, ws
doc David Charles Johnson cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
doebele Rainer Doebele empire-db, empire-db-pmc, incubator
dogacan Dogacan Guney gora, gora-pmc, incubator
dolander Daryl Olander
doll Cassandra Doll incubator, shindig
dominik Dominik Kacprzak ws
don Don Coleman cordova, cordova-pmc
donaldp Peter Donald buildr, buildr-pmc
dongjoon Dongjoon Hyun incubator, reef
dongsheng Dongsheng Song subversion
dongukchoi Dong Uk Choi
dongxu Dongxu james
donsez Didier Donsez felix
doogie Adam Heath ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
doronc Doron Cohen lucene, lucene-pmc
dortef Dorte Fjalland corinthia, incubator
dos Daryl C. W. O'Shea apsite, member, spamassassin
dougarthur Doug Arthur incubator
dougm Doug MacEachern apr, apsite, httpd, member, perl, perl-pmc
dougsale Doug Sale incubator
dougsleite Douglas Siqueira Leite tuscany
dpalmisano Davide Palmisano any23, any23-pmc, incubator, onami, streams
dpejesh David Shane Holden httpd
dpeterson Daniel Peterson incubator, shindig, shindig-pmc, wave
dpfister Dominique Pfister chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
dpharbison Donald P. Harbison concom, incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
dpicco Dion Picco
dpsenner Dominik Psenner logging, logging-pmc
drag0n2 Eugene Gluzberg
dragonsinth Scott Blum curator, curator-pmc
draier Thomas Draier jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
dralves David Alves whirr
drankye Kai Zheng directory, hadoop
drazzib Damien Raude-Morvan gora, gora-pmc
dreambird Johnny Zhang incubator, sentry
dreedy Dennis Reedy river
dreid David Reid apr, apsite, incubator, infrastructure, member
dreiss David Reiss incubator, thrift, thrift-pmc
drew Andrew L. Farris accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, mahout, mahout-pmc, member, nifi
drewbai Andrew C. Baird incubator
drh Stephen Henson httpd, httpd-pmc
drieseng Gert Driesen logging
drkemp David Kemp cordova, cordova-pmc
drobiazko Drobiazko Igor tapestry, tapestry-pmc
drobinson Daniel Robinson myfaces
drtr David Robinson member
druggeri Daniel Ruggeri httpd
dsale Doug Sale
dsavage David Morgan Spenser Savage felix
dsavazzi Davide Savazzi
dsen Dmytro Sen ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
dsetrakyan Dmitriy Setrakyan ignite, incubator
dsh Daniel Stefan Haischt tomee
dslaughter David Slaughter incubator, isis, isis-pmc
dsmiley David Wayne Smiley lucene, lucene-pmc
dsolis David Solis tapestry
dsosnoski Dennis M. Sosnoski axis, axis-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, ws
dspencer David Spencer
dspicar Daniel Spicar clerezza, clerezza-pmc, incubator
dsullivan Danny Sullivan incubator, streams
dtabass Michael J. Carey incubator, vxquery, vxquery-pmc
dtanzer David Tanzer
duffy Ian Duffy cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
duftler Matthew J. Duftler ws, xalan
dug Doug Davis ws
dumindu Pallewela Perera axis, axis-pmc, ws
duncan James Duncan Davidson apsite, member, ws, xalan
duncf Duncan A. Findlay spamassassin
dushan Dushan synapse, synapse-pmc
dushshantha Dushshantha Chandradasa ws
dustin Dustin J. Mitchell subversion
dutta Satadip Dutta
dvaleri David Brandon Valeri camel, cxf
dvholten Dieter von Holten xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-batik
dviner David Viner
dvittor David Vittor jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
dvryaboy Dmitriy V. Ryaboy giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator, parquet, pig, pig-pmc
dwaite David Waite
dward David Lawrie Ward chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
dweeks Daniel C. Weeks incubator, parquet
dweir David Weir
dweiss Dawid Weiss lucene, lucene-pmc
dwhytock Donald Whytock openoffice
dwinterfeldt David Winterfeldt struts
dwoods Donald Woods apsite, bval, bval-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nuvem, openjpa, openjpa-pmc
dyre Dyre Tjeldvoll db, db-pmc, derby
eacmen Peter P. Eacmen III
eae Edward Epstein incubator, uima, uima-pmc
eaf Esteban Franqueiro jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
eallen Ernest Allen qpid
ebengston Erik Eduardo Bengtson db-jdo, incubator
ebourg Emmanuel Bourg apsite, commons, commons-pmc, member
eboyd Erin A. Boyd ambari
ebswift Troy Donald McKinnon Simpson subversion
ecapriolo Edward Capriolo hive, hive-pmc
ecarmich Keith Eric Carmichael
eckardjf Joseph Eckard ofbiz
eckehard Eckehard Hermann
ecki Bernd Eckenfels commons
eclark Elliott Neil Clark hbase, hbase-pmc, htrace, incubator
ecn Eric C. Newton accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator
ecraig Erik Craig geronimo
ed Ed Korthof apsite, infrastructure, member
edalquist Eric Dalquist portals
edanuff Ed Anuff incubator
edeoliveira Edouard De Oliveira mina
edgarpoce Edgar Ruben Poce jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
edison Disheng Su cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
edith Chevrier Edith lenya, lenya-pmc
edslattery Edward Slattery ws
eduardk Eduard Koller incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
edunov Sergey Edunov giraph
edvin Edvin Syse pivot
edwardsmj Mike Edwards tuscany, tuscany-pmc, ws
edwardyoon Edward J. Yoon bigtop, bigtop-pmc, hama, hama-pmc, incubator, member, mrql
edwingo Edwin Goei
eevans Eric Evans cassandra, cassandra-pmc, incubator, infrastructure
efastl Ernst Fastl myfaces
egli Christian Egli lenya, lenya-pmc
eglynn Eoghan Glynn aries, aries-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, incubator, servicemix
egor Egor Pasko
ehans Eric N. Hanson hive
ehatcher Erik Hatcher ant, ant-pmc, apsite, lucene, lucene-pmc, member
ehillenius Eelco Hillenius wicket, wicket-pmc
ehu E W H Huelsmann subversion, subversion-pmc
eijit Eiji Takahashi tomcat
eiri Eric Avdey couchdb
ejansman Erik Jansman celix, celix-pmc, incubator
ejiang Emily Jiang aries, aries-pmc, incubator
ek Eike Kettner empire-db, empire-db-pmc, incubator
ekbush Eddie Bush struts
ekho Wilder Rodrigues cloudstack
ekoifman Eugene Koifman hive
ekoneil Edward O'Neil attic, attic-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, openjpa, ws
ekoontz Eugene Joseph Koontz giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator
elecharny Emmanuel Lecharny apsite, directory, directory-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mina, mina-pmc, pmc-chairs, syncope, syncope-pmc
elemings Eric Lemings
elena Elena Litani xerces-j
eli Eli Collins bigtop, bigtop-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator
eliast Elias Torres abdera
elib Eli Baram incubator, wink, wink-pmc
elijah Elijah Zupancic commons
elilevine Eli Levine incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
elish Edwin Sharp openoffice
ellenf Ellen Friedman mahout
elman Michael Elman incubator, wink, wink-pmc
elproferoman Roman Hugo Gelbort incubator, openoffice
elrod Mark E. Elrod ws
elserj Josh Elser accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator, member, slider
elyograg Shawn Heisey lucene
ema Jim Ma cxf, cxf-pmc
emma Emma james
enis Enis Soztutar apsite, curator, curator-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, phoenix, phoenix-pmc, samoa
enolan Edell Nolan servicemix
enorman Eric Norman sling
enridaga Enrico Daga clerezza, clerezza-pmc, incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
epikhinm Mikhail Epikhin jmeter
epugh David Eric Pugh commons, member
epunzalan Edwin L. Punzalan archiva, archiva-pmc, continuum, continuum-pmc
erack Eike Rathke incubator, openoffice
eranda Weerasekara Mudiyanselage Eranda Mahesh Sooriyabandara
eranga Krishan Eranga Jayasundera axis, axis-pmc, ws
erans Gilles Sadowski commons, commons-pmc, member
ereisman Eli Reisman giraph, giraph-pmc, tajo, tajo-pmc
eric Eric Charles james, james-pmc, member, onami, onami-pmc, pmc-chairs
eric14 Eric Baldeschwieler hadoop
ericb Eric Balsa incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
ericb2 Eric Bachard incubator, openoffice
ericf Eric Friedman ws
ericjohnson Eric Johnson cxf, cxf-pmc
erick Erick Erickson lucene, lucene-pmc
erickt Erick Tryzelaar incubator, sentry
ericvas Kenneth Eric Vasilik
erikabele Erik Abele apsite, httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, labs, member
erikdebruin Erik de Bruin flex, flex-pmc, incubator
erikw Erik Weber cloudstack
erinnp Erin Alexander Noe-Payne rave, rave-pmc
erjohnso Eric Johnson libcloud, libcloud-pmc
erodriguez Michael E. Rodriguez directory, felix
eroma Eroma Abeysinghe airavata
eross Elias Nathan Ross logging
ersiner Ersin Er directory
erwan Erwan de Ferrieres ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
esammer Eric Sammer flume, flume-pmc, incubator, mrunit, mrunit-pmc
eschwert Eugen Schwert incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
esjewett Ethan Jewett
esjr Eberhard Speer Jr. devicemap, devicemap-pmc, incubator
esm Elliot Metsger portals, portals-pmc
espenskogen Espen Skogen flex, flex-pmc, incubator
esr Eric S. Raymond subversion
estani estani climate, climate-pmc, incubator
esteve Esteve Fernandez incubator, thrift, thrift-pmc
etnu Kevin Brown incubator, shindig
evan Evan Gilbert incubator, shindig, shindig-pmc
evansye Evans Ye bigtop
evanthika Evanthika Shiromali Amarasiri synapse, synapse-pmc
evanward Evan Ward commons
evenisse Emmanuel Venisse apsite, archiva, continuum, continuum-pmc, infrastructure-interest, maven, maven-pmc, member
everett Everett Toews incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc
evert Evert Lammerts hdt, incubator
evgeny Evgeny Ryabitskiy cayenne
evion Evion Kim datafu, incubator
eworley Evan Worley
ewrick Eric Dofonsou servicemix
eyang Eric Yang ambari, ambari-pmc, chukwa, chukwa-pmc, hadoop, incubator, pmc-chairs
fa Anatoli Fomenko bigtop
fabien Fabien Coelho httpd, subversion
fadams Fraser Adams qpid, qpid-pmc
fadushin Fred Dushin ws
fancy Catalina Wei openjpa
fanf Tony Finch apr, apsite, member, spamassassin
fanyuzhen YuZhen Fan openoffice, openoffice-pmc
fapeeler Frank Aaron Peeler incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
faridz Farid Zaripov
farra J. Aaron Farr attic, attic-pmc, concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, labs, member, sling-emeritus
faywang Fay Wang openjpa
fbalicchia Filippo Balicchia karaf
fbarca Florian Barca ambari
fbarnaby Frank Barnaby incubator
fbicak Furkan Bıçak incubator
fcarrion Fabien Carrion tomcat
fchrist Fabian Christ incubator, incubator-pmc, marmotta, marmotta-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
fdc Frank D. Cringle perl
fdmanana Filipe David Borba Manana couchdb
fede Federico Barbieri apsite, member
fedor Fedor Karpelevitch db-torque
fegaras Leonidas Fegaras incubator, mrql
felicity Theo Van Dinter infrastructure, member, spamassassin
felipeal Felipe Leme commons
felix Felix Maeder
felix8a Felix Lee shindig
felixk Felix Knecht cocoon, directory, directory-pmc, james, james-pmc
fenghh Honghua Feng hbase
fenglu lufeng nutch, nutch-pmc
ferdinand Ferdinand Soethe forrest, forrest-pmc
ferdy Ferdy Galema gora, gora-pmc, incubator
fernanda Fernanda Torres Pizzorno derby
ffacon François Facon tapestry
ffang Freeman Yue Fang camel, cxf, cxf-pmc, felix, karaf, karaf-pmc, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
fgiust Fabrizio Giustina maven
fguillaume Florent Guillaume chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
fhanik Filip Hanik incubator, member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
fhopf Florian Hopf incubator
fhueske Fabian Hueske flink, flink-pmc, incubator
fielding Roy T. Fielding apr, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, infrastructure, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, labs, member
filhocf Claudio Filho incubator, openoffice
filippo Filippo Diotalevi felix
filler Andreas Filler incubator
filmaj Filip Maj cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, ripple
fitz Brian Fitzpatrick apr, apr-pmc, apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
fitzner Michael Fitzner etch, etch-pmc, incubator
flavio Flavio Pellanda incubator
florent Florent André clerezza, clerezza-pmc, incubator, lenya, lenya-pmc, openoffice, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
florianbruckner Florian Bruckner
florianh Florian Holeczek incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
floriansemm Florian Semm logging
flynch Frank Lynch
fmartelli Fabio Martelli incubator, olingo, syncope, syncope-pmc
fmeschbe Felix Meschberger apsite, aries, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, member, sling, sling-pmc
fmoga Florian Moga tuscany, tuscany-pmc
fmui Florian Müller apsite, chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, olingo, olingo-pmc, pmc-chairs
foconer Frederick G. Oconer activemq, servicemix
foliver Fred Oliver incubator
foodmike Mike Mahoney mina
fpe Frank Peters incubator, openoffice
fpj Flavio Paiva Junqueira bookkeeper, incubator, pmc-chairs, s4, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
