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List:     xml-cocoon-dev
Subject:  Nicola Ken Barozzi
From:     "Nicola Ken Barozzi"
Date:     2002-03-04 13:10:45
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Following the positive result of the votation on me getting committer
status, my account has been created.


I'm very happy to become part of all this, and will do my best to live up to
the high Apache standards.

Since it's become common practice, here is a short (as for my standards)

I was born, premature of one month, on the 25th of March, 1974 in Pavia,
Italy (where Stefano Mazzocchi lives).
My parents called me Nicola (first name) Ken (second name) Barozzi (last

Nicola is my Italian name. Since my father had been working for 17 years in
Japan ATT and knew we would have to go there, they decided to also call me
with a Japanese name, Ken (meaning: man who respects the law). Then they
appended "Barozzi" because it seems to be a family tradition ;-) . The funny
thing is that in Italy they call me Ken, in Japan, Nico(l|r)a! At one point,
my middle name had been automatically removed, because they said that the
computers asked only for one name. So I changed my name to "Nicola Ken".
This means that you can call me as you wish. I propose (do we need a
[VOTE]?) that I be called Nicola Ken, but please don't call me names. ;-P

I lived in Crema, Italy for all my life except 5 years (age 5-10), which I
spent in Tokyo, Japan. I attended St. Mary's International School there, and
American English became my (temporary) mother language.

I've finished high school, but still have 7 exams to finish Mechanical
Engineering, where I'm still formally a student. Now I work as Project
Manager in an automation firm, where we make complete lines for flat glass
handling and printing, CRT tube handling, and spiral wound gasket machines;
we use Cocoon for the Intranet. I also collaborate with a new startup called that uses Cocoon (courtesy of Nicola Ken, of course ;-).

I learned of Cocoon some years ago, and started collaborating with the
developers. Giacomo Pati and Stefano were very helpful in making me
partecipate, but I didn't understand a thing about opensource. Much has
happened after the first misunderstandings, and I think I am now a better
person. I think that in this regard, I am the living proof that Apache is
about community, and that it makes you grow. I learned from my mistakes, and
this was an opportunity that I'm grateful to have been granted.

Last year I collaborated with Bibop to create a WYSIWYG semantical editor
for XML, and worked under Gianugo Rabellino, who has been the only one I
ever considered my boss. Things changed during the process, and now the
project is on my hd waiting to get a life. Part of the project (GUI
framework) has been opensourced with Apache-style license, and will be
released in alpha ASAP. I've setup a project on sf to contain my project
efforts in Apache style:

I want to heartfully thank everyone that helped me in these years, I love
you all.

Special thanks to Stefano Mazzocchi, for his advice and support, Gianugo
Rabellino for believing in me at a time when I didn't myself, the cocoon-dev
list for making me part of a dream and to all Apache for existing.

Happy hacking :-)


You can call me Nicola, Ken, or Nicola Ken, as you wish. Just don't call me names ;-)

Noel J. Bergman wrote:
I did mine (homepage) a while back.  It contains no more than anyone actually might
need.  ;-)

In Nicola Ken's case, more might be needed.  ;-)  At least one knows that he
isn't Nico Laken, from Finland.  <<ducking>>