<title>Biorhythm Graphing</title>
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<H1 align=center>Biorhythm Graphing</H1>

<P>This biorhythms program was developed as an example
of how to generate graphs at run-time. Personally, I don't
believe anything that can be coded in a couple of pages
can offer much insight into our lives.</P>

<h2>Biorhythm Information</h2>
<P>A biorhythm is composed from three sine waves, which
supposedly control our <em>physical</em>, <em>emotional</em>,
and <em>intellectual</em> highs and lows. 
The physical wave repeats every 23 days and controls vitality,
etc. The emotional wave repeats every 28 days and controls
temperment, etc. The intellectual wave repeats every 33 days 
and controls thinking capacity, etc.
A wave value above 0 is good; one below is bad. A 0 value is
a <strong>critical</strong> day, where problems are more
likely to happen.</P>
<P>Other information on biorhythms can be gleaned from 
<a href="http://www.value.net/~esoteric/biorhythm/">Nancy
Laytos</a>, and  
<a href="http://www.qns.com/html/weborhythm/">Web-O-Rhythm</a></P>.
<h2>Calculate your Biorhythm</h2>
<P>Enter your date of birth and a month/year of interest in
the fields below, and a biorhythm graph for that month/year
will be generated when you click the <b>Make Biorhythm</b> button. 
All the fields can be cleared by clicking on the <b>Clear</b> button.</P>
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<P>Enter birthday in day/month/year format (e.g. 23/7/1962):
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="birth" SIZE="12" MAXLENGTH="12" VALUE=""><br>
Enter biorhythm month/year, in the form month/year (e.g. 7/1996):
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="bio" SIZE="10" MAXLENGTH="10" VALUE=""></P>
<P><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Make Biorhythm">
<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear"></P>

Last updated: July, 1996<br>
Author: <a href="http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~ad">Andrew Davison</a><br>
Email: <a href="mailto:ad@cs.mu.oz.au">ad@cs.mu.oz.au</a><br>