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CSE HTML Validator Professional

By John Paul Ashenfelter

CSE HTML Validator Professional

AI Internet Solutions
Platform: Windows
Finds invalid HTML code for versions 2.0, 3.2, 4.0.

If you're like most web designers, you're perfectly capable of creating HTML pages that work. But odds are you've never wondered if your HTML was valid, or even known what that means!

While the HTML specification is very technically structured, developers and software tools are not. Out of necessity, therefore, browsers have evolved to handle common invalid HTML code mistakes. Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly), the fixes a browser is capable of making vary between manufacturer, platform, and even version. Running your finished web projects through an HTML validator is an excellent way to ensure they will work with different browsers.

There are several tools for validating HTML files, ranging from free web scripts to standalone tools. I prefer CSE HTML Validator Professional for its low cost ($89 or less), flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use. It can validate using various versions of HTML (2.0, 3.2, 4.0), browser-specific tags and attributes (IE, Navigator), third-party tools (ColdFusion, ASP), and even custom tag sets you define. It reports errors, deprecated tags, and useful warnings that will help you make your web pages functional and valid!

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