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Powermarks 3.5

By David Brake

Rank: 2

Powermarks 3.5

Kaylon Technologies
Platform: Windows
Compact utility for organizing bookmarks and web pages.

Considering the importance of web bookmarks, it's amazing to me that Internet Explorer and Netscape do such a bad job of managing them.

Powermarks is a simple and elegant bookmark alternative that ties in to Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera.

To search my 2,200 bookmarks for the 12 that offer the first chapters of books, all I do is type "boo chap" and as fast as I type it the list appears. I can sort the list by when I added a site, when I last visited it, how I rated it (1-10), and so on. When I've found the bookmark I want, I just double click on it and it opens the page in the browser of my choice (launching it if necessary).

Powermarks is small enough that it and my bookmarks can fit on a floppy disk, making it easy to take them with me anywhere. And the new version, 3.5 (which I am beta testing), even lets me keep my bookmark file centrally on their server and synchronize with it automatically via the Internet. You can also use this feature to enable work colleagues to share a database of useful URLs.

This wonder-tool is one of the few pieces of software I own that does not only everything I want it to do, but almost everything I could imagine wanting it to do.

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