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Transmit 1.5.1

By Eric Meyer

Rank: 2

Transmit 1.5.1

Platform: Macintosh
Nifty ftp client for Mac users.

Although 80% of my web-authoring needs are met by BBEdit, there's that pesky other 20%—images and audio files, for example; plus, there's the occasional need to upload several files, or even several directories, all at once. A dedicated FTP client is a necessity of web authoring. Like most of the rest of the Macintosh universe, I've been using Fetch 3.0.3 for what seems like decades. Sadly, its quirks and limitations were starting to seriously annoy me.

So recently I went looking for a better FTP client, and settled on Transmit as my choice. Requiring a shareware fee of only $24.95, it's certainly cheap enough. And it can do everything Fetch does, times three. You can get side-by-side "your stuff" and "their stuff" listings, or only show the files on the remote server. Even better, setting shortcuts is much easier than it ever was with Fetch. To cap it off, Transmit actually recognizes file types and transfers files in the appropriate mode (ASCII or binary). Fetch, on the other hand, insisted on always uploading files as binary, even when they were clearly text files.

Transmit's interface makes a lot of operations easy. Want to rename a directory on the FTP server? Just select the name and type in a new one, just as you do when renaming a desktop file. Need to delete a file or directory? Drag it to Transmit's trash can, or the desktop trashcan, and it's gone. (You can even suppress the confirmation dialog for this in the preferences.) Of course, you can still drag-and-drop files from the desktop to the FTP server, and vice versa; plus, if you're struggling to keep your local and remote files in line with each other, the "Synchronize" feature is a real gem. And if you ever feel lost, Transmit offers context-sensitive menus, just like the MacOS itself.

I'll miss Fetch. We had some good times together, and it never crashed on me. Still, it's time to move on, and I think Transmit will be my ticket to happier, calmer FTP transfers.

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