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January 28, 2002 Issue

Self-Serve Ads—have you seen them? They're cheap, effective, unobtrusive, and easy to buy! Biz Stone writes about this quiet revolution happening on the Web. Start Here.
Web Site Management: Policy and Standards
by Shirley Chan
Shirley presents the who, what, when, where, why, and how for establishing policies and standards for effective web site management.

Offline Love for Sale
Offline by Paul Jon
"Offline" is a comic about technology, the future, and everything in between.

Understanding Cross-Site Scripting
by Tim Kientzle
Tim Kientzle discusses cross-site scripting—a vulnerability widely known yet still prevalent on many web sites that allows an attacker to insert malicious code in dynamically generated web pages. This problem is insidious to all programs but by careful discipline, Tim points out ways to close these server-side breaches.

Flash User Essentials
Multimedia Developer by Steve McCannell
Steve names some must have third-party Flash tools for your toolbox that will make your life much easier.

Who's Sticking Pins in The Microsoft Doll?
Swaine's Frames by Michael Swaine
Is Michael having sympathy pains for Microsoft?

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