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January 1998
Volume 3, Issue 1

1997: Discontinuous Yet Related

Estimates of the number of HTML pages on the "public" Web as of January '97 were placed at about 80 million. At this same time, there were roughly one million Web-site names in common usage and 450,000 unique host machines. In June 1993, there were 130 Web sites.

Sun applied this past March to the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee to become a recognized Publicly Available Specification submitter for its Java technologies. In October, Sun sued Microsoft contending that the Redmond-based company breached its contract when it shipped Internet Explorer 4.0 without two key components of the JDK 1.1: the Java Native Interface (JNI); and Remote Method Invocation (RMI). At PC Expo this past June, Web Techniques and Web Review awarded the Editor's Choice for best "Java Tool" to Symantec for its Visual Café Pro.

As measured by the number of bytes, the typical Web site was 20 percent text and 80 percent images, sound, and executables. The average HTML page was 5KB in size. The typical GIF image was 12 KB. The editor's choice for the best HTML authoring tool was presented to Microsoft for FrontPage 97. NetObjects Fusion 2.0 received honors for best site-design tool.

Apple acquired NeXT computer, fired CEO Gil Amelio, and appointed Steve Jobs interim CEO. Microsoft handed Apple $150 million in an alliance that allows the two companies to cross-license their technologies. According to the U.S. Patent Office, Apple has registered 754 patents. Microsoft has 328 patents.

This past August, Marimba proposed a new industry protocol called the Distribution and Replication Protocol (DRP) to the World Wide Consortium. This past March, a small company called Novadigm filed suit against Marimba, claiming technologies used by the push-technology company and later included in the DRP proposal infringed upon their fractal-differencing patent.

Opening for Bill Gates' keynote address at Software Development '97 West, a Microsoft marketing manager in front of hundreds of software developers expressed his relief that the Heaven's Gate Web site carried the "Netscape Navigator" icon at the bottom of its home page, but lacked the Internet Explorer icon. One percent of all HTTP requests resulted in a "404, File Not Found" error.

The World Wide Web Consortium held its Sixth Annual World Wide Web Conference in Santa Clara, California this past April. The W3C introduced the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at the conference. Web Techniques kicked off the "Web Enabled" column, penned by WAI author Mike Paciello. The first W3C conference was held in 1994.

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a motion in Federal District Court alleging that Microsoft violated a 1994 consent decree dealing with certain aspects of licensing the Windows operating system to computer manufacturers. Asked about the company's position on the Java OS at WebIT '97, held in November, Microsoft's General Manager of Internet Business Services Anthony Bay replied that "Java is a language, not an operating system."

The median size for a Web site is around 300 pages. The number of sites with more than 30,000 pages is just 50. Of the 300,000 most popular sites, roughly 1,000 account for nearly half of all Web traffic. The editor's choice for best Search Tool was awarded to Verity for Search'97.

The typical user downloads 70 KB of data for each Web page visited. The typical user visits 20 sites per day. Dataquest estimated 82 million personal computers will be connected to the Internet by the end of 1997, up 71 percent from 1996. Jupiter Communications expected online advertising to reach $940 million in 1997, up from $301 million the previous year.

Travis Anton, Joel Krautheim, and three others shared honors in the Web Techniques GIF animation contest. Adobe Photoshop 4.0 was the recipient of the award for best graphics-design tool.

This issue marks Web Techniques' twenty-second.

Michael Floyd

editor in chief


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