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For the Love of the Game

Editors and quarterbacks have much in common. Michael Floyd has never ceased to amaze me with his uncanny ability to scramble when the lineup breaks down, lateral to me for a feature, or put his head down and run to avoid a sack. Rarely have we been shut out in putting out a high-quality magazine with a small staff. In contrast, my cousin's kid, Cade, with a huge front line and a strong program behind him, was perhaps two plays away from a national title, led the nation in passing efficiency, and broke every passing record at UCLA by the end of his junior year.

His grandmother told me two things about Cade. First, the key to his success is keeping his priorities straight: God, then family, then football. Second, when Grandma asked how he runs so well, he replied: "Grandma, when I run like that, it's because I'm scared! Those guys are really big, and really fast!"

Like that oncoming rush, this industry is really big, and really fast. Unlike football, the rules of the Web change by the second. The money guys call audibles from the stands. Crowds are fickle with chants of "more, faster, better, cheaper." Members of the front line, distracted by pregame hype, contemplate their own deals as free agents.

So while I line up to take this first snap, there's a lot on my mind. Will advertisers invest in a magazine they may not understand, even if it speaks to the true innovators in corporations, startups, and consulting companies that define this industry? Can we compete with newsgroups in real time, megasites with large budgets, and software firms that teach Web techniques from their own home pages? How do we maintain our editorial integrity without a paid subscriber base? Is there an inherent conflict in showing readers free solutions in this commercially subsidized environment?

Here are my thoughts.

First, Web Techniques keeps the playing field honest. Our magazine is about trends and solutions. Readers understand this. I believe advertisers do, too. My guess is that CTOs inside software companies read Web Techniques.

Next, I'd like our publisher to scout out the competition. Not their number of paid ads, but the size of their teams, the money behind them, and their potential to redefine the playing field and rules.

Because the rules change, spreadsheets and scorecards lose meaning-replaced by vague notions of services and branding. Esther Dyson speaks of this in her book Release 2.0: A Design for Living in a Digital Age. In one model, she says, revenues will be realized from streams and flows of services based on content, rather than for static copies of it. In the second, content is used to attract attention, or to create intellectual capital in other people's heads in the form of brand recognition. For us, it means that more Web Techniques content will be placed online.

She also reminds us: "Although every business nowadays points out that people are its greatest asset, few seem to realize how true this is."

Quarterbacks like Cade know this well, and are quick to give credit to the team. To strengthen our team at Web Techniques and Web Review, we must realize the collaborative potential of our two staffs. Look for closer alignment in the future as Dale Dougherty takes the position of editorial director. His experience with GNN, Songline Studios, and O'Reilly and Associates complements Miller Freeman's understanding of niche commercial markets.

While our priorities remain solid, we'll add more product coverage and in-depth looks at Web integration. This month's feature, "Raising the Roof on Web Design," will expand into a new department, "Business Developer." Our authors will visit the trenches and examine hardware, software, systems, and people that make the Web work. We also want to hear from you, our readers, who are on the front lines. You will provide our best perspective.

As you can see there's a lot on my mind. If you, too, have something to say, write me at

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