francisdb Francis De Brabandere empire-db, empire-db-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs
frankb Frank John Budinsky tuscany, tuscany-pmc, ws
frankbille Frank Bille Jensen wicket, wicket-pmc
frankscholten Frank Scholten mahout, whirr, whirr-pmc
frankzhang Xin Zhang cloudstack, incubator
fredao Manfred A. Reiter incubator, openoffice
fredjd Fred Juan Diaz incubator, openoffice
fredrik Fredrik Westermarck commons
fredzh Fred Zhang incubator
freemant Kent Tong
frishy Ryan Frishberg flex, flex-pmc, incubator
froehlich Gerhard Froehlich cocoon
froethenbacher Felix Roethenbacher lenya
fschumacher Felix Schumacher jmeter, jmeter-pmc, tomcat
fseydoux Florian Seydoux incubator, log4cxx
fthomas Frédéric Thomas flex, flex-pmc, incubator
fuankg Guenter Knauf apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member, tomcat
fuhwei Fuhwei Lwo tuscany, ws
funkman Timothy A. Funk tomcat, tomcat-pmc
furfari Francesco Furfari felix, felix-pmc
fuzzylogic Samuel Andrew McIntyre db, db-pmc, derby, infrastructure-interest
fwang Wang Feng tuscany
fwiles Frank Wiles perl-docs
fx Francois-Xavier Bonnet httpcomponents
gabe Gabriel Resneck oodt, oodt-pmc
gabriele Gabriele Columbro chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
gadams Glenn Adams xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
gagan Gagandeep Singh shindig, shindig-pmc
gagz Gagan blur, incubator
galoppini Roberto Galoppini|+ allura, allura-pmc, incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
ganesh Ganesh Jung myfaces
ganeshmb Ganesh Mathrerootham roller
gangolli Anil R. Gangolli roller, roller-pmc
gangtimliu Gang Tim Liu hive
gaohoward Howard Gao activemq
garbados Max Thayer couchdb
gareth Gareth Reakes member, xalan, xalan-pmc, xerces, xerces-pmc
garren Garren Smith couchdb
garryturk Garry Turkington incubator, samza, samza-pmc
garthdb Garth Braithwaite incubator
garyh Gary Helmling hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, twill
garyp Gary L Peskin xalan
gastaldi George Gastaldi deltaspike, incubator, servicemix
gates Alan Gates apsite, bigtop, bigtop-pmc, flink, flink-pmc, hcatalog, hive, hive-hcatalog, hive-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, knox, knox-pmc, member, oozie, oozie-pmc, pig, pig-pmc, ranger, samoa
gatfora Andrew Gatford axis, axis-pmc, ws
gaul Andrew Gaul incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc
gavincornwell Gavin Cornwell chemistry, chemistry-pmc
gavinlee Gavin Lee cloudstack, incubator
gavinmabie Gavin Mabie ofbiz
gawor Jarek Gawor apsite, aries, aries-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, tomee, ws, ws-pmc
gayan Gayan stratos, stratos-pmc
gbailleul Guillaume Bailleul pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
gbayon Gilles Bayon
gbg Gabriela Gibson corinthia, incubator, subversion
gboccalon Gianfranco Boccalon servicemix
gbowyer Greg Bowyer lucene
gbrown Gregory K. Brown apsite, incubator, member, pivot, pivot-pmc
gcapan Gokhan Capan mahout
gcasper Guido Casper cocoon
gcc Graham Charters aries, aries-pmc, incubator
gchanan Gregory Chanan hbase, incubator, lucene, sentry
gcottman Greg Cottman incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
gcrawford Gabrielle Crawford incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
gdamour Gianny Damour geronimo, geronimo-pmc, tomee
gdaniels Glen Daniels apsite, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, synapse, synapse-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
gdf Guy Ferraiolo httpd
gdfm Gianmarco De Francisci Morales incubator, pig, samoa
gdusbabek Gary Dusbabek cassandra, cassandra-pmc
gears Steve Coffman cocoon
ged G.W. Haywood apsite, perl, security
geechorama Andrew McGeachie incubator, thrift
geert Geert van der Ploeg incubator, syncope
geirm Geir Magnusson Jr apsite, db, db-jdo, db-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, kafka, labs, labs-pmc, member, openjpa, openjpa-pmc, velocity, velocity-pmc, ws
genspring Lin Quan Jiang geronimo, geronimo-pmc, tomee
geoff Geoffrey Young apsite, httpd, member, perl, perl-pmc
georgep George Paul incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
georgeyabra Jorge Yabra flex
gera German Shegalov drill, hadoop, incubator
gercan Gorkem Ercan cordova, cordova-pmc
gerdogdu Gurkan Erdogdu apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc
germuska Joseph Lad Germuska commons, struts, tiles, tiles-pmc
gertv Gert Vanthienen activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, camel, camel-pmc, felix, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
geuerp Christian Geuer-Pollmann santuario, ws
gfs Graham Spencer incubator, shindig
ggolden Glenn Golden portals
ggregory Gary D. Gregory apsite, commons, commons-pmc, httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc, logging, logging-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, xalan, xalan-pmc
ggrekhov German Grekhov incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
ggrzybek Grzegorz Grzybek camel
gharley George Harley
ghicker Georg Hicker ws
gholam Michael McCallum
ghoward Geoffrey Alexander Howard cocoon, cocoon-pmc
ghuber Greg Huber roller, roller-pmc, struts
ghudson Greg Hudson apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
giacomo Giacomo Pati apsite, cocoon, member
giacomolm Giacomo Lamonaco syncope
gianugo Gianugo Rabellino apsite, attic, attic-pmc, cocoon, couchdb, incubator, incubator-pmc, jackrabbit-emeritus, member, oltu, poi, sling, sling-pmc
giger Marc Giger santuario, santuario-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
gihyunlee Gi Hyun Lee chemistry, chemistry-pmc
giles Giles Sirett cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
giorgio Giorgio Zoppi tuscany
giovanni Giovanni Tummarello any23, any23-pmc, incubator
girish Girish Prabhakar Shilamkar cloudstack
gjm Gary Martin bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
gk Georg Kallidis turbine, turbine-pmc
gkesavan Giridharan Kesavan chukwa, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, infrastructure-interest, member, pig, pig-pmc, zookeeper
gkirkham George Kirkham incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
gkossakowski Grzegorz Kossakowski apsite, cocoon, cocoon-pmc, member
glaforge Guillaume Laforge incubator
glasser David Samuel Glasser apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
glenn Glenn L. Nielsen member
glens Glen Stampoultzis apsite, member, poi, poi-pmc
gmazza Glen Mazza cxf, cxf-pmc, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc, roller, roller-pmc
gmcdonald Gavin McDonald apsite, bloodhound, creadur, creadur-pmc, forrest, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, oodt, oodt-pmc, subversion, svnadmins, tac-pmc
gmonroe C. Gregory Monroe db, db-pmc, db-torque
gmuellan Gerald Mullan incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
gnodet Guillaume Nodet activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, camel, camel-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, mina, mina-pmc, ode, ode-pmc, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
gochiba Go Chiba cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
godin Mandrikov Evgeny Andreevich maven
goffinet Chris Goffinet cassandra, cassandra-pmc
gokturk Göktürk Gezer directory, felix
goller Christoph Goller
gonzalo Gonzalo Diethelm Guallar
goodale Cameron Eugene Goodale climate, climate-pmc, incubator, member, oodt, oodt-pmc
goodman Alex Goodman climate, climate-pmc, incubator
gopalv Gopal Vijayaraghavan hive, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
gordonsmith Gordon Smith flex, flex-pmc, incubator
gourksaha Gour K Saha incubator, slider
gowen Greg Owen incubator
goya David Brett Rudd cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
gozer Philippe Chiasson apsite, httpd, member, perl, perl-pmc, pmc-chairs
gpb Gary Peter Brown ode
gpetracek Gerhard Petracek apsite, batchee, bval, bval-pmc, deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, johnzon, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, pmc-chairs, tamaya, wink
gqshen Guoquan Shen incubator
graemes Graeme Seaton manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
graham Graham Gear whirr
grahamd Graham Phillip Dumpleton apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
grandyho Dr. Holger Grandy etch, incubator
grantm Grant Mcdonald servicemix
grantsmith Grant Smith myfaces, myfaces-pmc
grchiu Gordon Chiu xalan
greddin Gregory D. Reddin flex, flex-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, sis, sis-pmc, struts, tiles, tiles-pmc
gredler Daniel Gredler tapestry
gregames Greg Ames apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, infrastructure, member
gregor Gregor Rothfuss labs, lenya, lenya-pmc, member
gregs Greg Sterijevski commons
gregw Gregory John Wilkins activemq, geronimo, servicemix
greid Gabriel Reid crunch, crunch-pmc, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc, pmc-chairs
grey George Reyes incubator
greybird Mark Hayes ws
grimsell Magnus Grimsell
grisha Gregory Trubetskoy apsite, httpd, member
grkvlt Andrew Donald Kennedy incubator, qpid
grobmeier Christian Grobmeier apsite, commons, commons-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, johnzon, log4cxx, logging, logging-pmc, member, onami, onami-pmc, openoffice, pmc-chairs, ripple, struts, struts-pmc
grossws Konstantin Gribov tika, tika-pmc
gryzor Vincent Deffontaines httpd
gsaini Gaurav Saini roller
gsandhir Gaurav Sandhir etch, incubator
gsavova Guergana K. Savova ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
gscenini Gianni Scenini
gschneid George Schneider
gscokart Scokart Gilles ant
gseitz Gerolf Seitz wicket, wicket-pmc
gshimansky Gregory Shimansky
gsim Gordon Sim member, pmc-chairs, qpid, qpid-pmc
gsingers Grant Ingersoll apsite, ctakes, ctakes-pmc, drill, droids, incubator, incubator-pmc, lucene, lucene-connectors, lucene-orp, lucene-pmc, lucene-py, mahout, mahout-pmc, member, opennlp-pmc, pmc-chairs
gsmith Gregg Lewis Smith apr, apr-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc
gstein Greg Stein apr, apr-pmc, apsite, bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, openoffice, pmc-chairs, steve, steve-pmc, subversion, subversion-pmc, thrift
gtanner Gord Tanner cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator, ripple
gtouratier Ghislain Touratier incubator
gtrasuk Greg Trasuk incubator, member, river, river-pmc
gtully Gary Tully activemq, activemq-pmc, camel, camel-pmc
gturrell Graham Turrell
guillaume Guillaume Sauthier felix, felix-pmc, ws
guixl Xun Long Gui
gunther Gunther Hagleitner hive, hive-pmc, incubator, lens, tez, tez-pmc
guozhang Guozhang Wang kafka
guylemar Guy Lemar incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
gvanmatre Gary M. VanMatre incubator, struts
gwenshap Gwen Shapira sqoop
gwimmel Guido Wimmel syncope, syncope-pmc
gwinn Geoffrey Martin Winn
gwu Garrett Wu incubator, mrunit, mrunit-pmc
gwynevans Gwyn Richard Evans wicket, wicket-pmc
gyfora Gyula Fora flink, flink-pmc, incubator
gzurowski Gregor Zurowski camel
hadi Hadi Nahari incubator, sentry
hadrian Hadrian Zbarcea activemq, activemq-pmc, camel, camel-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, labs, member, ode, ode-pmc, rave, rave-pmc, tinkerpop
haeena Toshiaki Hatano cloudstack
hagar Hagar Delest incubator, openoffice
haifengchen Haifeng Chen hadoop
hainesr Robert Haines incubator, taverna
hairong Hairong Kuang hadoop, hadoop-pmc
halderen Berry van Halderen jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
halleypo Halley Pacheco de Oliveira derby
hammant Paul Hammant apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, portals
hammer Jeffrey Evan Hammerbacher avro, avro-pmc
hammett Hamilton Verissimo DeOliveira
han Han Jiang lucene
handyande Andrew Williams continuum, continuum-pmc, maven
hanhongfang Hong Fang Han geronimo
hannes Hannes Wallnoefer ws
hannonpi Padraic Hannon sling, sling-pmc
hans Hans Granqvist ws
hansbak Johannes Cornelius Bakker ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
hansgk Hans Knudsen ws
hanya Tsutomu Uchino openoffice
haoyuan Haoyuan Li incubator, spark, spark-pmc
harbs Harbs flex, flex-pmc
hardersen Trygve Sanne Hardersen geronimo
hari Hari Hara Sudhan D. ws
harikrishna Harikrishna Patnala cloudstack
harishkswamy Harish Krishnaswamy
harsh Harsh J. hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc
harsha Ram Sriharsha incubator, spark, spark-pmc
hasan Hasan Hasan clerezza, clerezza-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
hashutosh Ashutosh Chauhan datafu, hcatalog, hive, hive-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pig, pig-pmc, samoa, tez, tez-pmc
hattori Fumitada Hattori
haul Christian Haul cocoon
hauser Ralf Hauser tomcat
hawkeye John Hawkins ws, ws-pmc
hazel Lin Chen directory
hazems Hazem Saleh myfaces
hbedi Harmeet Bedi apsite, james, security
hbetts Hutson Betts libcloud
hboutemy Herve Boutemy apsite, maven, maven-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
