Table 2

A partial list of transaction-set control and data item segments-for ANSI x12 Transaction Set Stantdard 859 (Purchase Order)-in sequential order.

STTransaction Set Header
BEGBeginning Segment for Purchase Order
NTENote/Special Instruction
REFReference Numbers
PERAdministrative Communication Contact
TAXTax Reference
FOBF.O.B. Related Instructions
CTPPricing Information
CSHHeader Sale Condition
SACService, Promotion, Allowance, or Charge Information
ITDTerms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale
DISDiscount Detail
INCInstallment Information
DTMDate/Time Reference
LDTLead Time
LINItem Identification
SIService Characteristic Identification
PIDProduct/Item Description
(there are more segments than listed here...)
CTTTransaction Totals
AMTMonetary Amount
SETransaction Set Trailer