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Web Authors

A Delightful Array of HTML Goodies

By Web Review Authors

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Cheapstake Edition

HTML Tools
Take a look at the cheapie text editors and validators that Web Review writers use.

Graphics and Multimedia Tools
Amazing deals on sound and image tools. Web designers, digital photographers, and musicians take note ... we've found some gems for you.

A nice selection of little cures for big problems. Tools for network connection, ftp, screen shots, and bookmark management.

We all know that the ultimate cheapie HTML text editor is Notepad (Windows) or Simpletext (Mac). But these tools lack certain niceties, such as colored tags, advanced search and replace, and spell checking.

So we asked our writers what they use for their HTML editing. Not that writers are always cheap, mind you, but they do know the value of a buck. What we received was information about some terrific tools available at very affordable prices.

Even if you're already set on your desktop computer, you may want to explore some of these efficient programs for possible use in the travel toolbox on your laptop. As you know, we believe that just about anyone can put together an affordable "road kit" by picking up older machines and configuring them with lean, smart software packages.

Join together a text application, image editor, e-mail client, and web browser, and you can do a lot of damage while on the road. Best of all, you can do it for cheap!

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dollars $0-$25     price price $26-$50     price price price$51-$75     price price price price $76+

EditPlus v1.25 - reviewed by James Robertson
This full-featured text editor is a real bargin!

price windows

CSE HTML Validator Professional - reviewed by John Paul Ashenfelter
How clean is your code? This handy utility will tell you.

price  price  price  price windows

BBEdit 5.1.1 (Lite 4.6) - reviewed by Eric Meyer
You can get the premier HTML editor for the Mac for free ... or buy the deluxe version for under a $100.

price  price  price  price
or "Lite" - price

TextPad 4.1 - reviewed by Amit Asaravala
A compact text editor that handles all the little necessities that make a big difference.

price  price windows

XSpLit - reviewed by Derrick Story
A soon to be released utility for converting HTML into XML and XSL. Untested, but too intriguing to omit.

price windows


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