Uma Maheswara Rao Gangumalla

I am currently working on the Apache Hadoop, an open source distributed computing system,
with Huawei. I am also a Committer for Hadoop project.

I am also part of Namenode high availability implementation HDFS-1623.

We have a team for HDFS in Huawei and concentrating on stabilizing the Hadoop-2.

Also doing the experiments with BookKeeper for using it as shared storage in Namenode HA

Take a look at LADIS presentation by Flavio for more details about BookKeeper use cases. Click here

Prior to this, we have implemented HA on Hadoop-1 using Backup Node approach

and running with some of the internal customers from the year 2011.

Before I joined in Hadoop team, I was involved in SIP servelet container development.

We have developed HA for SIP containers and capable of running with 1200 Caps,

which is very high perpormed container than competetors like Oracle containers

We have build a OSGI container with equinox libraries, and SIP container will run on OSGI platform

Apache email address: umamahesh @ apache . org
Office email address: maheswara @ huawei . com
Alternative email address: umagangumalla @ gmail . com
Uma Mheswara Rao G


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