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This page features information on using your Internet connection to make phone calls, and even lets you download a free beta version of IBM's Internet Phone Connection. Currently, only Win95 and OS/2 versions are available, but the Windows 3.1 call is waiting in the wings.
Maximinity's site is a must for Windows 95 users. The official aim is--to provide a complete Windows 95 Reference without all the garbage,--and that's pretty much what happens. Check it out for info on workarounds, enhancements, annoyances, downloads, undocumented features, new software, tricks, and over 500 tips.
If you simply must make sure your computer's clock is correct, check out the TickTock Java application, available in source form at this site. It access the clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory via the Internet to set your clock.
Information on Microsoft's encryption standard, CryptoAPI, including a beta version of the CryptoAPI 2.0 programmer's guide and reference.
Microsoft's CAB's are Java cabinets that allow you to package multiple Java classes into a single, compressed file. This site includes technical information plus the CAB Development Kit.
Need information on a U.S. patent issued within the last 20 years? This site provides it, with extensive search capabilities.
If you're looking for low-cost software, but are leery of shareware, check the Sharepaper, an e-zine that reviews numerous shareware titles.