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January 7, 2002 Issue

Al is back with a nice and easy way to provide client-side as well as server-side solutions to customized pages for each user—use style sheets and cookies. Start Here.
Righting the Roadmap
Roadmaps by Richard Hoffman
Roadmaps is a new monthly column by Richard Hoffman, focused on what it really takes to get web development to the next level...what we want the web development world to look like, and then in a very practical sense, how to make it happen. His first article for us addresses the issue of cross-browser compatibility and developing applications that are browser neutral.

Don't Shoot the Messenger
Swaine's Frames by Michael Swaine
Michael Swaine says "hogwash" to all those that would want silence over vigilance.

Inline Frames Revisited
by Greg Shultz
Life just became much easier with the support of inline frames in HTML 4.0. Greg points out the advantages you can gain by using this feature and how it opens doors to all kinds of innovative web design techniques.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: Just Right
Tag of the Week by Chuck Musciano
Are you bothered by your elements being too large or too small? Chuck writes about new CSS2 properties that give you control over height and width to help set limits where you just don't want to leave it up to your browser to decide.

Brace Yourself for the Segmented Internet
Platform Independent by Andy Oram
Could the boundary-free Internet someday become segmented by geographic line? Andy explores the possibilities.

Mix-FX—A Low Cost Alternative to Flash
Techbits by Menno Berndsen
I asked for it and here it is. The first of the Techbits: Menno writes about the product his company has developed to do some really cool animated stuff, inexpensively.

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