hbuelow Heidi Buelow
hchan Henry Chan ws
hchao Chao Huang incubator, openoffice
hchar Hanson Char commons
hcorg Konrad Grochowski thrift
hcunico Hernan Cunico geronimo, geronimo-pmc
hdu Herbert Dürr incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
hearnden David Iain Hearnden incubator, wave
heathers Heather Stephens
hege Henrik Krohns spamassassin
heh He Huang
heidersab Sabine Heider aries, aries-pmc, incubator
heiths Heith Seewald allura, allura-pmc
heitmann John Heitmann activemq
hekonsek Henryk Konsek camel
helder Helder Miguel Alves Magalhães xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-batik
helenxu Helen Xu openjpa
hemapani Hemapani Srinath Perera airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, geronimo, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, ws, ws-pmc
heneveld Alex Heneveld incubator
heng Heng Lee incubator, openoffice
henkp Henk P. Penning apsite, attic-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, member
hennejg Joerg O. Henne directory
hennes Philippe Hennes myfaces
henning Henning Schmiedehausen apsite, attic, commons, commons-pmc, db-ddlutils, db-torque, incubator, incubator-pmc, jclouds, jspwiki, maven, member, oltu, shindig, turbine, velocity, velocity-pmc
henrib Henri Biestro commons
henrique Henrique Mendonca thrift, thrift-pmc
henry Henry Robinson flume, flume-pmc, incubator, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
henryjen Henry Jen apr
hepabolu Helma Van Der Linden cocoon
hermanns Rainer Hermanns struts, struts-pmc
hermesm Martin Hermes chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
hermod Hermod Opstvedt
hermwong Herm Wong cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
herven Hannes Erven axis, axis-pmc, ws
heshan Heshan Theekshana Suriyaarachchi airavata, airavata-pmc, incubator, synapse, synapse-pmc
heyongqiang Yongqiang He hive, hive-pmc
hfahmy Hesham Fahmy ws
hgilde Hans Gilde commons
hgomez Gomez Henri member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, ws
hhernandez Humberto Hernandez db-torque
hibou Nicolas Lalevee ant, ant-pmc, easyant, incubator
hideharu Hideharu Kato ws
higster Geoff Higginbottom cloudstack
hillion Stephane Hillion
hilmer Soren Hilmer james, james-pmc
hindessm Mark Hindess apsite, member
hiranya Hiranya Kasub Jayathilaka pmc-chairs, synapse, synapse-pmc, xerces, xerces-j
hitesh Hitesh Shah ambari, ambari-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs, tez, tez-pmc
hjkim Hyoungjun Kim tajo, tajo-pmc
hkesler Heath Kesler karaf
hlship Howard Lewis Ship member, pmc-chairs, tapestry, tapestry-pmc
hmahbod Haleh Mahbod tuscany, tuscany-pmc
hmt Minh Tien Hoang incubator, wookie, wookie-pmc
hnguy Han Thi Ngoc Nguyen shindig, shindig-pmc
hnordberg Henrik Nordberg ws
hoffmann Juergen Hoffmann infrastructure-interest, turbine, turbine-pmc
hogstrom Matt Richard Hogstrom activemq-pmc, apsite, cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, tomee
hoju Jacob Kjome logging
holtdl Diane Holt
homembit Jomar Silva incubator, openoffice
hongtebari Hong Teahui
horwat Justyna Horwat apsite, member
hossman Chris M. Hostetter apsite, incubator, lucene, lucene-pmc, member
hozawa Hitoshi Ozawa incubator, manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
hrabago Hubert Kasilag Rabago struts
hrin Michal Hrin incubator, openoffice
hsaputra Henry Saputra aurora, aurora-pmc, flink, flink-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, ignite, incubator, incubator-pmc, kafka, kylin, member, metamodel, metamodel-pmc, shindig, tajo, tajo-pmc
hshreedharan Hari Shreedharan flume, flume-pmc, incubator, sqoop
hstern Henry Stern spamassassin
hthomann Heath Thomann openjpa
huaxiang Hua Xiang bloodhound
huber Bernhard Huber cocoon, cocoon-pmc
hughesj Jeremy Hughes apsite, aries, aries-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs, ws
hugo Hugo Trippaers cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
huikyole Huikyo Lee climate, climate-pmc, incubator
humbedooh Daniel Gruno comdev, comdev-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, ranger, steve, steve-pmc, svnadmins, tac-pmc, tinkerpop, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
humberto Humberto Cervantes Maceda felix
husted Ted Nathan Husted apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc, struts
huw Huw Roberts
hwright Hyrum Kurt Wright apr, apsite, bloodhound, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
hyan Hongyun An incubator, openoffice
hyunsik Hyunsik Choi giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, tajo, tajo-pmc
ian Ian Clelland cordova, cordova-pmc
ianh Ian Holsman apr, apsite, httpd, incubator, member, mesos, mesos-pmc, oodt, oodt-pmc, sis, sis-pmc
ianwdunlop Ian William Dunlop incubator, taverna
iarkh Irina Arkhipets openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
ias Changshin Lee ws, ws-pmc
iberezhn Ilya Berezhniuk
ibuziuk Ilya Buziuk incubator, ripple
idarwin Ian Darwin
idownes Ian Downes mesos, mesos-pmc
idus Arvid Huelsebus myfaces
ieb Ian Boston apsite, incubator, member, shindig, sling, sling-pmc
ieugen Ioan Eugen Stan james, james-pmc
ifedorenko Igor Fedorenko maven
igalic Igor Galić apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, infrastructure-interest, member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
igorcosta Igor Costa flex, flex-pmc, incubator
igorh Igor Hersht xalan
igors Igor Sedukhin ws
ihabunek Ivan Habunek logging, logging-pmc
ijd Ian Dickinson incubator, jena, jena-pmc
ildar Ildar Absalyamov incubator
ilene Ilene Seelemann xalan
ilgiz Ilgiz Islamgulov libcloud
ilgrosso Francesco Chicchiriccò cocoon, cocoon-pmc, incubator, member, olingo, olingo-pmc, pmc-chairs, syncope, syncope-pmc
ilkka Ilkka Priha
ilya Ilya Musayev cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
ilyam Ilya Maykov thrift
imacat Yang Shih-Ching incubator, infrastructure, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
imario Mario Ivankovits commons, commons-pmc, incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
imaxon Ian Maxon incubator
imcleod Ian Scott McLeod incubator
imeredith Ivan Meredith incubator
imesh Imesh Gunaratne incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
imod Bartholdi Dominik incubator, maven
imtiaz Imtiaz Ahmed Hajee Esmail incubator
indika Indika Kumara synapse, synapse-pmc, ws
ingo Ingo Renner tika, tika-pmc
ingotian Ian Lynch incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
ingrid Ingrid von der Mehden incubator, openoffice
iocanel Ioannis Canellos camel, curator, curator-pmc, directmemory, directmemory-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, karaf, karaf-pmc, onami, onami-pmc, servicemix, whirr, whirr-pmc
iorixxx Ahmet Arslan manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
ips Ian P. Springer incubator, infrastructure-interest, ws, ws-pmc
irashid Imran Rashid incubator, spark, spark-pmc
irobins Ian Robinson aries, aries-pmc, incubator
isaacchiang Isaac Chiang cloudstack
isabel Isabel Drost apsite, comdev, comdev-pmc, drill, incubator, incubator-pmc, mahout, mahout-pmc, member, opennlp-pmc
isilval Ignacio Silva Lepe tuscany, tuscany-pmc
issac Issac Goldstand apr, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
isterin Ilya Sterin ignite, incubator
isudana Isuru Udana synapse, synapse-pmc
isuru Isuru Perera incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
isurues Isuru Suriarachchi axis, axis-pmc, ws
isuruh Isuru incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
ito Tsuyoshi Ito clerezza, clerezza-pmc, incubator
ivan Ivan Zhakov apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
ivank Ivan Brendan Kelly bookkeeper, pmc-chairs, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
ivanmi Ivan Mitic hadoop
ivavladimir Vladimir Ivanov
ivaynberg Igor Vaynberg apsite, member, wicket, wicket-pmc
ivelin Ivelin Ivanov cocoon
ivn Ivan Alexis Barrera Andrade httpd
ivo Ivo Hinkelmann incubator, openoffice
ivstolya Igor V. Stolyarov
ivytang Ivy Tang chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator
iwasakims Masatake Iwasaki htrace, incubator
iwo Iwo Banaś flex, flex-pmc, incubator
jaakko Laine Jaakko Olavi cassandra
jacekp Jacek Prucia httpd
jacksontj Thomas Jackson trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jacobd Jacob Danner
jacopoc Jacopo Cappellato apsite, member, ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc, pmc-chairs
jacques Jacques Nadeau calcite, drill, drill-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
jafl John Lindal struts
jagane Jagane Sundar ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
jahewson John Hewson pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
jailletc36 Christophe Jaillet apr, httpd, httpd-pmc
jaimin Jaimin Jetly ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
jake T Jake Luciani cassandra, cassandra-pmc, incubator, thrift, thrift-pmc
jakob Jakob Frank incubator, marmotta, marmotta-pmc, pmc-chairs
jakobk Jakob Korherr deltaspike, incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
jaliya Jaliya Ekanayake ws, ws-pmc
jalkanen Janne Jalkanen incubator, jspwiki, member
jamejose James Jose ws
james-masanz James Joseph Masanz ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
james_r_bray James R. Bray, Jr. incubator
jamesjong James Jong cordova, cordova-pmc
jamespage James Page bigtop, bigtop-pmc, incubator
jamestaylor James R. Taylor calcite, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc, pmc-chairs
jan Jan Lehnardt couchdb, couchdb-pmc, infrastructure, member, pmc-chairs
janb Jan Bartel geronimo, geronimo-pmc, servicemix
jancona James P. Ancona abdera, abdera-pmc
janhoy Jan Høydahl lucene, lucene-pmc
jani Jan Iversen corinthia, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-interest, labs, labs-pmc, member, openoffice, openoffice-pmc, pmc-chairs, tac-pmc
jankeesvanandel JCC Van Andel myfaces, myfaces-pmc
jann Jann Forrer lenya, lenya-pmc
janne Janne Hietamaki wicket, wicket-pmc
janstey Jonathan Anstey activemq, camel, camel-pmc, karaf, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
jaoki Jun Aoki ambari
jarcec Jarek Jarcec Cecho datafu, flume, flume-pmc, incubator, member, mrunit, mrunit-pmc, sentry, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
jasha Jasha Joachimsthal cocoon, incubator, oltu, rave, rave-pmc
jasobrown Jason Brown cassandra
jason Jason Frantz drill, drill-pmc, incubator
jasondai Jason Dai incubator, spark, spark-pmc
jasondalycan Jason Daly incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
jasondavies Jason David Davies couchdb
jasonevans Jason Peter Evans climate, climate-pmc, incubator
jasong Jason Giedymin trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jasons Jason Edward Stewart xerces, xerces-p, xerces-pmc
jasontedor Jason E Tedor mrunit
jasonw Jason Edward Webb james
jasvir Jasvir Nagra shindig
javadrewd Marc Andrew Davidson commons, incubator
javier Javier Puerto cocoon, cocoon-pmc, droids, incubator
jawarner Jason Warner geronimo, geronimo-pmc
jawi Jan Willem Janssen ace, ace-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, member
jay Jay Vyas bigtop, bigtop-pmc, ctakes, ctakes-pmc
jayachandra Jayachandra Sekhara Rao Sunkara ws
jayapal Jayapal cloudstack
jaydm Jay McHugh geronimo, geronimo-pmc
jaz Andrew Zeneski ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
jbaldassari James Baldassari avro, avro-pmc
jbaldrid Jason Michael Baldridge incubator, opennlp, opennlp-pmc
jbalsas Chema Balsas flex, incubator
jbarnabee Jenn Barnabee incubator, nifi
jbarrez Joram Barrez chemistry, chemistry-pmc
jbass John Bass incubator
jbausewein Jason Bausewein cloudstack, incubator
jbeard Jacob Evan Beard
jbellis Jonathan Ellis apsite, cassandra, cassandra-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs
jbenois Jérôme Benois ant, easyant, incubator
jbernhardt Jan Bernhardt cxf, incubator, syncope, syncope-pmc
jbernste Joel Bernstein lucene
jberry James David Berry xerces
jbertram Justin Graham Bertram activemq
jblok Jan Blok
jblossom John Blossom incubator, wave
jbohn Joseph Alan Bohn aries, aries-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator
jbonofre Jean-Baptiste Onofre ace, ace-pmc, activemq, apsite, archiva, archiva-pmc, aries, batchee, camel, falcon, falcon-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, jclouds, karaf, karaf-pmc, lens, member, pmc-chairs, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, slider, syncope, syncope-pmc
jboothe Jeff Boothe incubator
jboulon Jerome Boulon chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator
jboynes Jeremy Boynes derby, geronimo, member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, ws
jbq Jean-Baptiste Quenot cocoon, cocoon-pmc, wicket, wicket-pmc
jbryant Jay Bryant
jbunting Jared Bunting shiro, shiro-pmc
jburwell John Burwell cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
jcamacho Jesus Camacho Rodriguez hive
