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EditPlus v1.25

By James Robertson

Rank: 2

EditPlus v1.25

($20 License)

Platform: Windows
Design page templates; create and keep track of entire sites.

I have been using EditPlus for about two years now and would never change to another HTML Editor.

EditPlus is a text-based editor for HTML, Java, Perl, C/C++, tcl/tk, etc. It lets you design page templates, create and keep track of entire sites with the "Project Manager," drop in blank tables, forms, lists, and JavaScript. Switch between files easily by clicking the tabs near the bottom of the screen. Adding HTML markup is as easy as highlighting the text and clicking a button. You can switch between design and preview mode easily, so it should appeal to developers who like to see the effects of every change to the code.

The best feature of EditPlus, in my opinion, is editable cliptext. You can create your own cliptext file for HTML, JavaScript, Perl, etc. Cliptext is applied like other formatting elements; highlight the text and click the cliptext element you want to add. I created a cliptext file for my last two Web Review articles; it has the HTML elements and the event handlers for cross-browser DHTML events.

You do not have to create your own cliptext files, though. The "User Files" section of the EditPlus web site contains an entire library of basic cliptext files, including HTML 3.2, CSS1 and 2, DOM, Dynamic HTML for IE and Netscape Navigator, and so on.

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