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Version Date Description
1.0 TBA First major release

Release 1.0 – TBA

Type Changes By
Update Remove Debug class. Fixes IMAGING-154. kinow
Update Tidy up IconParser. Fixes IMAGING-124. Thanks to Jens Kapitza. kinow
Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in DhtSegment. Fixes IMAGING-215. kinow
Fix JPEG segment size not validated. Fixes IMAGING-203. Thanks to Rody Kersten. kinow
Update remove duplicated lines in T4AndT6Compression. Fixes IMAGING-123. Thanks to Jens Kapitza. kinow
Fix PnmImageParser throws ImageWriteException when writing if PnmImageParser.PARAM_KEY_PNM_RAWBITS is provided. Fixes IMAGING-209. Thanks to Isak Wertwein. kinow
Fix Imaging (Apache Sanselan) produces "odd offsets" in (EXIF) metadata. Fixes IMAGING-205. kinow
Fix Incorrect Maven coordinates on project website. Fixes IMAGING-195. Thanks to Keith Strydom. britter
Fix ImageDataReader.decompress() overwrites its input. Fixes IMAGING-190. sebb
Fix Duplicate class names. Fixes IMAGING-193. sebb
Fix parseXpmValuesSection uses && instead of ||. Fixes IMAGING-189. sebb
Fix EXIF lens metadata tags missing in Commons Imaging but recognized in exiftool. Fixes IMAGING-181. damjan
Fix Microsoft tags are not seen in MS Windows Properties/Details dialog. Fixes IMAGING-172. damjan
Update Add sCAL support to PNG reading and writing. Fixes IMAGING-186. Thanks to Ric Emery. britter
Fix TiffImageParser.getImageInfo() throws exception when "Compression" field is missing. Fixes IMAGING-176. Thanks to Gabriel Axel. britter
Fix PnmImageParser does not check the validity of input PAM header. Fixes IMAGING-178. Thanks to emopers. britter
Update Update platform from Java 5 to 7. Fixes IMAGING-184. ggregory
Update JpegIptcRewriter.removeIPTC() does not remove all metadata. Fixes IMAGING-112. Thanks to Xavier Dury. britter
Fix MicrosoftTagTest rewrite image exif fails in some environments. Fixes IMAGING-171. Thanks to Jan Helbich. britter
Fix PnmImageParser throws NumberFormatException instead of ImageReadException when parsing invalid images. Fixes IMAGING-169. Thanks to Nebu Pookins. britter
Update ByteSourceImageTest: Local variable hides a field. Fixes IMAGING-166. Thanks to Michael Groß. britter
Update Refactor TagConstants. Fixes IMAGING-156. britter
Fix TiffOutputSet.setGPSInDegrees should make sure, GPSVersionID is set. Fixes IMAGING-144. Thanks to Paul Hartmann. britter
Update TIFF and PNG images should not be bigger than the ones created by java ImageIO. Fixes IMAGING-126. Thanks to Gary Lucas. britter
Update Add color constants. Fixes IMAGING-147. Thanks to Stephan Koeninger. britter
Update Implement equals and hashcode on color classes. Fixes IMAGING-150. Thanks to Stephan Koeninger. britter
Fix Classes should not expose mutable arrays. Fixes IMAGING-117. sebb
Fix DumpImage method for JPEG reports it's coming from TIFF. Fixes IMAGING-145. Thanks to Chris Carman. ggregory
Fix Can not set EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION tag. Fixes IMAGING-137. damjan
Fix ExifReWriter always writes EXIF segment before JFIF segment. Fixes IMAGING-140. Thanks to Gavin Shiels. damjan
Fix Allow null parameters in PngImageParser.getBufferedImage(), and add some tests for null parameters. Fixes IMAGING-131. damjan
Fix Null Pointer exception while extracting metadata for CR2 image. Fixes IMAGING-121. Thanks to Piyush Kapoor. damjan
Fix DhtSegment class contains mutable public arrays. Fixes IMAGING-115. damjan
Fix SofnSegment.components - public mutable array. Fixes IMAGING-117. damjan
Fix GenericSegment.bytes - public mutable array. Fixes IMAGING-116. damjan
Fix interface RgbeConstants contains mutable array. Fixes IMAGING-118. damjan
Fix ComSegment.comment is a public final byte array. Fixes IMAGING-114. damjan
Fix Several files contain non-UTF8 characters. Fixes IMAGING-109. damjan
Fix Cannot read multipage tiff. Fixes IMAGING-113. damjan
Fix JPEG EOI marker could not be found at expected location. Fixes IMAGING-108. damjan