jcarey Jason Carey incubator, nifi
jcarman James W. Carman camel, camel-pmc, commons, commons-pmc, gump, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, zest-pmc
jcarreira Jason Carreira struts
jcduenas Juan C. Duenas felix
jcej James CE Johnson
jchris John Christopher Anderson couchdb
jcian Jesse Ciancetta incubator, rave, rave-pmc, shindig
jckautzmann Jean Christophe Kautzmann sling
jcohen Joshua Cohen aurora, incubator
jcompagner Johan Compagner wicket, wicket-pmc
jconlon John E. Conlon directory
jcorvel Johan Corveleyn member, subversion, subversion-pmc
jcosters Jonathan Costers incubator, river, river-pmc
jcoveney Jonathan Coveney incubator, parquet, pig, pig-pmc
jcvanderwal Jeroen van der Wal incubator, isis, isis-pmc
jdaggett Jeremy Daggett jclouds
jdcasey John Dennis Casey apsite, maven, maven-pmc, member
jdcryans Jean-Daniel Cryans hbase, hbase-pmc
jdecocq James Decocq etch, incubator
jdere Jason Dere hive, hive-pmc
jdhok Jaideep Dhok incubator, lens
jdillon Jason Dillon apsite, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, infrastructure
jdliau J. D. Liau etch, incubator
jdonnerstag Juegen Donnerstag wicket, wicket-pmc
jdonofrio Jim Donofrio incubator, mrunit, mrunit-pmc
jdreimann Joachim Dreimann bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
jdumay James William Dumay archiva, infrastructure-interest
jdyer James Dyer lucene, lucene-pmc
jeagles Jonathan Turner Eagles hadoop, hadoop-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
jean-louis Jean-Louis Fuchs openoffice
jeanweber Jean Hollis Weber incubator, openoffice
jeastman Jeff Eastman incubator, mahout
jechawke Jonathan Chawke ws
jed Jedidiah Smith libcloud
jeff Jeff Tapper flex, flex-pmc, incubator
jeffheifetz Jeffrey Heifetz cordova, cordova-pmc
jeffmaury Jeff Maury mina, mina-pmc, pmc-chairs
jeffreyz Jeffrey Zhong hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
jeffrngu Jeffrey Nguyen incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
jefft Jeff Turner cocoon, forrest, infrastructure, member
jeffyu Jeff Yu ode, ode-pmc, servicemix
jehrlich Jörg Ehrlich incubator, tika, tika-pmc
jelmer Jelmer Vernooij subversion
jenn Jenn Schiffer couchdb
jennthom Jennifer Thompson tuscany
jens Jens Hübel chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
jensg Jens Geyer thrift, thrift-pmc
jeremias Jeremias Maerki apsite, attic, attic-pmc, forrest, incubator, member, pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc, xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-batik, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
jeremy Jeremy Quinn cocoon, member
jeremy_a Jeremy Arnold
jerenkrantz Justin Erenkrantz apr, apr-pmc, apsite, concom, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, oodt, subversion, subversion-pmc
jericho Sung-Gu Park
jerome Jerome Charron tika, tika-pmc
jeromer Jerome Renard incubator
jeromy Jeromy Evans struts
jerry Jerry Chen incubator, libcloud, libcloud-pmc
jerryjung Yousun Jeong incubator, reef
jesse Jesse Stockall
jessewilson Jesse Wilson
jessicawang Jessica Wang cloudstack, incubator
jesus Theo Schlossnagle apsite, member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jetmind Igor Bondarenko allura, allura-pmc
jfaath Jeffrey Faath juddi, juddi-pmc, ws
jfallows John Robert Fallows incubator, myfaces
jfarcand Jean Arcand tomcat, tomcat-pmc
jfarrell Jake Farrell aurora, aurora-pmc, htrace, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-interest, infrastructure-root, member, parquet, pmc-chairs, svnadmins, thrift, thrift-pmc, usergrid
jfclere Jean-Frederic Clere apr, apr-pmc, commons, concom, httpd, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nuvem, oltu, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jfenc91 Jeffrey Ryan Fenchel hama
jfernandes João Pedro Martins Fernandes flex
jford Jeremy Lewis Ford portals, portals-pmc
jfrangipane Judah Frangipane flex
jfthomps Josh Thompson incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
jg Jens Grivolla uima
jgallacher James Paul Gallacher httpd, member
jgallimore Jonathan Gallimore tomee, tomee-pmc
jgapuz Joseph Dennis O. Gapuz activemq, servicemix
jgarrido Julián Garrido incubator, taverna
jgbutler Jeff G. Butler
jgenender Jeff Genender apsite, camel, camel-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mina, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, tomee, zest-pmc
jghoman Jakob Glen Homan datafu, giraph, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, kafka, kafka-pmc, lens, member, ranger, samza, samza-pmc, tajo, tajo-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
jglick Jesse N. Glick ant, ant-pmc
jgmyers John G. Myers spamassassin
jgomes Jim Gomes activemq, activemq-pmc
jgoodwill James Goodwill
jgoodyear Jamie Mark Goodyear felix, karaf, karaf-pmc, member, servicemix
jgrassel Jody Grassel openjpa
jgray Jonathan Gray apsite, hbase, hbase-pmc, member
jgregoric Jim Gregoric ctakes
jhaile Jeremy Haile incubator, shiro, shiro-pmc
jhardin John Hardin spamassassin
jharting Jozef Hartinger deltaspike, incubator
jhawkins Joel Hawkins ws
jheight Jason Height poi-pmc
jheymans Jorg Heymans cocoon
jhkim Jinho Kim incubator, tajo, tajo-pmc
jhm Jan Materne ant, ant-pmc
jhollis John Hollis III
jholmes James Holmes incubator, incubator-pmc, myfaces, struts, struts-pmc
jhook Jacob John Hookom tomcat, tomcat-pmc
jhouser Jeffry Houser flex, flex-pmc, incubator
jhs Jason Smith couchdb, couchdb-pmc
jhuang Jiansheng Huang incubator
jhuesken Jens Huesken incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
jhunter Jason Hunter apsite, member
jhurley Jim Hurley incubator, river, river-pmc
jhyde Julian Hyde calcite, drill, drill-pmc, incubator, kylin
jianfeng Jianfeng Jia incubator
jiangxu Jiang Xu incubator, kylin
jianhe Jian He hadoop, hadoop-pmc
jiannan Jiannan Wang bookkeeper, zookeeper
jianwang Jian Wang datafu, incubator
jiehuang Grace Huang chukwa, chukwa-pmc, incubator
jieyu Jie Yu mesos, mesos-pmc
jihoonson Jihoon Son incubator, tajo, tajo-pmc
jihun Jihun Kang tajo
jim Jim Jagielski allura, allura-pmc, apr, apr-pmc, apsite, attic, attic-pmc, cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, comdev, comdev-pmc, commons, concom, deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, directory, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, logging, member, openmeetings, openoffice, openoffice-pmc, pmc-chairs, steve, steve-pmc, thrift, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc, usergrid
jimw Jim Winstead Jr. apsite, httpd, member
jing9 Jing Zhao hadoop, hadoop-pmc
jitendra Jitendra Nath Pandey ambari, ambari-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, hive, incubator, member, tez, tez-pmc
jjackson Jason Jackson incubator, storm-pmc
jjensen Jeff Jensen maven
jjkoshy Joel Jacob Koshy incubator, kafka, kafka-pmc
jjohnston Jason Johnston cocoon
jkaluza Jan Kaluža httpd, perl
jkaputin John Alan William Kaputin ws
jkbradley Joseph Kurata Bradley spark
jkelly John Kelly ws
jkemnade Jochen Kemnade tapestry, tapestry-pmc
jkeyes John Keyes commons
jkf Jacobus Martinus Kruithof ant, ant-pmc
jkim Jinwon Kim climate, climate-pmc, incubator
jkosin James Kosin incubator, opennlp, opennlp-pmc
jkr Jakub Kurlenda incubator
jkreps Edward Jay Kreps incubator, kafka, kafka-pmc, member, samza, samza-pmc
jkuhnert Jesse Kuhnert commons, incubator, tapestry, tapestry-pmc
jkumaran Jeyakumaran Chandrasegaram ws
jlaskowski Jacek Laskowski apsite, camel, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc, tomee, tomee-pmc
jlboudart Jean-Louis Boudart ant, ant-pmc, easyant, incubator
jleroux Jacques Le Roux ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
jlim Jonas B. Lim activemq, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
jliu Jervis Liu
jlk John Kinsella cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
jlmonteiro Jean-Louis Monteiro batchee, incubator, incubator-pmc, johnzon, member, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, tomee, tomee-pmc
jlong Jesse Phill Long wicket, wicket-pmc
jlowe Jason Darrell Lowe hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
jlruiz Jose L. Ruiz felix
jlund Jacob Lund
jluniya Jayush Luniya ambari
jlust Jurgen Lust myfaces
jm Justin Mason apsite, infrastructure, infrastructure-interest, member, spamassassin
jmachols John Peacock directory
jmacna Julie E. MacNaught incubator, portals, portals-pmc
jmannix Jacob Alexander Mannix giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator, mahout, mahout-pmc
jmargaris James Margaris
jmarino James F. Marino ws
jmaron Jonathan Maron incubator, slider
jmcconnell Jesse McConnell archiva, continuum, continuum-pmc, infrastructure-interest
jmckenzie Josh McKenzie cassandra
jmclean Justin Mclean concom, flex, flex-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, johnzon, member
jmcnally John McNally apsite, db, db-pmc, db-torque, member
jmeehan Jonathan Meehan incubator
jmhodges Jeff Hodges avro, avro-pmc
jmhsieh Jonathan Hsieh flume, flume-pmc, hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
jmitchell James Mitchell commons, myfaces, struts
jmoore Jim Moore
jmorales Jose Morales Martinez continuum
jmp Jean-Michel Pittet incubator
jmpascal Jean Marie Pascal chemistry, chemistry-pmc
jmsnell James M. Snell abdera, abdera-pmc, incubator, streams, ws
jnasr Jim Nasr chemistry, chemistry-pmc
jneeraj Neeraj Joshi incubator
jni Jinfeng Ni drill, drill-pmc, incubator
jnioche Julien Nioche apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nutch, nutch-pmc, pmc-chairs, tika
joachim Joachim Draeger james
joakime Joakim Erdfelt
joanied Joanmarie Diggs incubator, openoffice
joannet Joanne Tong xalan
jobinjohn Jobin John incubator, olingo
jocaba Josimpson Ancla Ocaba incubator
jochen Jochen Wiedmann commons, commons-pmc, creadur, creadur-pmc, incubator, infrastructure-interest, james, member, perl, vxquery, ws, ws-pmc
jodell James O'Dell incubator, vcl, vcl-pmc
joecheng Joseph Cheng james
joed Carl Johan Erik Edstrom camel, camel-pmc, member, servicemix
joehni Joerg Schaible apsite, commons, commons-pmc, member
joerg Joerg Heinick cocoon, cocoon-pmc, commons
joern Jörn Kottmann ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, opennlp, opennlp-pmc, pmc-chairs, uima, uima-pmc
joes Joe Schaefer apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc, member, perl, perl-pmc, sis, sis-pmc, subversion, svnadmins
joesch Jörg Schmidt openoffice
joestein Joe Stein incubator, kafka, kafka-pmc
joeswatosh Joe Swatosh subversion
joewitt Joe Witt incubator, nifi
joey Joseph E. Gonzalez spark, spark-pmc
jogep Johannes Geppert member, struts, struts-pmc
johan Johan Oskarsson apsite, cassandra, hadoop, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, whirr, whirr-pmc
johara Roger John O'Hara qpid, qpid-pmc
johndament John D. Ament deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, tamaya
johnemb John Herman Embretsen derby
johng John Gentilin xalan
johnh John Hjelmstad incubator, shindig, shindig-pmc
johnmdcarr John Carr libcloud, libcloud-pmc
johnp John Pradeep incubator, nuvem
johns John Snelson xerces
johnsca Cory Johns allura, allura-pmc, incubator
johnshope John S. Hope incubator, mrql
johnthuss John Huss cayenne, cayenne-pmc
johnx John Xing
johnxiao Yi Xiao geronimo
johnyangk John Yang incubator, reef
jon Jon Scott Stevens apsite, db-torque, member, ws
jonathan Jonathan Robie qpid, qpid-pmc
jonathanhurley Jonathan Hurley ambari
jonathanmarsh Jonathan Marsh incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
jonbcampos Jonathan Campos flex, flex-pmc, incubator
jonboulle Jonathan Boulle aurora, incubator
jonesde David E. Jones apsite, member, ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
jongjinchoi Jongjin Choi ws
jonl Jonathan Locke wicket, wicket-pmc
jonm Jonathan Moore httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc
joostvandijk Joost van Dijk incubator, rave, rave-pmc
jordan Jordan Naftolin
jordi Jordi Gerona incubator, onami, onami-pmc
jorgelbg Jorge Luis Betancourt Gonzalez nutch, nutch-pmc
jorgenlo Jorgen Loland derby
jorton Joe Orton apr, apr-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, member, perl, security, security-pmc, subversion, subversion-pmc
josander Jostein Chr Andersen subversion
josch Johannes Schäfer forrest, forrest-pmc
jose Jose A. Fernandez ant
josebarragan Jose Barragan Andrade flex, incubator
joseph Joseph Southwell incubator, log4cxx
josephg Joseph Gentle incubator, wave
josh Josh Micich poi, poi-pmc
joshcanfield Josh Canfield tapestry
joshrosen Josh Rosen incubator, reef, spark, spark-pmc
joshuaga Joshua Garcia oodt, oodt-pmc
josias Josias Thony lenya
joyce Michael James Joyce climate, climate-pmc, incubator, oodt, oodt-pmc, pmc-chairs
jpanzer John Panzer incubator, shindig
jpeach James Peach trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jpell Jason Pell cxf
jpic James Pic incubator
jplevyak John Bradley Plevyak apsite, incubator, member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
