Layout Software

Developers can use the following software to create site layouts. The goal is to place navigation elements, text, and graphics with creativity rather than the rigidity often imposed when building sites from the HTML on up.

Adobe GoLive 4.0
Of all the WYSIWYG programs, I have found GoLive (formerly GoLive Cyberstudio) to have the best layout capabilities available. It's a great tool for mocking up sites, although being a hand-coder from the "old" school, I'm not enthusiastic about the excessive code it generates.

Adobe ImageStyler 1.0
More affordable for those on a strict budget, ImageStyler has many of Photoshop's features plus advanced filters, effects, and export options for creating high-quality, Web-ready graphics.

Adobe Photoshop 5.5
This remains my favorite tool as I can tap into the power of layers as well as the abundant filters, effects, and the Save For Web option.

JASC Paint Shop Pro 6.0
This program is very popular among Web-site design enthusiasts and some professionals. In recent versions, it has been updated with layer capabilities, editable text, multiple level redo, and rich new effects such as sculpture and texture.

Macromedia Fireworks 3.0
Macromedia fans will rave about Fireworks, which can be used to lay out designs as well as create great Web graphics. It has the latest features including preview of rollover effects, history panel, and automation features.

QuarkXPress 4.0
Desktop publishers will appreciate Quark's layout capabilities. While Quark is not specifically geared for the Web, designers who are familiar with it can use it to create designs that are not limited by Web concepts. It allows for the creation of bleeds, easy movement of images, and rapidly facilitates layout because it's a desktop publishing program. --MH