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February 11, 2002 Issue

What you want to avoid is unnecessary calls, and calls that retrieve more data than required. Why retrieve thousands of rows when you need two? Why make two trips to the database if you only need to make one? Richard Waugh provides us with tips on how to make your database applications more efficient. Start Here.
Putting Inline Frames To Work: The Inline Frames Slideshow Viewer
by Greg Shultz
Now that inline frames are supported by the latest browsers, they've become viable web design options. Greg Shultz shows us how to use inline frames in a practical slide-viewer application.

Offline Getting Caught on the Web
Offline by Paul Jon
"Offline" is a comic about technology, the future, and everything in between.

MS Access Speaks XML
by Judith Meyerson
With the release of MS Access 2002, developers now have more power to do what they want to do--from talking XML to upsizing tables in SQL Server. Judith Meyerson presents the new face of Access.

Weblogs for Professional Web Sites
by James Ellis
Content updates should be left to the experts so that fresh content can be added "when they want, not when you have time." James shows how weblogs can make content management of your site simple.

Down with the DMCA!
Swaine's Frames by Michael Swaine
Michael lists all those things that the DMCA has left us with.

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