Fix GIF dimensions transposed. Fixes IMAGING-101. Thanks to Colm O hEigeartaigh. ggregory
Fix JpegXMPWriter throws NullPointerException. Fixes IMAGING-23. cmchen
Add Added accessor methods for a number of ImageInfo properties. Fixes IMAGING-75. cmchen
Add Applied patch contributed by Nicolas Richeton, adding getEXIFThumbnailSize() and getEXIFThumbnailData() methods to JpegImageMetadata. Fixes IMAGING-71. Thanks to Nicolas Richeton. cmchen
Fix Fixed a couple of platform-dependent paths in the tests. Constantized the magic numbers used when guessing formats. Added a test for the format guessing. Fixes IMAGING-74. cmchen
Fix SanselanGuessFormatTest and SanselanTestConstants use Java 1.5 method String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence). Fixes IMAGING-2. cmchen
Fix Sanselan tests fail on Windows. Fixes IMAGING-80. niallp
Fix Fix for "JpegImageMetadata getEXIFThumbnail only works on Jpeg thumbnails stored as Tiff images" issue. Jpeg thumbnails are read using ImageIO. Fixes IMAGING-18. Thanks to James E-J. cmchen
Fix JpegImageMetadata getEXIFThumbnail may raise a null pointer exception. Fixes IMAGING-48. sebb
Add Add support for the ICNS icon format. Fixes IMAGING-56. Thanks to damjan. cmchen
Fix Implement dumpImageFile for ICO files and fix a typo. Fixes IMAGING-52. Thanks to damjan. cmchen
Add Add support for PCX, DCX, WBMP, XBM and XPM images. Fixes IMAGING-58. damjan
Fix Tiff (exif) tags of type double written in wrong byte order. Fixes IMAGING-12. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix The isTransparent flag is not set on transparent PNGs. Fixes IMAGING-30. Thanks to clement.escoffier. damjan
Fix Ignore TIFF entries that have invalid offsets and/or lengths when we are not in strict mode. Fixes IMAGING-11. damjan
Fix readDirectory method in TiffReader doesn't gracefully handle exceptions that can be thrown from ByteSource implementations. Fixes IMAGING-78. damjan
Fix Search all tags instead of just EXIF tags when parsing TIFF metadata tags, and try to match on directory type as well. Fixes IMAGING-24. damjan
Fix Don't allow very large TIFF lengths to be interpreted as negative because they have the highest order bit set. Fixes IMAGING-21. damjan
Fix Make JPEG parsing highly resilient: skip all bytes after the end of a segment until the next segment (0xFF followed by non-0xFF). Fixes IMAGING-50. damjan
Fix Fix reading ASCII tags in TIFF files. Fixes IMAGING-16. damjan
Fix Ignore string differences in our tests when 7 bit unclean TIFF string are copied. Fixes IMAGING-3. damjan
Fix Don't redefine BYTE_ORDER_BIG_ENDIAN and BYTE_ORDER_LITTLE_ENDIAN in UnicodeMetricsUTF16. Fixes IMAGING-41. damjan
Add Add support for TIFF files with compression=2, (CCITT Group 3 1-Dimensional Modified Huffman run length encoding). Fixes IMAGING-64. damjan
Fix Fixed issue "FieldTypeASCII does not conform to the EXIF specification," identified by Libor Nenadál. Fixes IMAGING-35. cmchen
Fix Fixed a bug in which gifs have incorrect size information in the the Logical Screen Descriptor. This appears to be a bug in how Microsoft Office writes gifs. The Image Descriptor has the correct value. Fixes IMAGING-31. cmchen
Fix Added checks in ByteSource's getBlock() methods for invalid params. Fixes IMAGING-13. cmchen
Fix Fixed a possible NPE in Sanselan.getICCProfile pointed out by Jon Weygandt. Fixes IMAGING-46. cmchen
Fix Improve ICO file support. Fixes IMAGING-76. Thanks to damjan. cmchen
Fix Preserve the byte range occupied by the Maker Notes, so rewriting it doesn't corrupt it. Fixes IMAGING-49. damjan
Fix Read in the full IPTC block before trying to ignore it, so we don't lose our position in the stream. Fixes IMAGING-29. Thanks to alexvigdor. damjan
Fix Fix the GIF BitsPerPixel formula in GifImageParser's getImageInfo(). Fixes IMAGING-45. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Add Add a type-safe high-level API for writing TIFF fields. Fixes IMAGING-77. damjan
