Table 1

A sampling of the various types of hosted applications currently available on the Web.

Web-site searching Sitewide search engine with 100-percent customization and search reports and statistics. Free/Paid
Web-site email Full-featured, customized Web-base email service for small and large Web sites Free/Paid
Hosted enterprise applications Integration, testing, management, and hosting of PeopleSoft financial management applications. Paid
HomeBase Internet
Web-site database Hosted FileMaker database for Web sites. Paid
Web-site content Continuously updated content from popular media brands such as AP, Rolling Stone, and CBS sportsline. Free/Paid
Javu Technologies
Video editing Multimedia editing and management capabilities from a browser using a Java-base client. Paid
Web-site message boards Full-function message trees with 100-percent customization with traffic statistics, profanity filters, and auto email response. Free/Paid
Web-site graphics Free service that lets anyone create Web graphics from a browser Free
Rocket Network
Audio collaboration Collaborative environment for composers and audio professionals to work on recordings over the Internet using custom client software. Paid
Data storage High-capacity disk- and tape-based storage over the Internet. Paid
WebSide Story
Web-site traffic analysis Web-site analysis tool and traffic counter to assess quality and quantity of visitor traffic. Free/Paid