Text background colors here will change in Explorer and Communicator
A:link 	{color: Black;}
A:visited	{color: Navy;}
A:active	{color: Red;}    
A:hover	{background: Silver;} 
A:hover.Green	(background: Green;} 
  var event = 0; //for backwards compatibility.
  var id = ""; //for backwards compatibility.

  function rollBG(event,name,color) {
    if (document. layers) { 	//test for communicator 4+
      if (color==null) 
        var color = (event. type == "mouseover") ? "Silver" : "White";
      document[name]. bgColor = color; //set the background color

<ILAYER ID="link1">
<A OnMouseOver="rollBG(event,id)" OnMouseOut="rollBG(event,id)"
<ILAYER ID="link2">
<A OnMouseOver="rollBG(event,id)" OnMouseOut="rollBG(event,id)"
<ILAYER ID="link3">
<A OnMouseOver="rollBG(event,id,'Green')" OnMouseOut="rollBG(event,id,'White')"
   CLASS="Green" HREF="www.webtechniques.com">WebTechniques</A></ILAYER>