jpotts Jeffrey Taylor Potts chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator
jpountz Adrien Grand lucene, lucene-pmc
jpschewe Jon Schewe incubator
jpullokk John Pullokkaran hive
jpz6311whu Ying Jiang jena
jquinn Joe Quinn spamassassin
jramos Jesse A. Ramos incubator, wink, wink-pmc
jrbauer Jeremy Bauer bval, bval-pmc, incubator, openjpa, openjpa-pmc
jrd John Dunning incubator
jrduncans Stephen Charles Duncan, Jr. abdera, abdera-pmc
jregan Jeff Regan incubator, shindig
jreijn Jeroen Reijn cocoon
jrepenning Jack Repenning subversion
jrlee Jungryong Lee incubator, reef
jrodenburg Jeff J. Rodenburg incubator
jrose Jon Rose incubator
jross Justin Ross qpid, qpid-pmc
jrthomerson Jeremy Ryan Thomerson apsite, infrastructure, member, wicket, wicket-pmc
jruzzi Joseph Ruzzi ws
jsachs John Sachs httpd
jsalvata Jordi Salvat i Alabart
jsc Jürgen Schmidt incubator, infrastructure-interest, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
jschneider Jonathan K. Schneider ant, ant-pmc
jsdelfino Jean Sebastien Delfino apsite, aries, aries-pmc, incubator, member, nuvem, pmc-chairs, tuscany, tuscany-pmc, ws
jsedding Julian Sedding sling
jshao Jerry Shao chukwa, incubator
jshughes John Steven Hughes oodt, oodt-pmc
jsi Joerg Singler incubator, olingo
jsisson John Robert Sisson activemq-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc
jskeet Jon Skeet
jsl Jason S. Lingohr httpd
jsommer Jeppe Sommer
json Jason Altekruse drill, drill-pmc, incubator
jsong James Song
jsoref Josh Soref cordova, cordova-pmc
jspeidel John Speidel ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator, knox, knox-pmc
jssarma Joydeep Sensarma hive, hive-pmc
jsteffen Joerg Steffen
jstrachan James Strachan activemq, activemq-pmc, apsite, aries, aries-pmc, camel, camel-pmc, felix, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, karaf, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
jstrandberg Josiah RW Strandberg incubator, lucene-connectors
jsvede Jon Svede poi, poi-pmc
jsy Jerry O. Sy
jszakmeister John Szakmeister subversion, subversion-pmc
jta Jean T. Anderson apsite, db, db-pmc, derby, incubator, member
jtarrio Jacobo Tarrio Barreiro shindig, shindig-pmc
jtaylor James Taylor db-torque
jtb Jeffery Blattman
jtellier Jeremy Tellier flex, flex-pmc, incubator
jtgreen John T Green ctakes, ctakes-pmc
jtolentino Ernesto S. Tolentino Jr. archiva
jtomechak Jessica Tomechak cloudstack, incubator
jtrost Jason Trost accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator
jtyberg Justin Tyberg cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
juan Juan Nunez Jaramillo
juanpablo Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc, pmc-chairs
jucasaca Juan C. Sanz incubator, openoffice
juergen Juergen Pill apsite, member
juhanic Juhani Connolly flume, flume-pmc, incubator
jukka Jukka Zitting apsite, chemistry, commons, cordova, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, james, labs, manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc, member, ripple, river, river-pmc, sling-emeritus, tika, tika-pmc, uima
jules Julian Anthony Fox Gosnell geronimo, geronimo-pmc
julianfoad Julian Foad apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
juliaw Julia Wang incubator, reef
julien Julien Le Dem incubator, parquet, pig, pig-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
julius Julius Davies commons
jumal Jean-Philippe Courson
junheider Jun Heider flex, flex-pmc, incubator
junping_du Junping Du hadoop
junrao Jun Rao cassandra, cassandra-pmc, incubator, kafka, kafka-pmc, pmc-chairs
jure Jure Žitnik bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
justin Justin Edelson jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, sling, sling-pmc
jvanzyl Jason van Zyl activemq, apsite, db, db-pmc, db-torque, geronimo, maven, maven-pmc, servicemix, tomee, ws
jvazquez Juan Vazquez sling, sling-pmc
jvermillard Julien Vermillard incubator, incubator-pmc, member, mina, mina-pmc
jvs John Sichi bigtop, incubator
jwaldman Jeanne Waldman incubator, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
jwang James Wang incubator, thrift
jwhite Joseph F White sis, sis-pmc
jwhitlock Jeremy Whitlock subversion, subversion-pmc, tomee
jwills Josh Wills crunch, crunch-pmc, datafu, incubator
jwkaltz Joachim Wolfgang Kaltz lenya, lenya-pmc
jwoolley Cliff Woolley apr, apr-pmc, apsite, infrastructure, member
jwross John Ross aries, aries-pmc
jxiang Jimmy Xiang hbase, hbase-pmc, hive
jyang Jun Yang incubator, portals, shindig
jyates Jesse Yates hbase, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
jycli Christine Li xalan
jza Alexandro Colorado incubator, openoffice
jzb Joe Brockmeier cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, sentry, stratos, stratos-pmc
jzemerick Jeffrey T. Zemerick hdt, incubator
jzurbano Jevica Arianne B. Zurbano archiva, continuum
kahatlen Knut Anders Hatlen db, db-pmc, derby
kahrens Kai Ahrens incubator, openoffice
kai Kai Grabfelder
kailass Kailas Simha
kaiyzen Nate D'Amico bigtop
kalle Karl-Johan Wettin
kamaljit Kamaljit S. Bath incubator
kameshj Kamesh J subversion, subversion-pmc
kamrik Mark Koudritsky cordova, cordova-pmc
kamrul Mohammad Islam incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc, pmc-chairs, tez, tez-pmc
kanak Kanak Biscuitwala helix, helix-pmc, incubator
kanchana Kanchana Pradeepika Welagedara member
kannan Kannan Muthukkaruppan hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator
kaosko Kalle Korhonen incubator, shiro, shiro-pmc, tapestry
kaplansky Igor Kaplansky
karenv Karen Vuong cloudstack
karl Karl Lehenbauer tcl
karlkilden Karl Kildén openwebbeans
karpet Peter Karman incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc
karstene Karsten Eberding chemistry, chemistry-pmc
karthick Karthick Sankarachary ode
karthik Karthik Ranganathan hbase, hbase-pmc
kasha Karthik Kambatla hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, mrql
kaspersor Kasper Sørensen incubator, member, metamodel, metamodel-pmc, pmc-chairs
kasun Kasun Indrasiri synapse, synapse-pmc
kathleen Kathleen Ting incubator, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
kaushalye Malinda Kaushalye Kapuruge ws
kawai Hiroaki Kawai cloudstack, httpd, member
kayousterhout Kay Ousterhout incubator, spark, spark-pmc
kayyagari Kiran Ayyagari directory, directory-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
kaz Pete Kazmier
kazk Kazuomi Kashii gora, gora-pmc
kb Karsten Braeckelmann spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
kbennett Keith Bennett tika, tika-pmc
kbotzum Keys Botzum drill, drill-pmc, incubator
kbrand Kaspar Brand httpd, httpd-pmc
kclark Kevin Clark incubator, thrift
kcormier Kevin Cormier xalan
kdamage Kelcey Damage cloudstack, incubator
ke4qqq David Nalley cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, member, sentry, tinkerpop
kearls Kevin Anthony Earls activemq
kebert Kim Ebert ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
keiron Keiron Liddle apsite, member
keith Keith Wannamaker httpd, member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
keithc Keith Chapman axis, axis-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
kelapure Rohit Dilip Kelapure openwebbeans
kelly Sean Kelly apsite, incubator, member, oodt, oodt-pmc, pmc-chairs, steve, steve-pmc
kellyc Kelly Campbell
kelveny Kelven Yang cloudstack, incubator
kelvingoodson Dr. Kelvin James Goodson tuscany, tuscany-pmc, ws
kelvint Kelvin Tan
kenfinnigan Ken Finnigan deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator
kennethxian MaoYuan Xian hama, hama-pmc
kenney Kenney Westerhof continuum, continuum-pmc, maven
kentaberg Kent Åberg incubator, openoffice
kentam Kenneth Tam ws
kereno Keren Ouaknine incubator
kess Astrid Kessler apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member
keturn Kevin Turner
kevan Kevan Lee Miller apsite, aries, aries-pmc, bval, bval-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, openwebbeans, openwebbeans-pmc, tomee, tomee-pmc, wink, wink-pmc
kevin Kevin Meyer incubator, isis, isis-pmc
kevingrignon Kevin Thomas Grignon incubator, openoffice
kevinkim Kevin Sangwoo Kim incubator
kevints Kevin Sweeney aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator
kevinwilfong Kevin Wilfong hive, hive-pmc, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
kevj Kevin Jackson ant, ant-pmc, apsite, member
kevlar Travis Savo
kfogel Karl Fogel apr, apr-pmc, apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
kfujino Keiichi Fujino tomcat, tomcat-pmc
kgilmer Ken Gilmer felix
kgiusti Kenneth Anthony Giusti qpid, qpid-pmc
khera Vivek Khera perl
khirano Kazunari Hirano incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
khmarbaise Karl Heinz Marbaise maven, maven-pmc
khoemsokhem Khoem Sokhem incubator, openoffice
khopesh Adam Katz spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
khorgath Sushanth Sowmyan hcatalog, hive, hive-hcatalog, incubator
kichan Shu Kit Francis Chan trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
kidz Kinga Dziembowski ws
kief Kief Morris
kihwal Kihwal Lee hadoop, hadoop-pmc
kimballa Aaron Kimball flume, flume-pmc, hadoop, incubator, member, mrunit, mrunit-pmc, sqoop, sqoop-pmc
kimptoc Chris Kimpton
kinley James Robert Kinley mrunit, mrunit-pmc
kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita|+ commons, jena
kip Kip Hampton xml-axkit
kiranch Kiran nutch, nutch-pmc
kirk Kirk Kosinski cloudstack
kishan Kishan cloudstack, incubator
kishanthan Kishanthan Thangarajah axis, axis-pmc
kishoreg Kishore G helix, helix-pmc, incubator, member, pmc-chairs, s4
kishorvpatil Kishor Patil incubator, storm, storm-pmc
kisskys Young-Seok Kim incubator
kiwiwings Andreas Beeker member, poi, poi-pmc
kiyan Kiyan Ahmadizadeh crunch, crunch-pmc, incubator
kjackson Kevin D Jackson pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
kkoehler Kristian Kohler servicemix
kkolinko Konstantin Kolinko gump, gump-pmc, member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
kkorngut Kevin Korngut flex, flex-pmc, incubator
kkress Kenneth R. Kress
kkrouse Kevin Krouse
kkrugler Kenneth William Krugler apsite, member, tika, tika-pmc
klaas Mike Klaas
klaus_trainer Klaus Trainer couchdb
klease Karen Lease
klegacy Kristen Legacy rave, rave-pmc
klichong Kim LiChong incubator
kluge Kevin Kluge cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
klute Rainer Klute poi, poi-pmc
kmalhi Karan Singh Malhi tomee
kmarsden Katherine Marsden apsite, comdev, comdev-pmc, db, db-pmc, derby, member
kmcgrail Kevin McGrail infrastructure-interest, member, pmc-chairs, spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
kmenard Kevin Joseph Menard, Jr. cayenne, cayenne-pmc, member, tapestry
kmensah Kuassi Mensah incubator, mrql
kminder Kevin Minder incubator, knox, knox-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, ranger
kmitov Kiril Malenkov Mitov aries, aries-pmc, incubator
kmradke Kevin Radke subversion
knmc Keith McKenna openoffice
knoaman Khaled Noaman xerces, xerces-j, xerces-pmc
knoguchi Koji Noguchi hadoop, pig
knopp Matej Knopp wicket, wicket-pmc
knusbaum Kyle Nusbaum incubator, storm, storm-pmc
knut Knut Wannheden commons
knvijay Vijay K. Nanjundaswamy ws
koblers Sven Kobler-Morris incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
koch Johannes Koch pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
kocka Laszlo Hornyak cloudstack
kocolosk Adam Kocoloski couchdb, couchdb-pmc
kohei Kohei Nozaki roller
kohsuke Kohsuke Kawaguchi commons, xerces-j
koinov Anton Koinov myfaces, myfaces-pmc
koji Koji Sekiguchi lucene, lucene-pmc
kolonitsky Alex Kolonitsky cayenne
kore Kore Nordmann incubator
kotkov Evgeny Kotkov subversion, subversion-pmc
kou Kouhei Sutou subversion, subversion-pmc
koushik Koushik Das cloudstack, incubator
kpiroumian Konstantin Piroumian cocoon, forrest
kpreisser Konstantin Preißer tomcat
kpsiddharth Siddhartha Purkayastha ant, easyant, incubator
kpvdr Kim van der Riet qpid, qpid-pmc
krab Kresten Krab Thorup
kramachandran Karthik Ramachandran incubator, sentry
krasserm Martin Krasser camel, camel-pmc
kris Kris Schneider tomcat
krispopat Kris Popat incubator, wookie, wookie-pmc
kristwaa Kristian Waagan db, db-pmc, derby, member
krosenvold Kristian Rosenvold maven, maven-pmc, member
ksarma Karthik V Sarma ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
kschenk Kay Schenk incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
kschrader Kurt Schrader db-torque
kseniak Xenia M Khailenka cayenne
ksmith Kevin Smith
ksnavely Kyle Joseph Snavely couchdb
kso Kai Sommerfeld incubator, openoffice
ksobkowiak Krzysztof Sobkowiak member, pmc-chairs, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
kstam Kurt Stam juddi, juddi-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
kstar Kurt David Starsinic lucy
ksurlaker Kapil Surlaker helix, helix-pmc, incubator
kturner Keith Turner accumulo, accumulo-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, incubator
