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At Your Service! Playing the Outsourcing Game

March 2001
At Your Service! Playing the Outsourcing Game

The Service Game

With a dizzying array of service providers offering complicated agreements, you'll need to do your homework before you sign on the dotted line. Hank walks you through the possible contracts and shows you what to look for.

Someone Else's Database

Using a hosted database often means you can't choose which platforms are supported, and your access to certain data may be restricted. Brian recommends keeping an open mind, and trying different languages and systems to work around the limitations.

S T R A T E G Y :

Legal Code
A slip of your mouse, and the Web site flatlines. Bret A. Fausett welcomes you to a new chapter in electronic law: malpractice suits.

Corporate Strategist
Mimi Rosenheim asks, what's the difference between a service and a product? Relationships. Cozy up to your customer.

Marketing Meets Psych 101
Anila Putcha crossbreeds marketing and psychology for some strategies that will help you get into your customers' heads.

Product Reviews
Professo AppStreamer.

D E S I G N :

Integrated Design
Molly E. Holzschlag asks, how do you determine whether to use style sheets with your site, and will you be able to avoid common style quirks if you do? This is not a trick question.

Linking to QuickTime Media
There's more than one way to control media files from within HTML documents. Blake Lindsay gives you the lowdown.

Product Reviews
Adobe Photoshop 6.

Product Reviews
Zy Graphics, Zy Web Builder, and Zy Modules.

P R O G R A M M I N G :

Al Williams shows you how to enable your applications to communicate in innovative ways by adding POP3 and SMTP support.

Programming with Perl
Randal L. Schwartz generates some quick scripting that can make you a Web pollster. Boxers or briefs? The world deserves to know.

You could write over 100 style sheets, or you could let some transformations do all the work. Michael Floyd gives you the short story.

Product Reviews
Enhydra 3.5 for Wired and Wireless Devices.

I N F R A S T R U C T U R E :

To effectively serve the enterprise, infrastructure vendors will have to adopt a big-business mindset. Ray Valdés gives his two cents.

Content Delivery Networks
Successful CDNs require a good mix of intelligent wide area traffic management and caches. Should you build your own or trust a provider? Mont Francisco gives the pros and cons.

Product Reviews
Mercury Interactive Astra LoadTest 4.5 and RadView WebLoad 4.0.

Product Reviews
SpiderCache 1.0 for Unix.

E N D   TO   E N D :

The Home Page
When did "think small" become a motto? It's time for a new perspective on the Internet's untapped possibilities. Editor in Chief Amit Asaravala takes a look at the big picture.

Webmaster's Domain
When searching for a good ASP, know what questions to ask and what services you do and don't need. Lincoln D. Stein offers some suggestions.

Does the statement "We're from the government, and we're here to help," send chills up and down your spine? Dale Dougherty describes the emergence of G-services.

Help Desk
Guest Webmaster Larry Wood answers your questions about usability for the disabled, Web apps, and site organization.

For his one-year anniversary writing for Web Techniques, Eugene Eric Kim reviews an e-book, Practical Transformations Using XSLT and XPath.

The Last Page
Had it with needy, demanding users? It's time to insist that these people hold up their end of the user-interface bargain. Michael Swaine sets them straight.

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