The Spotlight Awards

The Spotlight Awards ( are the Oscars of the games industry. They carry a lot of weight in the games world because they are not influenced by marketing. The voters are a panel of judges who all work in the games industry, plus attendees at the conference and members of the Computer Game Developers Association. Games running on PCs, Macs, or consoles, and online/Internet and arcade games released in 1996 all contended for the Spotlight Awards.

The awards were presented live in the packed main viewing theater and on video in two more auditoriums. The overwhelming effect of Nintendo's 64-bit technology was clear for both the hardware itself and the game produced for it. Quake clearly ruled the Internet, with credit going to the immersive power of its sound effects and music as well as its game play. You Don't Know Jack showed that death, destruction, and explosions are not the only road to success. The other prizes were evenly scattered amongst the wide range of games now available.

Table 1 shows the winners for best games, technologies, and craft implementations.