ktzoumas Kostas Tzoumas flink, flink-pmc, incubator
kubes Dennis Kubes
kunzchr Christian Kunz giraph, giraph-pmc, incubator
kurdalen Knut Urdalen incubator, logging
kurinchikumaran Thavarajah Kurinchikumaran ws
kve Karel Vervaeke whirr
kwall Keith Wall qpid, qpid-pmc
kward Kurt Ward
kwilliams Kevin Joe Williams tuscany, ws
kwin Konrad Windszus sling
kwouters Karel Wouters incubator
kwright Karl Wright httpcomponents, incubator, incubator-pmc, lucene-connectors, manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
kwsutter Kevin W. Sutter openjpa, openjpa-pmc
kxepal Alexander Shorin couchdb, couchdb-pmc
kylem Kyle Marvin
kzhang Kan Zhang ambari, ambari-pmc, hadoop, incubator
labriola Michael Labriola flex, flex-pmc, incubator
lacton Antoine Contal buildr, buildr-pmc
lahiru Lahiru Gunathilake airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, incubator, member, qpid, qpid-pmc, ws
lahirus Lahiru Sandaruwan incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
laimis Laimonas Simutis lucenenet
lajoie Chad La Joie santuario
lajos Lajos Moczar tomee
lakmal Lakmal Warusawithana incubator, pmc-chairs, stratos, stratos-pmc
lance Lance Lavandowska
larryi David Lawrence Isaacs tomcat, tomcat-pmc
larrys Larry Shatzer Jr subversion
lars Lars Eilebrecht apsite, concom, httpd, httpd-pmc, infrastructure, member, security, security-pmc
larsgeorge Lars George hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, whirr, whirr-pmc
larsh Lars Hofhansl hbase, hbase-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
lasindu Lasindu Charith stratos, stratos-pmc
laurieh Laurie Harper struts, struts-pmc
lavender Beth Lavender incubator, streams
lbendig Lorand Bendig pig
lbernardo Luis Bernardo xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
lcarriere Laura Carriere climate, climate-pmc, incubator
lcorneliussen Lars Corneliussen incubator
ldeluca Lisa Seacat DeLuca cordova, cordova-pmc
ldiduck Lance Diduck
ldywicki Łukasz Dywicki karaf, karaf-pmc
leadpipe Luke Blanshard commons, incubator
leavitt Jonathan Leavitt htrace, incubator
leftyl Lefty Leverenz hive, hive-pmc
legassick Sean Legassick
lehmi Andreas Lehmkuhler apsite, incubator, member, pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc, pmc-chairs
lehors Arnaud Le Hors xalan
leidb Lei De Bin incubator, openoffice
leif Leif Mortenson
leifwells Leif Wells flex, flex-pmc, incubator
leiw Wang Lei incubator, openoffice
lektran Scott Gray ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
leleueri Eric Leleu
lena Lena Reinhard couchdb
lennard Lennard de Rijk incubator, wave
lenzi Stefano Lenzi felix, felix-pmc
leoli Li Yi Lei
leoneu Leo Neumeyer incubator, s4
leonleeldc Dingcheng Li ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
leosimons Leo Simons apsite, gump, incubator, labs, member
leosutic Leo Sutic commons
lester Ivanov Vladimir Viktorovich
letourneau Jason Letourneau incubator, streams
lewismc Lewis John McGibbney any23, any23-pmc, climate, climate-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, htrace, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nutch, nutch-pmc, oodt, oodt-pmc, pmc-chairs, tac-pmc, tika, tika-pmc, usergrid
lfitaborrell Lluis Fita Borrell climate, climate-pmc, incubator, infrastructure-interest
lfrohman Lance Frohman myfaces
lfurini Luca Furini xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop
lgawron Leszek Gawron cocoon, cocoon-pmc
lgentis Lucien Gentis httpd
lgo Lieven Govaerts apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
lgross Lukas Gross chemistry, chemistry-pmc
lhazlewood Les Hazlewood incubator, pmc-chairs, shiro, shiro-pmc
lhein Lars Heinemann servicemix, servicemix-pmc
lian Cheng Lian spark
liangxie Liang XIe hbase
liangyx Yanxuan Liang
libo Li Bo hadoop
lightguardjp Jason Porter deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator
lijiany Jianyuan Li incubator, openoffice
likithas Likitha Shetty cloudstack, incubator
lilantha Lilantha Darshana ws
liliny Linyi Li incubator, openoffice
lilywei Lily Wei db, db-pmc
lilyzhao Xia Zhao incubator, openoffice
lincolnthree Lincoln Baxter III deltaspike, incubator
lindner Paul Lindner apsite, incubator, member, oltu, shindig, shindig-pmc, wave
linsun Lin Sun aries, aries-pmc, geronimo, geronimo-pmc, incubator, ws
lirui Rui Li hive
lischke Stefan Lischke ws
littlee Li Jing Qin
liudali Da Li Liu incubator
liuhongfang Hongfang Liu ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
liuping Liu Ping incubator
liushaohui Shaohui Liu hbase
liushenfeng Shen Feng Liu incubator, openoffice
liuzhe Liu Zhe incubator, openoffice
lixu Li Xu shindig, shindig-pmc
liyanage Marc Liyanage
liyang Li Yang incubator, kylin
liyin Liyin Tang hbase, hbase-pmc
ljones Lawrence Aston Jones
lkuehne Lars Kuehne geronimo
llu Luke Lu hadoop, hadoop-pmc
lmandel Lawrence Mandel ws
lmartin Lisa Martin
lmccay Larry McCay hadoop, incubator, knox, knox-pmc, ranger
lmeadors Larry E. Meadors
lmorandini Luca Morandini cocoon, cocoon-pmc
lmoren Lukasz Moren cxf, incubator, oltu, oltu-pmc
lmoroney Laurence Moroney
lnicoara Liviu Nicoara
lofwyr Udo Schnurpfeil myfaces, myfaces-pmc
logie Logan J. Bell incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc, pmc-chairs
lohit Lohit Vijaya Renu hadoop
longwei Longwei cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
lorinbeer Lorin Beer cordova, cordova-pmc
lorivg Lori VanGulick axis, axis-pmc
louis Louis Suarez-Potts corinthia, incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
louqingle Lou Qing Le incubator
lresende Luciano Resende apsite, bval, bval-pmc, celix, comdev, comdev-pmc, curator, curator-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, nuvem, pmc-chairs, tuscany, tuscany-pmc, usergrid, wink, wink-pmc, wookie
lrosen Lawrence Rosen incubator, member, openoffice
lryan Louis Ryan incubator, shindig
lskuff Lenni Kuff incubator, sentry
ltheussl Lukas Theussl maven
ltrieloff Lars Trieloff cocoon-pmc
lu4242 Leonardo Uribe myfaces, myfaces-pmc
luc Luc Maisonobe commons, commons-pmc, member
luca Luca Cinquini climate, climate-pmc, member, oodt, oodt-pmc
lucastheisen Lucas Theisen directory, directory-pmc
ludwig Ludwig Magnusson turbine
luetzkendorf Stefan Luetzkendorf
lukas Lukas Nalezenec incubator, parquet
lukaszlenart Lukasz Lenart commons, deltaspike, incubator, member, struts, struts-pmc
lukehan Luke Han incubator, kylin
lutter David Lutterkort deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, incubator
lvjing Jing Lv apsite, member
lwaterman Lance Waterman ode, ode-pmc
maarten Maarten Bosteels mina, mina-pmc
maartenc Maarten Coene ant, ant-pmc
mabowen Samuel Kevin
mac Ignacio Gonzalez MacDowell ws
macbean Andrew MacBean qpid
macdonst Simon MacDonald cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
mach Michael Chamberlain xml-axkit
mackrorysd Sean Mackrory bigtop, bigtop-pmc, incubator, sentry
macsun Mark A. Carlson incubator
macyang Mac Yang hcatalog, incubator
maczniak Jeon Jeongho httpd
madams Matthew T. Adams db, db-jdo, db-pmc
maddoc Doc Schneider spamassassin
madhan Madhan Neethiraj incubator
madhum Madhusudan Mathihalli apr, httpd
madhura Madhura Mendis incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
mads Mads Toftum apsite, attic, attic-pmc, httpd, infrastructure, member
madytyoo Maurizio Taverna isis, isis-pmc
mafr Matthias Friedrich crunch, crunch-pmc, incubator
magicaltrout Tom Barber member, oodt, oodt-pmc, pmc-chairs
magnus Magnus Torfason
mahadev Mahadev Konar ambari, ambari-pmc, curator, curator-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, helix, helix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, knox, knox-pmc, member, slider, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
mahendra Mahendra Maheshwara libcloud
maho Maho NAKATA incubator, openoffice
mahongbin Hongbin Ma incubator, kylin
mahrwald Valentin Mahrwald aries, aries-pmc, incubator
maja Maja Kabiljo giraph, giraph-pmc
malderson Martin Alderson directory
malte Malte Timmermann incubator, openoffice
mamsellem Maurice Amsellem flex, flex-pmc
mamta Mamta Satoor db, db-pmc, derby
manjesh Manjesh Nilange incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
manjula Thelge Peiris ws
manoj Manoj Kasichainula apsite, httpd, infrastructure, member
manojganesan Manoj Ganesan etch, incubator
manolito Manfred Geiler apsite, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
manolo Manuel Carrasco Monino james, james-pmc
mansu Suman Karumuri aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator
manuel Manuel Mall
manugeorge Manu George geronimo, tomee
manula Manula Chathurika Thantriwatte incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
maoo maoo manifoldcf
maqsoodalam Maqsood Alam incubator, mrql
marbro Mark Brouwer incubator
marc Marc Slemko apsite, member, security
marcel Marcel Kornacker incubator, parquet
marcelk Marcel Kinard cordova, cordova-pmc
marcjohnson Marcus Wayne Johnson poi, poi-pmc
marck Marc Petir Kwiatkowski incubator, thrift
marco Marco Vassura
marcosperanza Marco Speranza commons, onami, onami-pmc
marcsaeg Marc Saegesse
marcus Marcus Lange incubator, member, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
marcuse Marcus Eriksson cassandra
mariangela Mariangela Hills incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
marijan Marijan Milicevic incubator, rave, rave-pmc
marino Marino A. Jonsson velocity, velocity-pmc
marios Marios Andreou deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, incubator, pmc-chairs
marius Marius Bogoevici deltaspike, incubator
mark Mark Grover bigtop, incubator, sentry
markap14 Mark Payne incubator, nifi
markg Mark Giaconia opennlp
markh Mark Hobson maven, maven-pmc
markhamstra Mark Hamstra incubator, spark, spark-pmc
markphip Mark Phippard member, subversion, subversion-pmc
markrmiller Mark Robert Miller apsite, incubator, lucene, lucene-connectors, lucene-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
markt Mark Thomas apsite, commons, commons-pmc, gump, gump-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, poi, security, security-pmc, svnadmins, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
markus Markus Jelsma member, nutch, nutch-pmc
marl Vitaly Prapirny xerces
marmbrus Michael Armbrust spark, spark-pmc
marnie Marnie McCormack qpid, qpid-pmc
marrs Marcel Offermans ace, ace-pmc, apsite, celix, celix-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, zest-pmc
martijnh Martijn Hendriks jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
martin Martin Kraemer apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, infrastructure, member
martinc Martin Cooper apsite, archiva, commons, incubator, infrastructure, labs, member, struts, tiles
martinkl Martin Kleppmann avro, incubator, samza, samza-pmc
martinkoci Martin Koci myfaces, myfaces-pmc, openwebbeans
martins Martin Snitkovsky incubator, wink, wink-pmc
martint Martin Traverso incubator, shindig
martinto Martin Tomes subversion
martyntaylor Martyn Taylor activemq
marvin Marvin Humphrey apsite, infrastructure, lucene-lucy, lucy, lucy-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
maryannxue Wei Xue incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
mas Michael Smith
massi Massimiliano Perrone incubator, olingo, syncope, syncope-pmc
massie Matthew Lee Massie avro, avro-pmc, member
masuland Sebastian Mohr flex, flex-pmc, incubator
matei Matei Alexandru Zaharia hadoop, incubator, member, mesos, mesos-pmc, pmc-chairs, spark, spark-pmc
matevz Matevz Bradac bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
mattbaird Matthew Baird db, db-ddlutils, db-pmc
mattcoarr Matt Coarr ctakes, ctakes-pmc, incubator
mattf Matthew J. Foley hadoop, hadoop-pmc
matth Matthew Hawthorne
mattiase Mattias Engdegard subversion
mattinger Matthew P. Inger
mattmann Chris Mattmann airavata, airavata-pmc, any23, any23-pmc, apsite, aurora, aurora-pmc, climate, climate-pmc, ctakes, ctakes-pmc, gora, gora-pmc, hdt, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, knox, knox-pmc, member, mesos, mesos-pmc, mrunit, nutch, nutch-pmc, oodt, oodt-pmc, parquet, reef, sis, sis-pmc, steve, steve-pmc, tajo, tajo-pmc, taverna, tez, tez-pmc, tika, tika-pmc, zest-pmc
mattpelletier Matt Pelletier
mattrpav Matt Pavlovich activemq
matts Matt Sergeant httpd, xml-axkit
mattschmidt Matthew Schmidt
mattsicker Matt Sicker logging, logging-pmc
mattstep Matt Stephenson incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc
matwell Mark John Atwell
matyix Janos Matyas ambari
matzew Matthias Wessendorf apsite, bval, bval-pmc, deltaspike, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc, openwebbeans
mauro Mauro Talevi maven
mauzhang Manu Zhang hadoop
maveric Eric Hoch incubator, openoffice
max Max Kellermann httpd
maxb Max Oliver Bowsher apr, apr-pmc, apsite, infrastructure-interest, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
maxberger Maximilian Berger
maxcom Maxim Valyanskiy poi, poi-pmc, tika, tika-pmc
