imacat (Yang Shih-Ching)


Basic Information

Academic Background


Career Overview

Major Experiences

Other Experiences

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Community Activities

Wikimedia Community (2015/3–)
OpenOffice / LibreOffice Community (2010/8–)
Women's Community in Information Technology (2010/9–)
Other Community Experiences

Programming Projects

Office Basic Macro Source Synchronizer obasync (2016/9–)
Pokémon GO IV Calculator pokemongoiv (2016/11–)
Calc Statistics Tools stattool (2012/8–)
Calc Mosaic calcmosaic (2012/8–)
Mobile OpenOffice / LibreOffice Presentation Controller mpresent (2010/9–)
Log File Archiver arclog (2002/8–)
Log File Reverse-resolver reslog (2002/8–)
Link Checker chklinks (2003/5–)
Time Synchronizer vsntp (2003/12–)
Multi-lingual Integrated Solution Locale::Maketext::Gettext (2003/4–)
Monitor probsshd (2001/5–), chkhttpd (2001/6–) and chksmtp (2007/6–) (not public released)
Remote Backup rbackup (2002/3–) (not public released)
chftpatk (2007/9–) (not public released)
Spam Trap spamtrap (2003/9–) (not public released)

System Administration Experiences

NTNU Institutional Research Database Server (2016/1–)
Apache OpenOffice Form and Wiki hosts (2012/3–2014/3)
Fitch Ratings Taiwan Web Server (2005/12–2013/10)
R.O.C. (Taiwan) Environmental Law Library Web Server of Environmental Protection Administration (2004/12–2013/2)
Invest in Taiwan Web Server of Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2004/7–)
Pristine Network + Colocation (2000/9–2015/7)
Super Travel Service Intranet (1999/9–2000/8)

Documentation Writing

Learning Limesurvey (2017/11–)
How to Create the SSL X.509 Certificates? (2002/1–)
How to Print under Linux? (2001/4–)

Web Development Experiences

Pamir Law Group Website (2006/1–2008/6) (closed)
Fitch Ratings Taiwan Website (2005/12–)
R.O.C. (Taiwan) Environmental Law Library (2004/12–)
Invest in Taiwan Website (2004/7–)
DOH SARS Online Information Center (2003/4–2003/12) (closed)
German Cultural Center Website (2003/2–)
Dream Technologies Website (2002/4–2004/3) (closed)
Food and Fertilizer Technology Center Website (2009/9–)
Pristine Communications Website (2000/9–)
Super Travel Service Website (1999/10–2000/8) (closed)

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