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Digital Darkroom 1.2.1

By Derrick Story

Rank: 2

Digital Darkroom 1.2.1

Platform: Macintosh and Windows
Solid image editor with nice enhancements for digital and video photographers.

MicroFrontier's Digital Darkroom is a no-nonsense image editor that runs just fine on older Macs (68020, System 7.0 or greater) and modern PCs (Win 95 or newer). It's a particularly nice application for folks who want to improve their digital camera pictures but aren't exactly sure which levers to pull.

For example, Darkroom's unique "AutoMagic" tool performs contrast and correction adjustments automatically with a simple click of the mouse. Other features you might not expect in a $40 image editor include the following:

  • Photoshop plug-in support for digital cameras, scanners, and special file formats.
  • Multiple-Acquire Auto Save for mass importing of images from digital cameras.
  • Up to four levels of undo and redo.
  • Image download times at various connection speeds for web publishing.
  • Clickable thumbnail catalogs for managing lots of digital images.

Digital Darkroom's tool palette has the standard options you would expect from a full-featured image editor, including lasso, stamp (clone), gradient, magic wand, cropper, text, and eraser, to name a few. There are also plenty of filters, such as brightness, sharpen, despeckle, and more. Two unique filters geared to photographers are the NTSC Video Correction and the De-Interlace. Both of these help correct images to and from video devices—a nice touch indeed.

The basic supported file formats include TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PICT (for the Mac version only). Plug-ins can be added to support GIF and PNG files.

The Digital Darkroom home page at MicroFrontier's site is informative and easy to navigate. You can download demo or full versions, or order shrink-wrap copies via their secure server. Pay them your $39.95 and you can start playing with the application right away. I think it's a particularly appealing package for beginning and intermediate digital photographers, and for folks with older Macs who want to run a full-featured image editor.

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