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Paint Shop Pro 3.11

By Alan Turner

Rank: 2

Paint Shop Pro 3.11

Platform: Windows
Handles basic image editing well, and adds great drawing and painting tools.

For modifying .gifs and .jpegs, most people think of programs like Photoshop, but for a quick and easy image editor, I like Paint Shop Pro. While it doesn't have all the features of a full image editor, it does most of the basic tasks: color adjustment, cropping and resizing, rotating, adding text, and selecting parts of the image freehand, by geometric shape, or by similar colors.

Paint Shop Pro contains a variety of filters and geometric deformations, as well as a half dozen or so different kinds of paintbrushes and crayons. Although it will read and save about a dozen image formats, PSP can sometimes be balky about reading images that other viewers have no trouble with.

There are a few other limitations: there is only one level of undo, there is no transparency feature, and there are no layers. If you find you need those features, you can upgrade to version 6 at a discount, or bite the bullet and buy Photoshop.

Whether you want to make some quick banners, convert file types, or modify your digital pics, at $69.00 shareware it's a good deal for anyone who wants to get started in image editing.

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