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June 2002
Technology Innovation: Process or Plain Luck?


By Design: Wisdom from the Industry
By New Architect Editors
We asked 16 technologists, thinkers, and luminaries to share how they stay ahead and which technologies they've got their eyes on. Find out how they keep innovation alive and their businesses running smoothly.


The Languages of the Semantic Web
By Uche Ogbuji
If you believe Tim Berners-Lee, the Web has more potential than is realized today. Part of that potential is held in specifications like RDF and DAML+OIL. A new Web where agents do our bidding may not be far off.


Server, Heal Thyself
By Jay Lyman
IBM leads the charge toward self-managing servers with a vision it calls autonomic computing. Is it possible that you'll never again have to worry about your pager going off at 3 a.m.?

critical decisions

The Rolls Royce of Security
by Jerri L. Ledford
Are biometrics worth the expense?


Design Patterns for Web Programming
by Al Williams
Do you need MVC?

expert opinion

From the Editor: Patching the Whois Database
by Amit Asaravala
Its one big flaw presents an opportunity


Legal Code: Captured
by Bret A. Fausett
The sad, predictable story of ICANN's at-large membership


Crow's Nest: The Morpheus Incident
by Lincoln D. Stein
How corporate squabbles could stifle the Web


Guest Editorial: Why DHTML Will Win
by Steven Champeon
A new multimedia tool is still no match for good ol' Dynamic HTML

case studies

Olympic Gold
by Michael Hurwicz wins big in Salt Lake City


A Prescription for Wireless
by Joseph C. Panettieri
The Harvard Medical School system keeps students current


Caw Networks WebAvalanche 4.0
See how it feels to be popular


Macromedia Flash MX
Build rich front ends to your Web applications


WAP toolkits from Nokia and Openwave
Hope for wireless developers


The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO
User Experience Architect Alex Wright reviews a favorite book that has influenced his work over the past year.

end to end

Our readers send praise, criticism, and air concerns about DRM and the interpretation of the term fair use.


June 2002

The July issue focuses on integration. It will be available online on June 12.

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