Table 1

A list of Channel Definition Format (CDF) elements.

?XML XML declaration indicating the version of XML supported and the character set.
A Your basic anchor tag, which defines a hypertext link for an element. The URL specified in <HREF> will be displayed in the browser Channel Bar if the Title element is not present.
Abstract Used to provide a description of your channel, which is displayed in a tooltip.
Channel Defines a channel or subchannel.
EarliestTime Specifies the first date and time that an update can occur.
HTTP-EQUIV Used with the LogTarget element to indicate that an HTTP header parameter should be added.
IntervalTime Determines the update interval, or the number of updates to occur within the range of times specified by EarliestTime and LatestTime.
Item Defines an item in a channel, usually a Web Page.
LatestTime Defines the last date and time an update can occur.
Log Indicates the URL of the parent Item element to be recorded in the page-hit log file.
Login Used to setup user authentication.
Logo Specifies the URL of the logo to be displayed for <Channel> or <Item> element.
LogTarget Indicates where to upload the CDF client page-hit log file.
PurgeTime Used to set the earliest date that page hits will be recorded. Page hits older than the time specified in this element are not reported in the log file.
Schedule Used to schedule updates.
Title Test string displayed in the Channel Bar for a channel or item.
Usage Specifies that an item can be used as a channel, email, a desktop component, screen saver, or software update.