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May 09, 1997

All of a sudden -- or so it seems -- the PNG image format is news.Besides having one of the most pronounceable acronyms ("ping") in all of graphics, just what is so nifty about PNG and why the sudden interest? Start Here!
The Library of Alexa
By Paul Bissex
Creating an archive of the Internet was once thought to be a near impossible feat -- that was, of course, until Brewster Kahle came along.

Who's On First? The Fans' Choice Is In
By Dale Dougherty
Reader response to the idea that Microsoft is the front-runner in the browser race.

Saving Form Data Using LiveWire
By Dirk Reinshagen
This is the second article of a three-part tutorial which describes and provides examples of how LiveWire successfully accomplishes common programming tasks necessary in interactive Web sites.

The Ultimate Pocket Protector
By Jonathan Steinberg
The latest in body wear for the well-dressed geek.

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