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April 1999
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As Simple As Possible

It's well understood that fewer parts mean fewer points of failure. Terry tells us why this is true on the Web, while George Olsen offers some practical tips for balancing design constraints for compatibility and accessibility.

Evaluating Web-Server Capacity

At a time when some Web sites' traffic grows exponentially by the day, our authors present the basics that will help you prepare for the best of times while avoiding the worst.

New Uses for Newsgroups

The Usenet, the Web, and email are the three pillars of what Jon calls Internet groupware. In this article, he explains why you should be using them for your collaborative needs.

C O L U M N S :

Webmaster's Domain
With all the improvements in application servers one might think that CGI is on its way out. Lincoln D. Stein argues otherwise, while highlighting the new features

Database Developer
Good programmers, like good chefs, need the finest ingredients, the best tools, and excellent techniques. In this month's column, Ken North puts on his apron, stirs the pot, and makes a roux with Microsoft's Visual Studio.

Programming with Perl
Slow-loading images are a sure way to chase away visitors. This month Randal L. Schwartz explains how to use CPAN's Image::Size module to make your pages appear to load faster.

If you're in a rut and still not programming with Java, this month's column may give you that needed push, as Al Williams surveys the Java landscape.

Beyond HTML
Have frames left a sour taste in your mouth? Read along as Michael Floyd presents some simple tricks for combining style sheets with frames to create a drop-down navigation bar.

D E P A R T M E N T S :

Script Junkie
It's never been easier to create buttons, links, navigation aids, forms, and more. Using JavaScript, Al Williams provides ten scripts you'll use again and again.

Lab Note
Despite the emergence of streaming audio and video, push and Flash, the humble animated GIF banner maintains its place at the top of most Web pages. Erik Olsen shows you how to produce a lightweight, trouble-free banner with today's leading tools.

Yvonne L. Lee discusses an institutional makeover of the Sloan School of Management site by the Interactive Bureau, an agency cofounded by noted designer Roger Black.

The Home Page
Editor-in-Chief Bob Kaehms points out the technologies we take for granted in the search for the magic pill.

News & Notes
Open Sources: Voices from the the Open Source Revolution; MKS Source Integrity Select Edition; XwingML; <w3history>.
Readers who have something to say.

The Last Page
Editorial Director Dale Dougherty gripes about Outlook Express integration woes.

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