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March 9, 2001 Issue

Free to Be P2P
Everyone knows about Napster. But what is Peer-to-Peer, really? The recent O'Reilly P2P Conference in San Francisco cracked the discussion wide open. was on the scene. Start Here.
Labs, Robots, and Giant Floating Brains: The Amazingly True Story of Blogger
By Biz Stone
The gang is gone, but Blogger lives on. Why? Because of one tenacious man called Ev.

CSS Design
By Christopher Schmitt
Want design? Real design? The promise of CSS is coming to fruition.

Getting to Know the Disabilities Community
By Michael G. Paciello
An accessible Web for the disabled is a topic of great importance to many Web designers and developers. But what types of disabilities are we trying to accommodate? Here's an overview of some of the challenges our audiences might be facing.

About CF 5: Putting the PIM Together
Database Developer by John Paul Ashenfelter
Fuse all of the pieces together and end up with one fine Personal Information Manager.

Santa Fe Workshops Combines Elegance with Functionality
Web Sitings by Roger C. Parker
Want to look great and work like a charm? Take some inspiration from this Web site.

Table Border Models in CSS2: Collapsing Border Model
Tag of the Week by Chuck Musciano
It's good to have some boundaries, but it's good to let them go, too. Here's how with CSS2.

Moron: Australian for Politician
Swaine's Frames by Michael Swaine
Sex, lies, and Australian policies.

If Van Gogh Had Photoshop
Offline by Paul Jon
For that technical difficulty we call life, here's "Offline." It's a comic about technology, the future, and everything in between.

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