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        <FONT SIZE="-1"><I></I></FONT>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I>Welcome to the December issue of </I>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I></I></FONT>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I><B>This Week: </B></I></FONT>
            <FONT SIZE="-1"><I></I></FONT>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I>Find it Fast in the 
          <A HREF="xmlTools.html" TARGET="MainPane">XML
          Tools Database</A></I></FONT>, 
          <I><FONT SIZE="-1"> a comprehensive and searchable 
          database of XML-related tools.</FONT></I>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I></I></FONT>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I></I></FONT>
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I><B>Also:</B></I></FONT> <FONT SIZE="-1">
        <I>Charles F. Goldfarb continues with his views 
        on the future of XML
        <BR><FONT SIZE="-1"><I>Check back weekly for hands-on coverage 
        of Web Markup Languages, XML, scripting, HTML 4, CSS, DHTML, 
        and much more!</I></FONT></TD>
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          <A HREF="oct98/news1098.shtml" >
             <Span ID="BoxCopy"> News&amp;Views</Span></A>
          <Div Class="copy">Netscape announces its new 
           Gecko browsing engine; Allaire introduces an XML vocabulary  
           for distributed data exchange; and Innovision releases 
           a beta version of its XML Protocol Server.</DIV>
          <A HREF="columns/dec98/beyond1298.shtml">        
           <Div Class="BoxCopy2">XML Opportunities Knocking</DIV></A>

        <Div Class="copy">Charles Goldfarb, the father SGML, can also be 
         considered the grandfather of XML. This month, Michael continues 
         his discussion with the man who coined the term 
         &quot;markup language&quot; in Part 2 
         of this two-part series.</Div>

        <BR><B>From the Archives:</B>
        <A HREF="articles/editorials/editorial398.shtml">
           <SPAN ID="BoxCopy1">Achieving Greatness</SPAN></A>
        <Div Class="copy">It's been nearly a year since Richard Hamming 
        passed away. As Michael notes, Hamming's greatness will always be 
        felt in the computing community.</DIV>
        <BR><B>Upcoming articles in my Beyond HTML column in
        <A HREF="http://www.webtechniques.com" TARGET="_top">
        Web Techniques</A> magazine:</B>
        <TABLE WIDTH="50%">
            <TD WIDTH="106"><FONT SIZE="-1"><B></B></FONT><FONT SIZE="-1">
            <TD WIDTH="289"><FONT SIZE="-1"></FONT></TD>
            <TD WIDTH="106"><FONT SIZE="-1"><B>January</B></FONT></TD>
            <TD WIDTH="289"><FONT SIZE="-1">Examining Aestiva's HTML/OS
            <TD WIDTH="106"><FONT SIZE="-1"><B>February</B></FONT></TD>
            <TD WIDTH="289"><FONT SIZE="-1">How Browsers <I>Really</I>
            Support Style Sheets </FONT></TD>
            <TD WIDTH="106"><FONT SIZE="-1"><B>March</B></FONT></TD>
            <TD WIDTH="289"><FONT SIZE="-1">Cascading Style Sheets and XML
        <BR>Interested in a topic? Drop us a line at
        <A HREF="mailto:editors@beyondhtml.com">editors@beyondHTML.com</A>

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