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October 1997
Visual Component Technologies

Creating Visual Components With Javabeans

To help better understand the differences between ActiveX and JavaBeans, Web Techniques posed a small challenge to the major component-technology vendors. Ray describes the challenge, and presents one vendor's solution.

Distributed Objects on the Web

Because component object architectures such as CORBA and DCOM promise to overcome HTTP's statelessness, Fernando believes that the next generation of the Web will be driven by one of these models. The question is, which one?

Programming for Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages (ASP), the server portion of Microsoft's Active Platform, allows you to serve up pages from databases, create dynamic content, and more. Leon walks you through ASP, while Al Williams presents his top ten ASP tricks.

C O L U M N S :

Webmaster's Domain
Internet Explorer 4.0's new "subscribe" feature puts a miniature Web crawler in every user's hand. If Lincoln D. Stein's predictions are correct, armies of Microbots are about to march on your site.

Visual Designer
PNG is a graphics file format that improves on GIF while avoiding the use of the patented LZW compression algorithm. As Lynda Weinman learns, PNG was designed to support 256 levels of transparency.

Doing Justice to the Web
As more employees communicate electronically, both within and outside their companies, corporations are more vulnerable than ever to legal mishaps-and one in two companies have no email policy in place. Catherine Sansum Kirkman has the inside story.

Virtual Worlds
Andrea L. Ames has pushed VRML aside for the moment to look at the latest 3D graphics toy-Java 3D.

Programming with Perl
This month, Randal L. Schwartz presents a script that mangles "backdoor" URLs after a given period of time.

Java Alley
Half of all software development involves client/server operations, so Bruce Eckel shows how to build a client/server database application using JDBC.

D E P A R T M E N T S :

Lab Notes
Bongo, a visual-development environment for creating sophisticated presentations, is fully integrated with Marimba's flagship product, Castanet. Chris Baron puts Bongo on the workbench and creates a presentation of his own.

Web Enabled
The Web is a highly visual medium, but it shouldn't exclude the visual, hearing, or motion impaired. In the first of this bimonthly series, the author, Mike Paciello of the Web Accessibility Initiative describes industry and government efforts to improve accessibility to the Web, and explains why every Web developer should participate.

The Home Page
Editor-in-Chief Michael Floyd is asking "Who Needs Reusable Components?"

News & Notes
Programming the Web; BaBushka Beans.

The Last Page
Michael Swaine talks about "Sex, Drugs, and Rockin' Orrin Hatch."

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