Table 1

Event-model properties in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

sreElementtargetElement that fired the event
typetypeType of event (for example, mouseover)
cancelBubblecancelBubbleCancel bubbling event through hierarchy
returnValuen/aIf false, cancel default action for this element
clientX/YpageX/Y; x/yMouse postion in browser window
screenX/YscreenX/YMouse postion on screen
offsetX/Yn/aMouse postion relative to container
x/ylayerX/YMouse position relative to layer/CSS element
n/awight/heighDimensions of frame/window (resize)
buttonwhichMouse button pressed
keyCodewhichKey pressed (Unicode)
altKeymodifiers (ALT_MASK)Boolean flag
ctrlKeymodifiers (CONTROL_MAKS)Boolean flag
shiftKeymodifiers (SHIFT_MASK)Boolean flag
fromElementn/aElement mouse moved from (mouseover)
toElementn/aElement mouse moved entered (mouseout)
reasonn/aDSO transfer status
srcFiltern/aFIlter object (filterchange events)
n/adataString array of URLs of dropped objects (dragdrop)