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HyperSnap-DX 3.52

By Steve Glaser, Elizabeth Lewis

Rank: 2

HyperSnap-DX 3.52

$25 (free trial available from site)
Platform: Windows Creates professional quality, convenient Windows screen captures.

From its origins under the name SnapShot/32, the shareware now called HyperSnap-DX has developed into the most versatile and convenient screen capture utility we've ever used.

Several features make HyperSnap-DX exceptional. If you need a series of screen shots to demonstrate a "how-to," for example, you'll love the "quick" features. Select Quick Scale & Crop and the same scaling and cropping will be automatically applied to each screen shot you make. Quick Copy will send each shot right to the clipboard; Quick Print will send each shot to the printer; and Quick Save will let you file away a series of shots with incremental numbers (snap1, snap2, etc.) and even automatically take new screen shots at so many seconds apart until you tell it to stop.

Unlike other screen capture utilities, HyperSnap will save images from DirectX, Direct3D and 3dfx Glide games and multimedia and even most video/DVD players. Dual screens? Grab them both. Or grab the complete contents of a window beyond the borders of your screen. Besides letting you capture the whole screen, desktop, window, or even frame of choice, HyperSnap allows you to select a region of your screen with to-the-pixel accuracy.

The Basic version allows only BMP, GIF and JPG formats while the Pro Version handles more than twenty different formats and offers some nice image manipulation controls as well. Since registration is the same for both ($25) and the Pro version is still a mere 1.1 MB, there's no reason for the serious user to go for anything less.

All captured images are watermarked until you register, but you can download a free 1-week license that eliminates the watermark, letting you put the program though its paces for a fair trial.

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