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April 2000
Secure Your Data

Online Exclusive: Sharing Too Much

When developer Chuck Newman suddenly gained unrestricted access to every file on his Web hosting company's hard drive, he knew he had stumbled across a hole that should have been patched years ago.

On Guard: Fortifying Your Site Against Attack

Security is far more than a lock on the door and a baseball bat under the bed. These days you need a pitbull, a camera, and an alarm. And that's just the beginning. Read on as Matt shows you how to protect your site and your data.

None of Your E-Business

Pop quiz: If all your online habits, including your emails and the sites you've visited—whether personal or business-related—were published in this magazine, would you have anything to hide? Protect yourself while you still have the chance!

S T R A T E G Y :

Marketing Machine
Dan Greening asks "Are you walking the fine line between email marketing and spam?"

Corporate Strategist
The Web isn't just about commerce: Tend your intranet. Cheryl Currid tells you how.

Product Reviews
CC Payment Server, enterprise

D E S I G N :

Integrated Design
A word is worth a thousand pictures. Molly E. Holzschlag tells you the reason.

Page Views
Live out your rock-and-roll fantasies as you take a ride in TVT Records' tour bus. Darleen Scheerer is your tour guide.

Inside Design Shops
Can culture affect productivity? The results are in from the Viant Experiment. Lucas Daniel tells you more.

Product Reviews
NetObjects Fusion 5.0

P R O G R A M M I N G :

Sure, Java 2 does fonts. But what if you're limited to an older version of the JDK? Al Williams says, "No problem."

Programming with Perl
Mix DBI with Apache's custom log features and you just might learn something about your site. Randal L. Schwartz is your teacher.

Script Junkie
You're just eight ASP scripts away from a slimmer, trimmer list box. Get fit with Alan Smithy.

Hot Searches with ColdFusion
Getting scalded by search engines that bring back all the wrong results? Try mixing Verity and ColdFusion until the temperature's just right. Sanjay Patel and Charles Linville give you the recipe.

Product Reviews
JProbe ServerSide Suite

I N F R A S T R U C T U R E :

If you think the DMZ is a no-man's land between North and South Korea, your site is in trouble. John Stewart tells you why.

Ray Valdés explains that the way you treat your site—as content to be published, or software to be developed—affects the systems on which you choose to organize it.

Security at Your Service
Before placing your trust in a hosting service, know the questions to ask and the answers to expect. James Bohem gives you the Q&A list.

Support Attracts Customers to NaviSite

Application service providers: What's more important, the applications or the service? Senior Editor Yvonne L. Lee has the answer.

Product Reviews

E N D   TO   E N D :

The Home Page
Executive Editor Amit Asaravala tells you what it takes "To Protect and Serve."

The readers speak out.

Webmaster's Domain
Upgrading to DSL provides speedy connections, but opens up a host of security holes. Lincoln D. Stein tells you how to plug them inexpensively.

Dale Dougherty opens an E-Book.

Haiku Review
Product announcements in short verse? That's absurd!

Help Desk
Jeff Keller of stops playing Quake for a moment to answer your development questions.

Eugene Eric Kim recommends Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers for those who need a dose of marketing realism.

The Last Page
That's right! Michael Swaine talks about "CVC's Ashes."

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