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By Terrie Schweitzer

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J.W. Hance
Platform: Windows Allows you to change your Windows network configuration to connect to multiple networks.

Recently we had cable modem service installed in our home. Although I appreciated the faster connection, the network settings were a problem. My notebook computer travels with me, and configuring Windows networking settings on a twice-daily basis was a painful addition to commuting.

I don't know about you, but I've done enough Start–Settings–Control Panel–Network–OK–Reboot to last me a lifetime.

But then I found NetSwitcher, by J.W. Hance. NetSwitcher is a shareware utility for switching between multiple network configurations on Win 95/98/NT machines. Configurations are stored in setup files you can build through the NetSwitcher interface, or, even easier, have NetSwitcher simply examine and save your current configuration to a setup file. Advanced users can edit the setup files in a text editor.

You can save multiple configurations, then view and apply them as you like. When you apply a different configuration, NetSwitcher determines whether or not the new settings will require restarting Windows, and, if so, it will prompt you with the appropriate options to do so.

In addition to saving your Windows network settings, NetSwitcher can also save a variety of Netscape and MSIE configuration options—especially useful if your corporate LAN requires proxy settings or other customizations to your web browser.

NetSwitcher is easy to use and has always worked flawlessly for me—something I can't say for the other configuration utilities I have tried. If you connect to multiple networks, NetSwitcher makes it a lot less painful. And if you're a network administrator who works with users like me, this could be a godsend.

And all this for only $9.00—such a deal!

figure 1. netswitcher settings dialog
Figure 1. NetSwitcher Settings Dialog

See for details and ordering information.

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