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Looking for resources on VBScript? If so, you'll want to add Scribe: The VBScript Writers Resource to your bookmarks. SCRIBE is a large site with many links to other pages, articles, and code related to VBScript.
This central site for Sun's Java documentation is a must-have bookmark for anyone working with Java. This page provides links to the latest white papers, FAQs, language specs, books, and more.
SurfinBoard is Finjan Corp.'s product that monitors Java-applet activity in Netscape Navigator, and also restricts what applets are allowed to do on (and to) your system. This page provides information on obtaining an evaluation copy for a 30-day free trial.
Still need a way to pass the time during those long compile/link steps? The Onion is a weekly online paper filled with fictitious and conspicuously politically incorrect articles. Highly recommended.