TWiki Deployment at Wind River

At Wind River, we began using TWiki as a dynamic intranet tool and as a knowledge base for technical support of the Sniff+ product, a high-end IDE. TWiki addressed several problems:

  1. Wind River's support intranet for Sniff+ was outdated and offered limited technical information. Requesting content updates was complicated.

  2. The Sniff+ product is a powerful—but rather complex—piece of software, typically integrated with other software. This makes timely support critical and difficult.

  3. The support engineers reside in different time zones and countries. The branch offices didn't have access to the support know-how of the factory.

Wind River moved all Sniff+ support content into TWiki. This let the engineering staff maintain the content as a team. Because all changes are authenticated, authors are accountable for their content. Employees are encouraged to fix outdated or incorrect information.

For the knowledge base, Wind River deployed a TWiki Web. Support engineers update the knowledge base daily while working with customers. Senior engineers can review and correct changed content using email notifications.

The TWikiCategoryTable feature lets Wind River classify and categorize articles in the knowledge base. Based on the classification, a script posts a subset of the internal knowledge base to the company's public knowledge base and FAQ.

By using TWiki, Wind River increased the information flow between offices, and created more efficient customer support. In turn, this has increased customer satisfaction. The up-to-date public knowledge base reduced the number of support calls substantially.