Table 1

Some MCK script commands.

batch-commit Commit transactions assembled in a batch.
batch-prep Query for transactions that are marked as ready to be sent to the processor in a batch.
batch-query Query for a batch.
batch-retry Retry a batch in pending state.
batch-unroll Query for transactions that were sent in a batch.
card-query Request credit-card data from the gateway for a given order.
checkauth Validate and authorize a merchant-initiated check payment.
check-query Query the PayNow check transactions database for information about particular checks.
check-query-order-state Query for the current status of orders.
checkreturn Return money to a consumer's checking account.
check-update-status Update the check server database with changes from the last check update at the gateway.
mauthcapture Authorize and capture a merchant-originated credit-card sale.
merchant-check-payment Validate and authorize a merchant-initiated PayNow check transaction.
postauth Capture a credit-card payment previously authorized with mauthonly or checkauth.
query Query the transactions database.
retry Retryl a pending transaction for a given order.
return Return money to the consumer's credit-card account.
void Void a transaction.