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Web Authors

There's a Little Cheapskate in All of Us

By Derrick Story

Rank: 2

Cheapstake Edition

HTML Tools
Take a look at the cheapie text editors and validators that Web Review writers use.

Graphics and Multimedia Tools
Amazing deals on sound and image tools. Web designers, digital photographers, and musicians take note ... we've found some gems for you.

A nice selection of little cures for big problems. Tools for network connection, ftp, screen shots, and bookmark management.

I love a good bargain. But cheap software is only a good bargain if it's useful. Some software is loveable at any price—and even more so when it's cheap. That's the point of this week's Web Review. It's not just affordable stuff we're writing about; it's good, affordable stuff.

Two of my all time favorite products have been Fetch and BBEdit Lite. Fetch is a ftp client that never crashes, BBEdit Lite is a compact text editor that's great for tagging HTML, and they're both free. Now that I think about it, my sound editor only cost me $20 and my image cataloger was a mere $30. That's a total of 50 bucks for four applications that I use all the time.

Clearly there's life beyond the big software companies. Over the past few months I've received letters here and there reminding me of that fact. But what these folks didn't know is that every time a good piece of shareware or affordable software presented itself, I'd set it aside and say to myself, "We'll have to run a review on this when we report on these other related things." Finally, an idea struck me: Why not software for the sake of software? Hence, the Cheapskate's Edition was born.

In this, our maiden voyage into cheapdom, we've divided our reviews into three categories: HTML Tools, Graphics and Multimedia, and Utilities. We have a total of 14 software reviews that we think you'll find useful. Some of them I've been holding for the right moment. But many of these reviews have come our way via Web Review writers responding to my call: "What's your favorite cheapo software, and do you want to write about it?" So, a number of these items are personal favorites of our writers.

I hope you'll find these articles useful and entertaining. If you do, let us know. Cheapskate issues could become regular Web Review features...that is, depending on how you feel about 'em.


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