maxim Maxim Khutornenko aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator
maxime Maxime Petazzoni httpd
maxirom Massimo Romanelli incubator
maxw Max Woghiren cordova, cordova-pmc
mayank Mayank Bansal hadoop, incubator, oozie, oozie-pmc
mayongl Yong Lin Ma incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
mayur Mayur Rustagi pig
mazz John Mazzitelli ws
mbaclay Marecor M. Baclay archiva, continuum, incubator
mbaessler Michael Baessler incubator, uima, uima-pmc
mbalassi Márton Balassi flink, flink-pmc, incubator
mbastian Mathieu Bastian datafu, incubator
mbauer Mathias Bauer incubator, openoffice
mbautin Mikhail Bautin hbase, hbase-pmc
mbecke Michael Becke commons
mbenson Matthew Jason Benson ant, ant-pmc, apsite, bval, bval-pmc, commons, commons-pmc, deltaspike, deltaspike-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, myfaces, pmc-chairs, tac-pmc
mbertozzi Matteo Bertozzi hbase, hbase-pmc
mbgl Michael Beisiegel ws
mbk Mark Benedetto King subversion, subversion-pmc
mblankestijn Martijn Blankestijn
mbo Michael Bouschen db, db-jdo, db-pmc, incubator
mbooth Mat Booth bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
mbr Mathias Broekelmann myfaces
mbraden Mike Braden
mc Michael John Cafarella
mcaisse Michelle Caisse db, db-jdo, db-pmc
mcatan Michael Catanzariti logging
mcayanan Michael Cayanan oodt, oodt-pmc
mcconne Tim McConnell geronimo, geronimo-pmc, openjpa
mcconnell Stephen McConnell directory
mcculls Stuart McCulloch aries, aries-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, onami, onami-pmc
mcdonaldnoland Mac Noland mrunit
mcfirst Pavel Pervov
mcgilman Matt Gilman incubator, nifi
mchampion Michael Champion incubator
mchen Min Chen cloudstack, incubator
mchucarroll Mark Chu-Carroll aurora, aurora-pmc, incubator
mck Michael Semb Wever pmc-chairs, tiles, tiles-pmc
mckierna Thomas McKiernan ws
mclark Michael Clark
mclarke Michael Clarke ant
mcnamara Sarah McNamara xalan
mcombellack Mark Combellack tuscany, tuscany-pmc
mconcini Michael Concini myfaces
mcooper Matthew Cooper myfaces, myfaces-pmc
mcpierce Darryl L. Pierce qpid, qpid-pmc
mcslee Mark Slee incubator, thrift, thrift-pmc
mcucchiara Maurizio Cucchiara commons, directmemory, directmemory-pmc, incubator, struts, struts-pmc, syncope
mdierken Mike Dierken xalan
mdiggory Mark R. Diggory
mdineen Mark Dineen incubator, ripple
mdisabatino Marco Di Sabatino Di Diodoro incubator, syncope, syncope-pmc
mdrob Mike Drob accumulo, accumulo-pmc, infrastructure-interest
mduerig Michael Duerig chemistry, chemistry-pmc, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, sling
mdulisch Martin Dulisch
me Adam mesos, mesos-pmc
mechtilde Mechtilde Stehmann incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
meder Samuel Meder ws, ws-pmc
medgar Malcolm Edgar cayenne, incubator, member
medined David Medinets accumulo, accumulo-pmc, incubator
meerajk Meeraj Kunnumpurath
megatronic79 Stephen Cottham incubator, openmeetings, openmeetings-pmc
mehant Mehant Baid drill, drill-pmc, incubator
mehdi Mehdi Houshmand xmlgraphics, xmlgraphics-fop, xmlgraphics-pmc
meixome Antón Méixome incubator, openoffice
melan Melan Nimesh incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
memo Mehmet Birgi
meng Xiangrui Meng datafu, incubator, spark, spark-pmc
mengwei Mengwei Ding sqoop
meppel Martin Eppel stratos, stratos-pmc
meric Meriç Taze stanbol
mestrade Matthieu Estrade httpd
meteatamel Mete Atamel jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc
metskem Harry Metske incubator, jspwiki, jspwiki-pmc
metson Simon Metson couchdb
meyering Jim Meyering qpid
mf Martin Furter subversion
mffiedler Michael Fiedler incubator, wink
mfojtik Michal Fojtik deltacloud, deltacloud-pmc, incubator
mfranklin Matthew B. Franklin concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, metamodel, metamodel-pmc, pmc-chairs, rave, rave-pmc, storm, streams, tinkerpop, wookie-pmc
mfreedman Michael Freedman myfaces, myfaces-pmc
mfriedenhagen Mirko Friedenhagen maven
mfursov Mikhail Fursov
mgamerdinger Manuel Gamerdinger incubator
mgarski Michael Garski
mgentry Michael Ray Gentry cayenne, cayenne-pmc
mgoulet Michael Goulet
mgoulish Michael Goulish qpid
mgrigorov Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov isis, isis-pmc, member, wicket, wicket-pmc
mhammond Mark Hammond couchdb
mharwood Mark Harwood lucene, lucene-pmc, tika, tika-pmc
mhayes Matthew Hayes datafu, incubator
mheath Mike Heath james
mheidegger Martin Heidegger flex, flex-pmc, incubator
mhermanto Michael Hermanto shindig, shindig-pmc
mherndon Michael J Herndon incubator, lucenenet, lucenenet-pmc
mhollmichel Martin Hollmichel incubator, openoffice
mholthaus Marcus Holthaus incubator
mholz Martin Holz
mhubail Murtadha Makki Al Hubail incubator
mibo Michael Bolz incubator, olingo, olingo-pmc
mice Mice Xia cloudstack, incubator
michael Michael MacFadden incubator, wave
michaelfang Shenghao Fang geronimo
michaelknunez Michael Nunez incubator
michaelm Michael Melhem cocoon, cocoon-pmc
michaelo Michael Osipov commons, httpcomponents, maven
michal Michal Maczka
michau Michal Kosek
michele Michele Mazzucco ws
michelle Michelle Chen ctakes, ctakes-pmc
michellep Michelle Phung couchdb
michi Michael Wechner cocoon-pmc, lenya, lenya-pmc, member
michim Michi Mutsuzaki pmc-chairs, zookeeper, zookeeper-pmc
midon Alexis Midon ode, ode-pmc
miguno Michael G. Noll incubator, storm, storm-pmc
mihaic Mihai Chira flex, flex-pmc
mijordan Michael Jordan flex, flex-pmc, incubator
mikeadvo Dr. Michael Stehmann incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
mikedd Michael Dick openjpa, openjpa-pmc
mikeh Mike Haberman
mikem Mike Matrigali db, db-pmc, derby
mikemccand Michael McCandless apsite, incubator, lucene, lucene-pmc, lucene-py, lucy, lucy-pmc, member, tika, tika-pmc
mikevan Mike Van incubator
mikewallace Mike Wallace couchdb
mikl Mikkel Meyer Andersen commons
mikus Michael Jouravlev struts
milamber Bruno Demion cloudstack, jmeter, jmeter-pmc, member
milan Milan Tomic santuario
milinda Milinda Pathirage airavata, airavata-pmc, axis, axis-pmc, member, ode, ode-pmc, ws
millecker Martin Illecker hama, hama-pmc
millies Sebastian Millies tuscany
milo Milo Polte incubator, sentry
minchau Brian James Minchau member, xalan
mindbridge Teodor Georgiev Toncher
minfrin Graham Leggett apr, apr-pmc, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, labs, labs-pmc, member
mingchun Mingchun Zhao manifoldcf
mingfai Ma Ming Fai droids, incubator
minoru Minoru Osuka manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
mir Manuel Innerhofer clerezza, incubator
mischmitz Michael Schmitz incubator, logging
mishail Mikhail Stepura cassandra
misl Minto van der Sluis clerezza, clerezza-pmc
misty Misty Stanley-Jones hbase
mithun Mithun Radhakrishnan hive-hcatalog, incubator
mitultiwari Mitul Tiwari datafu, incubator
miyuru Miyuru synapse, synapse-pmc
mjakl Michael Jakl mina
mjc Mark J. Cox apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, member, security, security-pmc
mjohnson Mark Johnson chemistry, chemistry-pmc
mkalen Karl Martin Kalen db-ddlutils
mkessler Mark Kessler flex, flex-pmc
mkettler Matthew Edward Kettler spamassassin
mkg Mark Gardner incubator
mkienenb Maurice (Mike) L. Kienenberger cayenne, cayenne-pmc, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
mkleint Milos Kleint maven, maven-pmc
mkononenko Maksim Kononenko incubator, knox
mkostrze Michal Kostrzewa
mkremers Maarten Kremers incubator, rave, rave-pmc
mkurz Michael Kurz myfaces
mkwan Morris Kwan xalan
mkwhit Micah Whitacre crunch, crunch-pmc
mlacour Mickael Lacour incubator, parquet
mlai Mingjie Lai flume, flume-pmc, incubator
mlangham Matthew Langham cocoon
mlebihan Marc Le Bihan sis
mlibbey Miles Libbey incubator, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
mliddell Mike Liddell incubator, tez, tez-pmc
mlink Michael Link tcl, tcl-pmc
mlittle Mark Little incubator
mlizewski Maciej Liżewski manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
mlnick Nicholas Pentreath incubator, spark, spark-pmc
mloenko Mikhail Loenko
mlovett Matthew Lovett ws
mlp Mateusz Lipczynski incubator
mlsorensen Marcus Sorensen cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, incubator
mlusetti Massimo Lusetti tapestry, tapestry-pmc
mmachulak Maciej Pawel Machulak incubator, oltu, oltu-pmc
mmanders Michiel M. Anderson
mmannion Mathew Mannion shindig, shindig-pmc
mmao James Maode Mao
mmarinschek Martin Marinschek apsite, incubator, member, myfaces, myfaces-pmc
mmarkov Mikhail Markov
mmarth Michael Marth clerezza, incubator
mmartinec Mark Martinec spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
mmay Marcus May
mmccurrey Michael McCurrey
mmeadows Marc Meadows incubator, lucene-connectors
mmerz Michael Merz
mmidy Myriam Midy xalan
mminnah Murali Nagendranath ctakes, ctakes-pmc
mmocny Michal Mocny cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator
mmorel Matthieu Morel incubator, s4, samoa
mnash Michael Nash
mnour Mohammad Nour El-Din apsite, cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, isis, isis-pmc, jclouds, member, mrql, onami, onami-pmc, tomee
mnuttall Mark Nuttall aries, aries-pmc, incubator
mode Rain Mordani ws, xalan
mohan_zl mohan trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
mojavelinux Dan Allen deltaspike, incubator
moklo Morten Kloster subversion
molgun Muhammed Olgun manifoldcf, manifoldcf-pmc
molinaro Anthony F. Molinaro incubator, thrift, thrift-pmc
molkov Dmytro Molkov hadoop
momer Mo Omer|+ nutch, nutch-pmc
mona Mona Chitnis oozie, oozie-pmc
monteith Stuart Monteith incubator
moon Lee Moon Soo incubator
mor Vikas Mayur ofbiz
morciuch Mark Orciuch portals
morgand Morgan James Delagrange apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, member
morrijr John Morrison cocoon, forrest
morten Morten Jorgensen xalan
moseley Bill Moseley perl-docs
mosharaf Mosharaf Chowdhury incubator, spark, spark-pmc
mosmann Michael Mosmann wicket, wicket-pmc
mostarda Michele Mostarda any23, any23-pmc, incubator, infrastructure-interest
motus Sergiy Matusevych incubator, reef
mpapirkovskyy Papirkovskyy Myroslav ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
mpercy Mike Percy flume, flume-pmc, incubator
mperham Mike Perham
mpetria Marius Petria sling
mpfingsthorn Max Pfingsthorn cocoon, cocoon-pmc
mpierce Marlon Pierce airavata, airavata-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, rave, rave-pmc, taverna
mpo Marc Portier cocoon, forrest
mpoole Mark Poole bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
mprudhom Marc Prud'hommeaux openjpa
mraible Matt Raible roller, roller-pmc, struts
mrakesh Rakesh Midha geronimo
mrbillau Michael Billau cordova, cordova-pmc
mrdon Donald J. Brown commons, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, member, struts, struts-pmc
mreutegg Marcel Reutegger apsite, jackrabbit, jackrabbit-pmc, member
mrflip Flip Kromer incubator, storm, storm-pmc
mrglavas Michael Glavassevich apsite, member, pmc-chairs, xalan, xalan-pmc, xerces, xerces-j, xerces-pmc
mrhinkle Mark R. Hinkle cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
mridulm80 Mridul Muralidharan incubator, spark, spark-pmc
mridulpathak Mridul Pathak ofbiz
mrinal Mrinal Wadhwa incubator
mriou Matthieu Riou apsite, buildr, buildr-pmc, cassandra-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, ode, ode-pmc, tuscany, tuscany-pmc
mrisaliti Marco Risaliti ofbiz
mrks Markus Dreseler incubator
mrumph Mike Rumph httpd
mryan3 Michael Ryan incubator
msacks Matthew D. Sacks incubator
msahyoun Maruan Sahyoun pdfbox, pdfbox-pmc
msb Mark Beardsley poi, poi-pmc
mschaaf Marc Schaaf cxf
mschmalle Michael Schmalle flex, flex-pmc, incubator
mschulte Marcus Schulte tapestry, tapestry-pmc
msmemon Shahbaz Memon airavata
msmith Michael Smith
msnicklous Scott Nicklous portals
mss Malte Sebastian Stretz spamassassin
mst Michael Stahl incubator, openoffice
mstarets Max Starets myfaces, myfaces-pmc
mstover1 Michael Stover
msw Mark Wall incubator, mrql
mszefler Maciej Szefler ode, ode-pmc
mtan Michael Tanenblatt uima
mteira Manuel Teira Paz qpid, qpid-pmc
mtoepfer Martin Toepfer uima
mturk Mladen Turk apr, apr-pmc, commons, commons-pmc, httpd, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, pmc-chairs, tomcat, tomcat-pmc, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
mturyn Michael Turyn
mtutkowski Mike Tutkowski cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
mtylenda Milosz Tylenda openjpa, openjpa-pmc
mubarak Mubarak Seyed flume
mujtaba Mujtaba Chohan incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
mukulg Mukul Gandhi xerces-j, xerces-pmc
mukund Mukund Madhugiri
mullan Sean Mullan santuario, santuario-pmc
muralireddy Murali Mohan Reddy cloudstack, incubator
musachy Musachy Barroso struts, struts-pmc
muthaman Mamallan Uthaman myfaces
muthulee Dimuthu Leelarathne axis, axis-pmc, ws
