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    <title>XML News and Features from XML.com</title>
    <description>XML.com features a rich mix of information and services
for the XML community.</description>
    <copyright>Copyright 1999, O'Reilly and Associates and Seybold
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    <title>XML News and Features from XML.com</title>

    <title>Issue: XML Data Servers</title>
    <description>Although not everyone agrees that XML should become a
full-fledged data-management discipline, object-database vendors are
busy repositioning their object-database products as XML data servers.
Jon Udell looks at one of these, Object Design's eXcelon and finds it a
solid product.</description>

    <title>O'Reilly Labs Review: Object Design's eXcelon 1.1</title>
    <description>Jon Udell takes a look at eXcelon, Object Design's XML
data servers, and explains its user interface and general approach to
XML.   </description>

    <title>Report from Montreal</title>
    <description>Lisa Rein reports from MetaStructures 99 and XML
Developers' Day.</description>

    <title>Reviews: Bluestone Software's XML Suite: Promising App, Rough
Around the Edges</title>
    <description>Our reviewer tested Bluestone's XML Suite   (XML Server
and Visual XML) on the   Windows NT platform, simulating a two-way
exchange of   business information between a book publisher and   book
stores. The results were encouraging (with a   few

    <title>Interviews: CBL: Ecommerce Componentry</title>
    <description>In this audio interview, Bob Glushko of Commerce One
talks about the Common Business Library (CBL) as a set of building
blocks for XML document types and schemas used in

    <title>Backends Sharing Data</title>
    <description>What if you could script remote procedure calls between
web sites as easily as you can between programs? Edd Dumbill shows how
it can be done in PHP.</description>

    <title>Back Issue: XML Suite</title>
    <description> Barry Nance runs Bluestone's   XML Suite through the
paces. The tools show promise   for passing data between databases and
XML. But there are still a   few kinks to be worked out.</description>

    <title>Back Issue: XML-RPC</title>
    <description>A major promise of XML is its ability to pass data
simply from one place to another, regardless of platform. In this issue,
Edd Dumbill shows how to use XML-RPC in PHP to pass data from a web site
to a PDA.</description>

    <title>News: InDelv XML/XSL Client Version 0.4.</title>
    <description>      A posting from Rob Brown reports on the public
availability of the new InDelv XML Client version 0.4.  This version
represent an upgrade to InDelv's previously released XML Browser, but
"it has been renamed as a 'Client' to reflect the fact that it now
contains both an XML/XSL browser and an XML/XSL editor.  The browser is
available free for all uses. The editor comes packaged with the browser
as a demo, which can later be upgraded to a full commercial version.
This is a 100% Java appl...

    <title>News: OpenJade Development Team Releases OpenJade 1.3pre1
    <description>      A recent posting from Avi Kivity and the OpenJade
Development Team announced the release of OpenJade 1.3pre1 (Beta). 
"OpenJade is the DSSSL user community's open source implementation of
DSSSL, Document Style Semantics and Specification Language, an ISO
standard for rendering SGML and XML documents.  OpenJade is based on
James Clark's widely used Jade.  OpenJade 1.3pre1 is a more complete
implementation of the DSSSL standard, and introduces many new features,
including (1) Implementat...

    <title>News: IBM XML Parser Update: XML4C2 Version 2.3.1
    <description>      Dean Roddey posted an announcement for the update
of XML4C.  IBM's XML for C++ parser (XML4C) "is a validating XML parser
written in a portable subset of C++.  XML4C makes it easy to give an
application the ability to read and write XML data. Its two shared
libraries provide classes for parsing, generating, manipulating, and
validating XML documents.  XML4C is faithful to the XML 1.0
Recommendation and associated standards (DOM 1.0, SAX 1.0). Source code,
samples and API documentation ...

    <title>News: Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Specification
Working Draft.</title>
    <description>     As part of the W3C P3P Activity, a fifth public
working draft of the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Specification has been published for review by W3C members.  The working
draft "describes the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P).  P3P
enables Web sites to express their privacy practices and enables users
to exercise preferences over those practices. P3P compliant products
will allow users to be informed of site practices (in both machine and
human readable formats), to deleg...

    <title>News: Extended XLink with XSLT.</title>
    <description>      Nikita Ogievetsky (President, Cogitech, Inc.)
posted an announcement for the availability of slides from the
Metastructures '99 presentation "HTML Form Templates with XML.  All in
One and One for All.  XSLT template library for WEB applications."  The
paper describes building XSLT template library for web applications. 
The goal was to "demonstrate data processing on the web made easy with
XSL transformations: Generate a data maintenance web with data-structure
controlled by XML, scree...

    <title>News: HyBrick Web Site Reopens.</title>
    <description>      A posting from Toshimitsu Suzuki (Fujitsu
Laboratories Ltd.) to the XLXP-DEV mailing list recently announced the
reopening of the HyBrick Web site.   'HyBrick' is "an advanced SGML/XML
browser developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, the research arm of Fujitsu. 
HyBrick is based on an architecture that supports advanced linking and
formatting capabilities.  HyBrick includes a DSSSL renderer and
XLink/XPointer engine running on top of James Clark's SP and Jade.  
HyBrick supports: (1) Both v...

    <title>News: Extended DocBook Synopses Version 1.0.</title>
    <description>      Norman Walsh has posted an announcement for a
preliminary release of 'Extended DocBook Synopses'.  Extended DocBook
Synopses is a customization layer that extends DocBook, "adding a
function synopsis element, ClassSynopsis for modern, mostly
object-oriented, programming languages such as Java, C++, Perl, and
IDL."  DocBook is an SGML [and XML] DTD maintained by the DocBook
Technical Committee of OASIS that particularly well suited to books and
papers about computer hardware and softwar...