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Cool Edit 2000

By Scott R. Garrigus

Rank: 2

Cool Edit 2000

Platform: Windows
Audio editor that includes a raft of features for enhancing and adjusting your music.

When people ask me, "Whatís the best digital audio editing software for the PC?" I immediately respond with, "Sound Forge from Sonic Foundry." But of course their question is usually followed by the qualifier, "Oh, and I donít have a lot of money to spend." In that case, I tell them to definitely check out Cool Edit 2000 from Syntrillium.

Cool Edit 2000, in my opinion, is by far the best shareware audio editing software for the PC. It provides all the tools you might need for recording, editing, and distributing your audio content. I especially enjoy its vast array of processing functions, including Filter, Amplify, Compress, Stretch, and Noise. And it sports some really cool effects too, such as Flanger, Echo, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, and Envelope. The program can even be used for high-end audio applications thanks to its support of 24-bit/96kHz files. Basically, Cool Edit 2000 turns your PC into an audio editing arsenal.

And thatís not comes with a free set of steak knives too! No, not really. But Cool Edit 2000 does offer some additional features that are of special interest to web developers. For example, it provides support for most of the audio file formats available, which means your audio file conversion needs are covered. If you have a large number of files that need to be processed, you can create scripts for automated processing and batch operations. And for your distribution needs, Cool Edit 2000 can export to the RealAudio G2 format, as well as read and write MP3 files using Fraunhofer-based codecs.

Is there anything that I donít like about the software? Well, there are a couple of plug-ins available—the Studio Plug-In (adds a 4-track mixing view) and the Audio Cleanup Plug-In (offers advanced audio restoration tools)—that I wish were included. But Cool Edit 2000 only costs $69, so how can I complain? By the way, if you own a copy of the older Cool Edit 96 software, you can upgrade to Cool Edit 2000 for a mere $29! Now if that ainít cheap, I donít know what is.

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