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Web Authors

Sound and Image Editors to Spark Your Imagination

By Web Review Authors

Rank: 2

Cheapstake Edition

HTML Tools
Take a look at the cheapie text editors and validators that Web Review writers use.

Graphics and Multimedia Tools
Amazing deals on sound and image tools. Web designers, digital photographers, and musicians take note ... we've found some gems for you.

A nice selection of little cures for big problems. Tools for network connection, ftp, screen shots, and bookmark management.

There are plenty of strong contenders in this category, many of which I'm sure you know about. In the multimedia arena, we've covered at length offerings by Apple (QuickTime Pro), Microsoft (Windows Media Tech.), and RealTechnologies
(RealPlayer and RealProducer). All can be had for $30 or less and all are wonderful applications. In the graphics arena, Photoshop's little cousin, PhotoShopLE, is a good value for less than a hundred bucks.

But we were looking for values off the Apple/Adobe/Microsoft beaten track. The following palette of imaging goodies are fun, productive, and of course, cheap. You can download 'em, give 'em a spin, and if you like 'em, buy 'em.

windows logo Windows     mac logo Mac     unix logo Unix
price$0-$25     price price$26-$50     price price price$51-$75     price price price price$76+

Ulead's PhotoImpact 5 - reviewed by Derrick Story
Elegant image editor that's particularly well-suited for web design projects. Integrates a host of built-in tools for creating rollovers, animations, and 3D effects.

price price price windows

Cool Edit 2000 - reviewed by Scott R. Garrigus
Turn your PC into an audio editing arsenal with this low-budget, high-powered sound editor.

price price price


Digital Darkroom 1.2.1 - reviewed by Derrick Story
Photographers take note: This image editor has all the basics you'd expect, plus many cool options for digital cameras and scanners.

price price windows Mac

XV Viewer - reviewed by Greg Roelofs
Multi-platform image viewer can open just about anything, and convert it to just about anything else.

price unix

Paint Shop Pro 3.11 - reviewed by Alan Turner
A versatile image editor with a flair for drawing and painting.

price price price windows


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