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December 10, 1999

Special Cheapskate Edition
A raft of software that's not only cheap, but really good! Start Here!
HTML Tools
By Web Review Authors
Take a look at the cheapie text editors and validators that Web Review writers use.

Graphics and Multimedia Tools
By Web Review Authors
Amazing deals on sound and image tools. Web designers, digital photographers, and musicians take note ... we've found some gems for you.

By Web Review Authors
A nice selection of little cures for big problems. Tools for network connection, ftp, screen shots, and bookmark management.

Text Embellishment
Tag of the Week by Chuck Musciano
Physical embellishment HTML text has traditionally been haphazard. With style sheets, you can finally control how your text is decorated.

Point of Presents
Swaine's Frames by Michael Swaine
What to get Michael for his birthday? Well, if you're looking for his online registry, forget about it.

Broken by Design The Last Straw
Broken By Design by Katrin Salyers, Doug Sheppard
Take a look at our new comic strip!

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