Add Add TagInfoXpText for fields like XPTITLE, and encode/decode it using UTF-16LE like Windows does. Fixes IMAGING-51. damjan
Fix Fix various problems with reading and writing EXIF tags. Fixes IMAGING-39. damjan
Add Added support for reading the RGBE / Radiance HDR image format. Fixes IMAGING-60. Thanks to proyal. damjan
Add Add a field to IptcRecord that contains its raw bytes, and a getter for this value. Fixes IMAGING-68. damjan
Add Provide a way to write EXIF data into files using Sanselan.writeImage(). Fixes IMAGING-73. damjan
Fix Eliminate or hide public mutable final arrays in the API. Fixes IMAGING-22. damjan
Add Run a Findbugs analysis on "mvn site". Also audit and fix resource leaks. Fixes IMAGING-47. Thanks to adrian2k7. damjan
Fix If the TIFF rows per strip is not present, assume it is the image length. Fixes IMAGING-43. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Add Provide a way to write the pixel density (DPI) into an image. Fixes IMAGING-65. damjan
Fix Make BitInputStream sensitive to byte order. Allows 48 BPP TIFF files to load. Fixes IMAGING-17. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Fix Fix the PhysicalWidthDpi calculation for JPEG images. Fixes IMAGING-38. Thanks to tjoris. damjan
Fix Fix reading DPI for TIFF files. Fixes IMAGING-19. Thanks to vvd. damjan
Fix Fix reading DPI for PNG files. Fixes IMAGING-44. Thanks to vvd. damjan
Fix Add the Software TIFF tag, and get the byte order after reading the first TIFF directory. Fixes IMAGING-40. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Fix Correct the expected size of the decompressed TIFF image data, and improve sample depth scaling for PNG images. Fixes IMAGING-6. damjan
Fix Stop JpegImageMetadata from throwing NPE if the exif field is null. Fixes IMAGING-15. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Fix Speed up reading paletted TIFF files. Fixes IMAGING-67. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix Allow TIFF fields to change size during encoding. Fix a broken test that assumes they never do. Fixes IMAGING-8. damjan
Fix Fix sample usage links on the website. Fixes IMAGING-36. damjan
Fix Reduce memory usage when reading TIFF files. Fixes IMAGING-70. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix Fixed the differencing predictor for tiled TIFF images. Fixes IMAGING-33. damjan
Fix Update website, fix some broken links and remove old code. Fixes IMAGING-5. damjan
Add Include a test utility for timing and memory in project example classes. Fixes IMAGING-61. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix Add a streamlined TIFF reader that reduces load time by a factor of 5. Fixes IMAGING-69. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Add Add more Javadoc to main package. Fixes IMAGING-81. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix Fix BMP width and height DPI. Fixes IMAGING-82. Thanks to pkapoor. damjan
Fix Fix the lengths for DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized TIFF/EXIF tags. Fixes IMAGING-86. damjan
Fix Method lowerBound in org.apache.commons.imaging.common.itu_t4.T4AndT6Compression has a division error. Fixes IMAGING-88. Thanks to craigkelly. damjan
Add Detect the YCCK color space/type in JPEG files' APP14 segment. Fixes IMAGING-89. damjan
Fix Issue trying to update GPS metadata info in a JPG. Fixes IMAGING-92. Thanks to hmarmy. damjan
Update ByteSourceInputStream.streamLength could be a long. Fixes IMAGING-91. damjan
Update Some tiff processing takes very long. Fixes IMAGING-95. Thanks to amitgupt. damjan
Fix Tiled TIFF images do not correctly load partial tiles. Fixes IMAGING-93. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan
Fix Allow non-1 TIFF field lengths when parsing offset fields in non-strict mode. Fixes IMAGING-90. damjan
Fix java.io.IOException: Could not read block. Fixes IMAGING-99. Thanks to st.h. damjan
Add Add ability to load partial TIFF images. Fixes IMAGING-94. Thanks to gwlucas. damjan