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Travel landscapes with
tactile communication
feeling each contour.

Modern Columbus,
you escape flat screens to find
a world that is round.

CyberMail AV
Send a video
to your family and friends
hang up when you choose

Not for enemies
Downloading time is too quick
We call it squeeze play

Videochat Your Site
Through a standard Web browser,
Communicate live.

Instant messaging,
But now facial expressions,
Tonal inflections,

Make your intent clear.
Farewell sweet emoticons :(
We did love thee well.

Virtuoso Optimizer
3D graphics tool
Lets shoppers "see, touch, and feel"
E-commerce products.

Vegas Video
Edit, tweak, encode
Audio or video
Unlimited tracks

Zoom Server 3.5
Images for e-commerce
Help you sell products.

Dew on spider web.
If you bend near, each droplet
Swallows Mount Fuji.

Customers look close,
Zoom in, pan, examine stuff

Summer nears its end
Speed up dynamic content
Sites must load faster

Resides on the server
Cache your ASP pages
Handle loads of hits

WatchPoint 2.1
Monitor traffic
Refreshed every five seconds
Watch errors fly by

Now you can detect
Your visitors' locations
It resolves domains

A WatchPoint chorus
Of IT managers sing
Like frogs in the spring

Photo-sharing site.
Process photos, add your voice.
Bam! Talking pictures.

Grandma will love it.
Then again, grandma doesn't
have a computer.

diecut CDs
These little CDs
Come in any shape you choose:
Blossom, lizard, foot.

Business card CDs.
Be head geek in a sea of
Paper troglodytes.

SMIL authoring.
Design Web presentations
Now for Windows, too

RSW Enterprise EJB-test
This tool will help test
Your app's scalability
And its function, too.

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