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Web Authors

Utilities to Save You Time

By Web Review Authors

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Cheapskate Edition

HTML Tools
Take a look at the cheapie text editors and validators that Web Review writers use.

Graphics and Multimedia Tools
Amazing deals on sound and image tools. Web designers, digital photographers, and musicians take note ... we've found some gems for you.

A nice selection of little cures for big problems. Tools for network connection, ftp, screen shots, and bookmark management.

Great utilities are often the magic cure for what ails our productivity. After all, it's the little problems that give us big headaches. How many times have you cursed under your breath (or louder) your inability to find a bookmark, ftp a file, or connect to a remote server?

Solid, well-conceived utilities can mean the difference between becoming insanely great, or just insane. Take a look at our prescriptions for sanity—full-fledged meds for the mere price of a co-payment.

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NetSwitcher - reviewed by Terrie Schweitzer
Now you can easily set your Windows network configuration for multiple networks ... and actually connect!

price windows

Powermarks 3.5 - reviewed by David Brake
A compact utility for managing bookmarks and web pages ... for all of your browsers.

price windows

Transmit 1.5.1 - reviewed by Eric Meyer
Fetch has been a staple in every Mac user's toolbox since wire was invented. But our old friend is beginning to show his age. Transmit is a clean, modern ftp client worth taking a look at.

price mac

HyperSnap-DX 3.52 - reviewed by Steve Glaser and Elizabeth Lewis
At last! A convenient tool for creating smart-looking screen shots.

price windows

HTML Tools
Graphics and Multimedia Tools

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