Table 1

The five Gnutella protocol descriptors coordinate the flow of information when a computer participates in a Toadnode network.

Packet Type
(Function Identifier)
Ping A Ping packet announces your presence on the network. When another computer hears your Ping it responds with a Pong packet.
Pong (Ping reply) A Pong packet contains an IP address, port number, and information about how much data is being shared by the computer that sent the Pong.
Query Query packets let you ask other computers if they're sharing specific content. When another computer has a match for your query it responds with a QueryHit packet.
QueryHit (Query reply) A QueryHit packet is sent in response to a Query packet. It contains the IP address of the computer with the match, and the name of the matching file or files.
Push The Push packet informs a firewalled computer that you'd like to download a file but can't initiate an HTTP connection. Upon receiving the Push Request the firewalled computer initiates an HTTP connection to you.