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CDF for The Web Techniques Channel 
Michael Floyd (c)
Web Techniques
September 1998

To run this sample channel, change the URLs to match your system and post this file in the cdf Directory.
<Channel HREF="http://www.webtechniques.com/cdf/index.html"
	<Title>The Web Techniques Channel</Title>
	<Abstract>This channel broadcasts the latest stories from Web Techniques.</Abstract>
	<Logo HREF="logo_big.gif" Style="Image-Wide"/>
	<Logo HREF="logo_med.gif" Style="Image"/>
	<Schedule EndDate="1998-06-30" StartDate="1998-06-01">
		<IntervalTime Day="30" />
	<Item HREF="junk.shtml.htm">
		<Logo HREF="java3.gif" Style="Icon"/>
		<Title>Java at Work</Title>
		<Abstract>Create UI widgets with Java Studio</Abstract>
	<Item HREF="perl.shtml.htm">
		<Logo HREF="perl3.gif" Style="Icon"/>
		<Title>Programming with Perl</Title>
		<Abstract>Randal updates his link checker with user agents</Abstract>
	<Item HREF="beyond.html">
		<Logo HREF="beyond3.gif" Style="Icon"/>
		<Title>Beyond HTML</Title>
		<Abstract>Learn to create an Active Channel in a day</Abstract>