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Internet Explorer 4.0 and true Web Integration

What is Web Integration?

The most dramatic change between Windows 95 and Windows 98 is the integration of the browser, Internet Explorer 4.0 (IE4), with the operating system. Rather than being an add-on application, IE4 is now a fully-integrated component of the Windows 98 operating system, making it a permanent fixture -- the browser can no longer be removed or uninstalled. Of course you can still install other browsers, email programs and/or newsreader programs, but the convenience of having the browser there to start with cannot be discounted.

The integration of IE4 with the desktop is really the cornerstone of Windows 98. It allows you the ability to browse files and directories on your hard drive, and provides you with instant access to the Internet via the click of your mouse.

IE4 view of content
Internet Explorer 4.0's view of files located on your hard drive.

Perhaps the days of downloading a new version of Web browser every few months is coming to an end. Along with the permanent browser comes almost automatic updates. The Windows Update feature allows a single click connection to a Microsoft Web site that evaluates your system and helps install the latest versions of drivers and OS files. With this, Microsoft is making strides in simplifying the process of upgrading your system, as well as getting and staying online.


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