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Web Auhtors


By Derrick Story


Percussion Software
Platform: Windows
Utility for converting HTML into XML and XSL.

Just as we were putting the finishing touches on this issue of Web Review, I received a "sounds too good to be true" press release aimed at the folks attending XML 99 in Philadelphia. The release was to announce "XSpLit," a free utility for converting HTML into XML. I immediately rushed over to their site only to discover that the utility won't be released until later this month.

Normally, that would be the end of the story. No software, no review. But I've included it in the line-up as an FYI because it sounds so darn intriguing, and because we won't be doing another Cheapskate issue for a while.

Percussion claims that XSpLit is a simple way to transform thousands of HTML pages into XML for e-commerce and other uses. They go on to claim that XSpLit uses standard HTML to identify the content, and that no script or code is embedded in the HTML page.

When it's released later this month, XSpLit can be downloaded for personal use free of charge. It runs on Windows 95/98/NT.

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