mvdb Martin van den Bemt apsite, commons, commons-pmc, concom, db-ddlutils, gump, gump-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member
mvescovi Matteo Vescovi
mvg Martijn van Groningen lucene, lucene-pmc
mwagner Mark Wagner pig
mwbrooks Michael William Brooks cordova, cordova-pmc, incubator, ripple
mwebb Mark Webb mina, mina-pmc
mwiederkehr Markus Wiederkehr james
mwomack Mark Dwayne Womack apsite, incubator, incubator-pmc, logging, logging-pmc, member
mxm Maximilian Michels flink
mxmanghi Massimo Manghi member, pmc-chairs, tcl, tcl-pmc
myaiser Michelle Yaiser flex, flex-pmc, incubator
mykee Mike Müller sling, sling-pmc
myoder Michael B. Yoder tuscany
myrnavl Myrna van Lunteren db, db-pmc, derby, pmc-chairs
mzaun Martin Zaun db-jdo
mzhou Min Zhou tajo
mzl Michal Zalewski incubator
nabeel Mohamed Yoosuf Mohamed Nabeel ws
nachbaur Michael Nachbaur xml-axkit
nacho Ignacio J. Ortega
nacx Ignasi Barrera incubator, jclouds, jclouds-pmc, member
nadinem Nadezhda Morozova
nadiramra Nadir K. Amra axis, axis-pmc, ws
nagy Bill Nagy axis, axis-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
naika Archana Naik cordova, cordova-pmc
namit Namit Jain hive, hive-pmc, incubator, tez, tez-pmc
nandana Nandana Mihindukulasooriya axis, axis-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, marmotta, marmotta-pmc, stratos, stratos-pmc, ws, ws-pmc
nandika Korale Gamaralalage Nandika Chandrasiri Jayawardana apsite, axis, axis-pmc, member, ws, ws-pmc
nash Simon Nash apsite, member, tuscany, tuscany-pmc
natalia Natalia Shilenkova
nate Nathan Kurz incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc
nathanmarz Nathan Marz incubator, storm, storm-pmc
nava Amila Navarathna ws
navis Navis Ryu hive, hive-pmc
nbubna Nathan Bubna apsite, member, pmc-chairs, tiles, tiles-pmc, velocity, velocity-pmc
nchung Nga Thien Chung incubator, oodt, oodt-pmc, sis, sis-pmc
ncole Nate Cole ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
nd Andre Malo apr, apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, infrastructure, member
ndbeyer Nathan Beyer apsite, member
nddelima Neil Delima xerces-j
ndimiduk Nick Dimiduk hbase, hbase-pmc, htrace, incubator, phoenix, phoenix-pmc
ndlesiecki Nicholas Lesiecki
ndoshi Nipurn Doshi airavata
ndw Norman Walsh xml-commons
neels Neels Hofmeyr subversion, subversion-pmc
neeme Neeme Praks
neeraj Neeraj Bajaj xerces-j
nehanarkhede Neha Narkhede incubator, kafka, kafka-pmc
neilc Neil Conway apr
neilg Neil Graham apsite, member, xerces, xerces-j, xerces-pmc
neilotoole Neil O'Toole
neogermi Sebastian Germesin incubator
nerdynick Nicholas Verbeck flume, flume-pmc, incubator
nettings Joern Nettingsmeier lenya, lenya-pmc
nfischer Nadav Fischer incubator, wink, wink-pmc
ngallardo Nicholas L. Gallardo incubator, wink, wink-pmc, ws
ngn Niklas Gustavsson apsite, aries, aries-pmc, commons, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member, mina, mina-pmc
nhope Norval Hope directory
niall Niall Daley logging
niallp Niall Pemberton apsite, commons, commons-pmc, creadur, creadur-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, labs, labs-pmc, member, struts
nick Nick Burch apsite, chemistry, chemistry-pmc, comdev, comdev-pmc, commons, concom, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, member, poi, poi-pmc, tac-pmc, tika, tika-pmc
nickchalko Nick J. Chalko gump
nicknorth Nick North couchdb
nicko Nicko Cadell logging
nickwilliams Nick Williams incubator, log4cxx, logging, logging-pmc
niclas Par Niclas Hedhman apsite, aries, attic, attic-pmc, clerezza, cocoon, directory, felix, incubator, member, pmc-chairs, zest, zest-pmc
nico Nico Seessle
nicolaken Nicola Ken Barozzi apsite, cocoon, directory, forrest, gump, member, poi
nicolas Nicolas De Loof archiva, archiva-pmc, maven
nigel Nigel Daley apsite, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, member, mrunit, mrunit-pmc
nikke Niklas Edmundsson httpd
niklas Niklas Therning james, james-pmc
nikolait Nikolai Dimitrov Tankov aries, aries-pmc, incubator
nilgun Nilgun Belma Buguner httpd
nilsga Nils-Helge Garli struts
ningjiang Willem Ning Jiang activemq, apsite, camel, camel-pmc, cxf, cxf-pmc, member, servicemix, servicemix-pmc
niq Nick Kew apr, apr-pmc, climate, climate-pmc, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, member, trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
niranjan Niranjan Balasubramanian
nirmal070125 Colombage Suneth Nirmal Jeewaka Fernando incubator, stratos, stratos-pmc
nitay Nitay Joffe giraph
nithya Nithyakala Thangarajah ws
nitin Nitin cloudstack, incubator
nivanov Nikita Ivanov ignite, incubator
nkeywal Nicolas Liochon hbase, hbase-pmc
nkourtellis Nicolas Kourtellis incubator, samoa
nlebas Nicolas LE BAS tiles, tiles-pmc
nlehuen Nicolas Lehuen apsite, httpd, member
nlevitt Noah Levitt incubator
nlothian Nick Lothian portals, portals-pmc
nmadsen Neil Madsen flex
nmalin Nicolas Malin ofbiz, ofbiz-pmc
nmaves Nathan E. Maves
nmittler Nathan Christopher Mittler activemq
nmukhi Nirmal Mukhi ws
nmwael Níno Martínez Wael incubator, onami, onami-pmc, pmc-chairs
nnielsen Niklas Quarfot Nielsen mesos, mesos-pmc
noa Noa Resare cloudstack, incubator
noble Noble Paul incubator, lucene, lucene-connectors
noctarius Christoph Engelbert directmemory, directmemory-pmc
noel Noel J. Bergman apsite, comdev, comdev-pmc, concom, directory, directory-pmc, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, james, james-pmc, labs, member
noelgrandin Noel John Grandin incubator, pivot, pivot-pmc
noirin Noirin Plunkett apsite, attic, attic-pmc, comdev, comdev-pmc, concom, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, member
nong Nong Li incubator, parquet
noodl Vincent Bray httpd
norman Norman Maurer apsite, comdev, comdev-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, james, james-pmc, member
not Alasdair Nottingham aries, aries-pmc, incubator
nottheoilrig Jack Bates trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
nroberts Nathan Roberts incubator, tez, tez-pmc
nsandhu Nicky Sandhu activemq, camel
nsantos Nuno Santos qpid, qpid-pmc
nscendoni Nicola Scendoni incubator, syncope
nslater Noah Slater cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, couchdb, couchdb-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, metamodel, metamodel-pmc, stratos, stratos-pmc
nsochele Nicolas Socheleau
nspiegelberg Nicolas Spiegelberg hbase, hbase-pmc
nstein Neil Stein
nthaker Nikhil Thaker axis, axis-pmc, ws
nuttycom Kristopher J. Nuttycombe commons
nuwan Nuwan Gurusinghe ws
nux Nux cloudstack
nwellnhof Nikolas Wellnhofer incubator, lucy, lucy-pmc, member
nwhitehead Nicholas Whitehead incubator
nzhang Ning Zhang hive, hive-pmc
oalexeev Oleg V Alexeev struts
oberhack Andreas Oberhack
ocastaneda Oscar Castaneda tuscany
ocelotpotpie Christian Hogan couchdb
oching Maria Odea B. Ching archiva, archiva-pmc, continuum, continuum-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, maven, maven-pmc, member
octo47 Andrey Stepachev hbase
odeakin Oliver Deakin
odiachenko Oleksandr Diachenko ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
oehhar Harald Oehlmann tcl, tcl-pmc
oersoy Ole K. Ersoy directory
oflebbe Olaf Flebbe bigtop
ogrisel Olivier Grisel incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
ogusakov Oleg Gusakov
oharsta Okke Harsta incubator, rave, rave-pmc
oheger Oliver Heger apsite, commons, commons-pmc, member
ohler Christian Ohler incubator, wave
ojoshi Omkar Vinit Joshi hadoop
okid Yang Dong
okiessler Oliver Kiessler
okram Marko A. Rodriguez incubator, tinkerpop
olaf Olaf Felka incubator, openoffice
olamy Olivier Lamy apsite, archiva, archiva-pmc, batchee, cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc, commons, commons-pmc, continuum, continuum-pmc, directmemory, directmemory-pmc, helix, helix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure-interest, jclouds, maven, maven-pmc, member, onami, onami-pmc, pmc-chairs, sentry, sqoop, sqoop-pmc, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
ole Ole Solberg derby
oleg Oleg Tikhonov member, tika, tika-pmc
olegk Oleg Kalnichevski apsite, droids, httpcomponents, httpcomponents-pmc, incubator, james, jmeter, jmeter-pmc, member, synapse, ws
olegnitz Oleg Nitz
olegt Oleg Tkachenko
olga Olga Natkovich pig, pig-pmc
olgasmola Olga Smola cloudstack, incubator
olira Oliver Rau incubator
olli Oliver Lietz sling, sling-pmc
ollie Michael Oliver
oltka Olga Tkachova cayenne
omalley Owen O'Malley ambari, ambari-pmc, apsite, bigtop, bigtop-pmc, chukwa, giraph, giraph-pmc, hadoop, hadoop-pmc, hcatalog, helix-pmc, hive, hive-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, kafka, knox, knox-pmc, kylin, member, ranger, reef, s4, tajo, tajo-pmc, tez, tez-pmc
oms Ole Marius Smestad incubator
onechiporenko Oleg Nechiporenko ambari, ambari-pmc, incubator
onouguier Olivier Nouguier sis, sis-pmc
orcmid Dennis E. Hamilton corinthia, incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
oremj Jeremiah Orem libcloud, libcloud-pmc
orlikowski Victor J. Orlikowski apr, apsite, httpd, member
oros Oliver Rossmueller myfaces-pmc
orudyy Alex Rudyy qpid, qpid-pmc
orw Oliver-Rainer Wittmann incubator, openoffice, openoffice-pmc
oscarbou Óscar Bou isis, isis-pmc
oschaaf Otto van der Schaaf trafficserver, trafficserver-pmc
oshani Oshani Wasana Seneviratne ws
otaviojava Otávio Santana incubator, tamaya
otis Otis Gospodnetic apsite, incubator, lucene, lucene-connectors, lucene-orp, lucene-pmc, member
ovidiu Ovidiu Predescu cocoon, xalan
ovlaere Olivier Van Laere incubator, samoa
owulff Oliver Wulff cxf, cxf-pmc
oyilmazel Ozgur Yilmazel
oysteing Oystein Grovlen db, db-pmc, derby
ozawa Tsuyoshi Ozawa hadoop
ozeigermann Oliver Zeigermann commons
ozgur Ozgur Kilic incubator, stanbol, stanbol-pmc
ozzy Andrew Osborne aries, aries-pmc, incubator
pablo Pablo Fernandez incubator, oltu
painter Jeffery Painter turbine
pamarcelot Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot apsite, directory, directory-pmc, member, pmc-chairs
panjie Jie Pan incubator, shindig
paolo Paolo Mottadelli chemistry, chemistry-pmc, incubator, poi, poi-pmc
paolopoz Paolo Pozzan incubator, openoffice
papegaaij Emond Papegaaij wicket, wicket-pmc
parin Parinkumar Shah httpd
parker Michael Parker spamassassin, spamassassin-pmc
parsonsd David Parsons axis, axis-pmc, ws
parthc parthc drill, drill-pmc, incubator
pascalschumacher Pascal Schumacher incubator
pat Pat Ferrel mahout, mahout-pmc
patanachai Patanachai Tangchaisin airavata, airavata-pmc, incubator
patrickl Patrick H. Luby
pats Patricia Shanahan incubator, member, pmc-chairs, river, river-pmc
patthoyts Patrick Thoyts tcl
paul_a Paul Angus cloudstack
paulb Paul Bakker ace, ace-pmc
pauldick Paul Dick xalan
paulfoxworthy Paul Foxworthy ofbiz
paulirwin Paul Irwin lucenenet, lucenenet-pmc
paulk Paul King incubator
paulnicolucci Paul Nicolucci myfaces
paulrbrown Paul R. Brown ode, ode-pmc
pauls Karl Pauls ace, ace-pmc, apsite, celix, clerezza, felix, felix-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, member, sling, sling-pmc
paulsp Paul Spencer myfaces, portals
pauly Paul Yang hcatalog, incubator
pavanka Pavan Kumar giraph
paveljanik Pavel Janík incubator, openoffice
pbenedict Paul C. Benedict Jr. commons, struts, struts-pmc
pblackwelder Patricia Blackwelder chemistry, chemistry-pmc
pburba Paul Burba apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
pbwest Peter Bernard West
pcal Patrick Calahan
pcl Patrick Linskey db-jdo, openjpa, openjpa-pmc
pcourcoux Peter Courcoux turbine, turbine-pmc
pctony Tony Stevenson apsite, httpd, httpd-pmc, incubator, incubator-pmc, infrastructure, infrastructure-root, member, svnadmins
pderop Pierre De Rop felix, felix-pmc
pdion891 Pierre-Luc Dion cloudstack, cloudstack-pmc
pdodds Philip James Dodds servicemix, servicemix-pmc
pdp8 John McClain incubator
pdragosh Pam Dragosh incubator
peary Peary Chiu incubator
peberlein Peter Eberlein chemistry, chemistry-pmc
pedro Pedro Henrique Oliveira dos Santos wicket, wicket-pmc
peiyongz PeiYong Zhang
pengch Chen Peng incubator, openoffice
pengw Wenwu Peng hadoop
pent Peter Ent flex, flex-pmc, incubator
pepper Chris Pepper httpd
pero Peter Rossbach member, tomcat, tomcat-pmc
perrin Perrin Harkins member, perl, perl-pmc
perryan Andrew Perry ws
pescetti Andrea Pescetti corinthia, incubator, infrastructure-interest, member, openoffice, openoffice-pmc, pmc-chairs
petasis Georgios Petasis tcl, tcl-pmc
pete Peter Ertl wicket, wicket-pmc
peter Peter Koželj bloodhound, bloodhound-pmc, incubator
peter_firmstone Peter Firmstone incubator, river, river-pmc
peter_jones Peter Jones incubator
peterelst Peter Elst flex, flex-pmc, incubator
peterhartmann Peter Hartmann incubator
peterjm Peter McCracken xerces-j
peterjones Peter Jones
peterreilly Peter Reilly ant, ant-pmc
peters Peter Samuelson apsite, member, subversion, subversion-pmc
pferraro Paul Ferraro
pfg Pedro Giffuni incubator, openoffice
pfisher Peter Fischer incubator, portals
pgier Paul Gier maven, maven-pmc
pgoetz Paul G